Skittish Street Pup’s Days Were Numbered Til She Stumbled Into The Right Arms

One woman in Bali was walking by a school when she discoed a tiny puppy who looked like she was in need of medical attention, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The pup, now named Sadie, ran off when the woman approached her, but she continued to follow the pup and refused to give up. She knew she would save her one way or another.

As the woman was following her, Sadie stumbled and landed on her back. That’s when the woman was able to grab ahold of her.

Sadie wanted to fight back, but she was so tired and didn’t have the energy.

She rushed Sadie to the vet and hoped for the best, but worried that her tiny, weak body wouldn’t make it.

“I just knew she wasn’t gonna survive if we left her there,” the woman told The Dodo. “I could see that she really needed that love and nurture, and that’s when my heart really fell for her.”

That’s when she decided to bring the pup home. Aside from medical care, she knew Sadie needed love, fresh air and sunshine.

Three weeks later, little Sadie was already starting to shine. She was feeling better and a lot stronger and started gaining weight.

The woman, who has saved more than 150 dogs in Bali, decided to permanently adopt Sadie.

“We were definitely choosing each other, without realizing it.”

Sadie has come a long way from her days as a skittish, sick puppy.

Watch her full story in the video below:


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