Sick Woman, Who Threw Innocent Dog Over The Florida Bridge, Claimed It Could Fly!

A teenager is facing charges for throwing a small dog 30 feet off a South Florida bridge after she claimed dogs could fly. A Jack Russell Terrier mix miraculously survived its fall, after its unidentified owner said ‘dogs can fly’ before tossing the family pet from a bridge in Palm Beach County on Wednesday, writes thepetneeds

Authorities say the 16-year-old will face animal cruelty charges for the incident at Blue Heron Boulevard Bridge, in which the eight-year-old dog, named B.J., suffered a dislocated leg.

The teen was observed by witnesses laughing, taking off her clothes and casually swimming in the water afterwards, reported CBS 12.

She was taken to a hospital for a mental health evaluation.

B.J. was initially adopted in 2010 from a rescue shelter and will not be returned to its owner.

Capt. David Walesky of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control told the Palm Beach Post that the 30-pound black and white dog suffered significant pain and was in serious but stable condition.

‘He’s not completely out of the woods yet,’ Walesky said of the animal, which was being cared for by Animal Care and Control.

A lifeguard comforted the injured dog after it was found yelping and in serious pain.

A witness said: ‘We had to turn away. It was just horrible to see a dog in so much pain and shock.’


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