She Was Hogtied In A Trash Bag & Tossed In The Road – Laid Helplessly For Days

For almost 12 years, Courtney Anderson and her husband have been saving dogs for AZK9 Rescue, so when they stumbled upon a picture of a dog with her paws tied together, she sprang into action to help, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The dog, now named Lotus, was found hogtied and stuffed in a garbage bag on the side of the road on the Gila River Indian Reservation in Arizona. She laid helpless in the bag, with duct tape around her neck.

To make matters worse, Lotus also had an enormous mass on her stomach that spread nearly seven inches across and weighed two pounds.

She was taken in by the loving couple and treated at the vet. She underwent surgery to remove the mass a few days after being rescued, but she still has a long way to recovery.

Lotus is also severely underweight, has a broken elbow, and is being treated for heart worm disease.

Anderson describes Lotus as a very sweet and special dog and promises to find her a loving home once she is fully recovered.

“Welcome to our family Lotus, you are safe, you are treasured and have the love and support of so many,” AZK9 Rescue wrote on Facebook. Follow their Facebook page for more updates on Lotus’ recovery.

In the meantime, Gila River police are investigating the animal abuse case and hope to find the evil person who did this to Lotus.


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