She Was Dying On The Road But When She Saw A Woman, She Softly Wagged Her Tail

Lemon the Chihuahua weighed just 2.5 lbs when she was found dying on a roadside in Grand Rapids, writes

She was heavily emaciated and dehydrated while hypothermia further worsened her condition. The poor thing couldn’t even sit upright and her survival spirit was the only thing that kept her breathing.

Despite her failing limbs, Lemon made sure she wagged her tail when shelter workers came to rescue her. At the hospital, the vet hooked her up to a feeding tube to salvage her malfunctioning organs. Lemon was also found to be suffering from bulging growth in her eyes due to prolonged malnourishment.

This video documents Lemon’s heart-wrenching journey through foster care as she soldiered on to hold on to life. With around the clock care regime and frequent feeding schedule, Lemon finally found the strength to sit up on her own after 3 days. For the next few weeks, this wee little trooper tried her best to walk on her own. But our hearts shattered every time she stumbled and fell like a house of cards.

With rigorous physical therapy and constant support of her foster mom and doggie siblings, Lemon eventually took her triumphant first steps. Over time, her weight doubled and she grew into her personality as a goofy, cuddly dog! Lemon has already found her forever home with a very affectionate family. That’s simply amazing! We thank everyone who never gave up on this precious soul!

Click the video below to watch how Lemon endured her soul-crushing pain with patience and a wagging tail.


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