She Hobbled As Far As She Could, Flies Gathered Thinking She Was Too Far Gone

Living on the streets is hard enough, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Battling wounds while living on the streets is an impossible scenario. This poor baby was so badly injured that when she tried to get out of the hot sun to nurse her wounds, she fell into a sewage ditch.

She lay there, being ravaged by flies. Maggots had invaded her body. Who knows how close she was to death– by infection, starvation, and dehydration.

The pup’s savior came just in time. Imagine how much her heart swelled seeing this man kneel down with delicious dog treats just for her.

The rescuer wasted no time. In the blink of an eye, the badly injured dog was at the medical center. The vet poured special powder into the wound to kill the maggots. Her wound was HUGE. They wrapped the wound so the medicine could do its thing. Within a few hours, the powder would kill all the maggots and they could remove them.

Next, it was time to administer IV fluids to treat her dehydration. She would remain on IV fluids with antibiotics and pain meds for several days.

The next day, while sedated, the pup’s wounds were cleaned out. She was such a trooper! It was touch and go for several weeks. The little warrior continued to fight hard but it was an uphill battle.

Six weeks later, the brave dog THANKFULLY made a full recovery. They gave her the most precious name: Shanti. Meet Shanti now!

Shanti was hesitant and didn’t really trust humans but one of the caregivers, Kamal, won her over. She’s so happy around him! Now, these two are inseparable! What a wonderful, happy ending for Shanti. The dog that was at death’s door is now thriving!


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