She Found Him All Alone On The Beach, Sad And Afraid. His Rescue Is “Pure Poetry”

“He was so alone but at the same time, so proud.”, writes ilovemydogsomuch

While vacationing at the beach with her family, Valia Orfanidou spotted a stray dog watching them from afar. He was too afraid to approach but it was obvious he was interested in what they were up to. Sadly, many dogs are dumped in Greece. Lou was likely dumped in a wooded area but made his way to the beach where he could find food. It was there he found Valia.

The dog, named Lou, continued to hang around but keep a safe distance. He watched the family as they ate and played. For ten days, Valia worked to earn his trust so she could finally approach him. When she did, she realized he was a sweet dog with a dream of finding a forever family who would NEVER abandon him again. Valia had to leave him behind because her car was full but she returned the very next day and rescued him. She is now searching for the perfect family who will give Lou the life he deserves

If you follow Orphan Pet, as I do, then you know that Valia is quite poignant in her words. She wrote this:

“It’s almost been a month since I brought Lou back from that beach, and I want him to find his forever home as soon as possible. Not because he is more special than all the others, but because he is ready, he was always ready. There is nothing more for me to offer him, nothing more to say about him, nothing more to do. It might seem like I am the one who helped him, but the truth is that he helped me more. He helped me appreciate the beauty and the sadness of our beautiful beaches and our romantic Greek summers, and he made those ten days unforgettable. Those walks down the beach were pure poetry, all thanks to the beauty of his lonely and proud soul. In a country with millions of strays, dogs like Lou are always left behind. Their rescue does not seem urgent enough, but trust me, it is. The average lifespan of a stray is 2 years, and usually, in touristic places, the dogs you see one year are never there the next, because they are either deliberately poisoned or suffer accidents, diseases, and starvation. Leaving Lou behind to face the cruel and unfair winter of the Greek countryside was simply not an option.”


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