She Finds Two Vultures In Yard, One Of Them Chases Her Like A Puppy After Being Rescued

Irene Lev is a woman who has always had a deep love for birds, especially the most vulnerable, she has never hesitated to rescue and rehabilitate a bird in need, writes thepetneeds

But when he saw a pair of baby vultures on his property, he put his love for this unique species to the test. They were two baby vultures that were abandoned by their mother.

Vultures have an unfortunate reputation for being considered bald, ugly, dirty, and bad birds. But, as Irene would soon discover, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

This bird-loving woman didn’t want to upset the baby vultures by thinking their mother might be around, but after one of the chicks passed away, she began to keep track of the other baby.

After a few days, Irene and her fiancé were shocked when the little vulture approached the house and even entered, as every time she got close to him, he made hissing sounds.

Every time he was hungry, the vulture would appear in the garden waiting for a snack. Irene made sure to leave a saucer of water just for Gerar, as Irene called it. The two formed an incredible bond.

As time passed, Gerar grew and became more and more independent. Until, one day, the bird soared into the skies and did not return at lunchtime. Although Irene was sad to see her leave, she is sure that she has not strayed too far.

The little bird may be lonely now, but it has had an impact on Irene’s life and even on that her friends and family. Watch the video below.


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