Severely Emaciated Puppy Is So Relieved To Meet Her Foster Family

On January 23, the Washington County SPCA in Bartlesville, Oklahoma posted a picture of a recently rescued dog to their Facebook page. This baby-faced pup—an estimated Golden Retriever mix—weighed just 14 pounds. 14 pounds, writes

Her history is unclear, but the rescue did note that she was picked up by animal control “starving, cold, and covered in fleas.” She was too weak to support her own meager body weight. But Jasmine is a dog. A dog who, like many others, is finally beginning to realize that she is safe now.

It may not come as a complete surprise that in spite of everything, all she did was wag her tail.

That same day, a family arrived to take Jasmine into their home. The SPCA wrote on Facebook:

”This is what rescue is about. Shelly and Jeff saw sweet Jasmine’s photos this morning and they knew she needed them. They’ll be fostering her on the road to recovery, helping her get healthy again.”

The moment this timid girl met her foster family is pure magic. You can already see her tough spirit breaking through.

Jasmine’s big beautiful puppy-dog eyes have gotten more than a little interest in the short time she’s been in capable hands. Once she is healthy and at an optimal weight, her foster parents have first dibs for adoption. If they choose to give her to another loving family, there are already three on the waiting list.

Shelly and Jeff have taken no shortcuts to ensure Jasmine’s comfort, even if it means keeping her just a little more snug and warm.

She’s slowly building her winter sweater collection! And a big cushy bed and a few toys never hurt either.

Her foster mom is no stranger to helping shelter and rescue animals; she is all systems go for anyone or anything in need of a little help. She tells BarkPost that in less than a week Jasmine is showing signs of improvement:

„She has already gained 3 pounds in one week! We have to go slow or it could be very dangerous […] 3 pounds doesn’t seem like much, but already she looks better.”

This sweet girl has a lengthy road to recovery ahead of her, but she’s taking it all in stride. Her newfound energy has even inspired some impromptu grass rolls!

“We will never ever understand how she got in this shape because all she wants is to love and be loved,” Shelly says. Wherever her foster parents are, Jasmine is right at their heels. The family has even placed beds around the house because she follows them everywhere.

Jasmine has had a very rough start in life. We can’t know where she came from or how she progressed to this point, but one thing is for sure. She never has to worry about her future ever again, and a little love is just a paw’s reach away.

To help make a difference in dogs’ lives just like Jasmine’s, consider being a foster parent to a pup in need. If you are unable, Washington County Humane is also always accepting donations.


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