Senior St. Bernard Gets Pampering She Deserves At Groomer’s

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When it involves grooming old pets, taking additional treatment with them is essential. Girl With The Pets’ Vanessa De Prophetis understands this and treats Sissy the St. Bernard to a lovely spa day. To begin with is the shower, as well as since Daisy has trouble walking as well as is senior, her groomer takes Daisy to the unique shower for unique needs and senior canines like Daisy.

While giving Daisy a wash, Vanessa shares some fascinating realities regarding the type. As well as while blowdrying Sissy, the video camera decreases to give visitors an actual check out the dog’s dewlaps. We located it strangely unwinding and amusing too.

To cover things up Daisy has some really dirty ears to tidy and her nails need some additional effort, yet it’s done in a day’s work for Vanessa.

” Daisy is an old girl with a heart of gold,” Vanessa wrote in the YouTube summary. “This video will certainly be a forever memory for her owners to review, and also I’m so pleased I could make that occur for them!”

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