Scumbag Dumps Helpless Chihuahua In Walmart Parking Lot In Sealed Cooler Bag

Police officers have a lot on their plates these days, so when a case of an abused or abandoned animal comes up, the police are often involved, source: ilovemydogsomuch

Recently, the Coventry Police Department in Rhode Island and local Animal Control officers were alerted to a Walmart parking lot regarding an abandoned dog. It is never a viable option to dump a helpless animal, but that’s exactly what a cruel person did.

On arrival to the scene, officers found a dog inside a soft cooler bag meant to keep items cold. The dog seemed to be a tiny brown female Chihuahua who was unresponsive but breathing. She was rushed to a local animal hospital where a veterinarian determined the dog was in such horrific condition that she should be humanely euthanized. Sadly, this tragedy was 100 percent preventable had someone taken her to a shelter instead of dumping her like trash.

Police officers are asking for help from the general public in trying to identify the person or persons responsible. The Rhode Island SPCA is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the responsible party. The dog was found at the Walmart on Coventry at the Centre of New England Boulevard. Anyone with information is asked to call Coventry Animal Control at 401.822.9106, Coventry Police 401.826.1100 or [email protected] or the Rhode Island SPCA Humane Law Enforcement Special Agent, Earl Newman at [email protected] or 401-438-8150 x2.

Rest in peace, sweet one. Please contact a local shelter or rescue if you can no longer care for your pets.

Source: ilovemydogsomuch

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