Scared Pittie Hides Behind Hydrant, She Didn’t Know How to Dog

Pit bulls are just one of the most misinterpreted breeds in shelters. Due to the fact that they are commonly left, not trained, chained up and also worse, in some cases they create anxiety for people.

Many believe it’s difficult to transform pet dogs like this around. That’s why, when a pit bull is adopted I celebrate. I can not inform you the amount of pit bull fostering tales I have heard where the brand-new family members informs me they feared in the beginning now love their pitbull dog like one of their children. Nevertheless dogs are individuals too and also need to be treated like family members. Pitties are no exceătion as well as make great family members pet dogs.

Josie the Pit Bull is a wonderful example of what can occur when love and perseverance are applied gradually.

Erin and also her pet dog Remi discovered ways to comfort Josie and allow her know it was going to be okay. In the beginning Josie didn’t know just how to be a dog. She didn’t go to the bathroom or eat food from a canine bowl, when they would certainly choose a walk she would certainly panicate to the ground, hug a wall or conceal behind a fire hydrant. It was sad however Erin wasn’t ready to surrender and also with time Josie began to discover that she might rely on once again.

The wonderful information is that Josie was embraced by her foster mom Erin. And also what’s even far better is currently she aids various other foster pet dogs that may be worried when they initially get to the shelter or their momentary pet dog foster home.

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