Scared Dog Found Shivering & Hungry After Being Dumped In A Trash Can In Rain

A tiny dog’s agonizing cries led a passer-by lady to a trash can near a highway in Hartwell, Georgia, writes ilovemydogsomuch

She peeped inside to find a terrified, cold, and hungry Chihuahua staring back at her. She immediately contacted Hart County Animal Rescue (HCAR) for help.

The area had received freezing rains for a week, and seeing the dog’s starving, shivering state, she must have been suffering alone for quite some time. The rescuers took the dog to Lavonia Animal Hospital for medical attention, and put up a Facebook post to help track her owners.

The post was met with overwhelming response, but nothing came up on the whereabouts of the owner. With no micro-chip and the lack of CCTVs in the area, the chances of finding the heartless person who dumped her look rather dim.

Now named Caroline, the little dog’s spirits rose quickly with all the love and care she received at the hospital. The shelter took her to a foster home, where she went on fun-filled trips and cuddled with the humans around her.

HCAR volunteers hope to find wonderful families for all the innocent dogs at their shelter. Anyone wishing to adopt Caroline, or help other abandoned and homeless dogs like Caroline, can visit their website – Hart County Animal Rescue.

Update: After hundreds of people applied to adopt the sweet girl Caroline, she found a wonderful forever home where she’ll never have to endure any abuse again!

We hope there is a happy, loving home for every abandoned dog out there!


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