Savage Tapes Dog’s Mouth Shut Tightly To Stop Barking & Dumps Him In Streets

For weeks, authorities at the People for Animal Welfare Services (PAWS) in Kerala, India received phone calls about a stray dog roaming the streets, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The callers reported the animal was in pain and had tape tightly wound around his mouth. As a result, he could not eat or drink and would surely perish without intervention.

The three-year-old dog was rescued from the streets by PAWS, who then took the animal to a veterinary hospital. His skin and nasal bones were visible after removing the tape.

The secretary of PAWS shared with News Minute,” We thought that a single wrap of the tape was made around the dog’s mouth. But when we found the dog, there were several layers of tape, wound so tight that it had almost pierced deep into the skin and the bones around the nose had become visible. As soon as we removed the tape, the dog drank two liters of water.”

The dog is believed to have been someone’s pet because he had a collar around his neck. The PAWS secretary believes the tape was used to silence the dog from barking.

As of this writing, the pup is in stable condition, had the tape removed, and is on antibiotics. A police complaint has been filed.


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