Sailors Save Exhausted Puppy Lost At Sea

Sailors yachting off the coast of Italy made a startling discovery when they spotted a puppy all alone in the middle of the ocean, a mile from shore, writes pintiks

The little yellow puppy spotted them too and began paddling towards them, struggling to stay afloat.

The members of the sailing club, RYCC Savoia had no idea how the puppy became lost at sea, but they knew she would drown without their help. The dog was visibly exhausted and her legs were sluggish.

In the dramatic video below, the crew manage to manoeuvre the boat close enough to the puppy so that one of them manages to pull her out of the frigid waters.

“She was visibly shaken, her legs almost paralyzed by the cold. She trembled and wept,” the club’s directro Massimiliano Cappa told La Repubblica. “She must have swum for hours ”

The sailors quickly began to dry her off and hold her close to their bodies to warm her up. They called for a rescue boat to come and bring her back to shore.

Everyone was still puzzled about how the puppy became lost at sea but they later discovered that in the morning a dog named Noodle had reportedly fallen overboard during a ferry ride from Naples to the island of Ischia.

Noodle’s owner, Mario Di Meglio, says he was bringing his new puppy home when she slipped out of her leash and fell overboard. When he alerted the ferry’s crew, he said that the crew refused to stop telling him that his puppy had already likely drowned. The ferry company has apologized and has launched an internal investigation into the incident.

Luckily for Mario and for Noodle the sailors found her around 30 minutes later. The puppy is doing well after her frightening experience and has been reunited with Mario.

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