Sailors rescue lost dog stranded on Arctic iceberg for over a week

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When the staff from a Russian icebreaker ship, identified a white animal stranded on a drifting iceberg close to the Arctic, they all believed it is an Arctic fox, yet only when they got more detailed they realized it’s in fact a powerless canine. Luckily, the kind-hearted seafarers saved the day by saving the tired animal. The minute was caught on cam!

Turns out, the dog– a one years of age Samoyed, a Siberian regional breed– asked yourself off also much from his home in Mys Kamenny, north Russia, and also obtained shed. Sadly, the pup called Aika ended up on an iceberg. Although her thick layer is designed to keep her warn in these rush problem, the severe temperature levels would have been excessive for the small pooch, who got stuck on the ice for more than a week. Thankfully, she was saved just in time by the seafarers from the Alexander Sannikov icebreaker.

The rescue was caught on video camera by one of the seafarers and you can notice the pet dog’s excitement upon seeing human beings. As the rescuers approach her, Aika’s tail is wagging. The nice team not only rescued the powerless puppy, yet they additionally rejoin her with her household.

” We produced the ladder, through which the dog climbed aboard by itself,” navigating assistant Evgeny Nagibin informed Russia 1, CNN reported. “Later, with the help of smart phone, we communicated with the local population, found the proprietor of the canine.”

A few day later, Aika was rejoined with her owner, Svetlana Chereshneva that was more than delighted to see her pet alive as well as unscathed. However, she could not described just how the adorable pet dog ended up thus far from her residence, to begin with. “Aika didn’t go anywhere without us,” the female apparently said. “We have no idea how she got there.”

The good news is, Aika is secure currently as well as everybody wishes she discovered her lesson. View the rescue here:

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