Sad dog that hid his face in the corner doesn’t understand why he was abandoned

When senior dog Jack arrived at Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society in Virginia he was depressed and scared. He was so sad that he would put his face in the corner of his kennel, writes valuablestories

“A German Shepherd/Labrador Retriever mix has recently come into our care through no fault of his own. He is an older gentleman, around 12+ years old and he is terrified,” wrote Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society. “Most dogs adjust slightly over time, and while they would still rather be anywhere else, they learn to trust staff and volunteers and open up. Jack is so dejected and scared that anytime we enter his kennel, he puts his face in the corner and we have to pick him up to take him outside.”

The staff noticed that when Jack is outside he becomes a little bit more alive, although still sedate.

“Despite his fear of the shelter, he has never growled or acted aggressive toward staff or volunteers. We work with him each day, sitting with him and talking to him, but he is one depressed and lonely boy. It breaks my heart to think he may have lived with his loneliness for his whole life, but we would very much like to see his remaining time surrounded by love, compassion, and never-ending snuggles.”

Jack isn’t without his age-related ailments. He has pre-renal kidney disease, bad hips and, is heartworm positive.

Susie’s Senior Dogs plea to find the gentle dog a retirement home did not go unheard and just a day later the shelter had some wonderful news to share!

“Jack became an instant celebrity last night when Susie’s Senior Dogs kindly posted his story to their page,” the shelter wrote. “We received many inquiries but one lovely young lady came right away to meet him with her other canine companion in tow.”

“Jack warmed to them both right away and we swear he was smiling when he left!” The shelter has other loving senior dogs like Jack, who are just as sweet and loving. “If you had your eye set on Jack, please stop by and see another senior pet in need like Betsy or Dumplin,” they write. “They aren’t famous yet, but they are waiting for their forever family too!”

Susie’s Senior Dogs also was grateful for Jack’s adopter. “The shelter had many, many inquires come in for Jack, and we are so thankful to his new momma for hopping in her car and immediately coming to get him,” they posted. “If anyone else inquired about Jack, don’t stop there! Shelters need all the responsible adopters they can get. Jack’s homeless friends need you, too!”

Homeless senior dogs have one of the hardest times getting adopted simply because of their age but they have so much love to give! There’s nothing like earning the love of an older animal!

Share Jack’s heartwarming story with your friends and spread awareness about the joys of adopting senior pets!


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