Sad Bear Who Spent 30 Years In Roadside Zoo Makes Remarkable Transformation After Her Rescue

More than 30 years ago, a bear cub named Fifi arrived at a Pennsylvania roadside zoo, write reshareworthy

For years, she and other bears were forced to perform tricks for visitors. After the zoo closed (more than 20 years ago!) Fifi remained in the tiny, rusty cage with only a dilapidated doghouse for shelter.

The years had not been kind to her. She was thin, her coat was dull and dirty and she suffered arthritis that had been left untreated and made it a struggle for her to walk. That’s how PETA and The Wild Animal Sanctuary found her in July of 2015

They transported Fifi to a special wildlife habitat that’s heaven in contrast to the hell in which she had spent her whole life. And after just 5 months, she is a different bear!

“Fifi’s body finally matches her big and beautiful personality,” writes PETA. “She is healthy, her coat is full, and her legs are getting stronger every day. And this year, for the first time in her long life, Fifi is hibernating in her new, comfy den.”

Thank goodness Fifi was finally rescued! Share her touching story with your animal-loving friends!


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