Rhino Temporarily Escapes Enclosure at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo, Prompting Lockdown

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Personnel at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo attracted the run away Indian male rhinocerous back into his enclosure with treats; no people or pets were damaged throughout the event

On Tuesday, a rhino ran away from Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and also Aquarium in Nebraska, creating authorities to lockdown the zoo up until the pet returned to his unit.

The zoo first noted that Jontu, a 5,000-pound Indian rhino, was missing from his barn unit around 1 p.m. In feedback, zoo authorities asked visitors to sanctuary in place, Dan Cassidy, the zoo’s vice president of pet management, claimed in an interview.

” This is the example we practice for at all times although naturally, we wish it never takes place,” Cassidy informed reporters, discussing that they have actually done retreat drills with smaller sized pets.

Zookeepers found the 13 1/2- year-old rhinocerous concerning 35 feet away from his enclosure “eating a number of lawn, and he really did not want to leave,” the zoo official claimed.

He remained in a behind the curtain location so at no time was any person from the public at risk,” Cassidy included. “No one got injured, no animals obtained injured. Everything worked out.”

According to Cassidy, to prevent utilizing a tranquilizer, zoo officials utilized pickup trucks to assist Jontu away from the grass while his caretakers used apples and also various other treats to lure him back right into the barn. The whole initiative took about 50 minutes.

Cassidy explained that the rhinocerous got away with an entrance to his room that wasn’t locked correctly. The zoo intends to install a 2nd gateway as a precautionary step as well as is considering fence in the behind-the-scenes area.

” I have actually seen it happen at other zoos. I resembled ‘Guy, what kind of security do they have there that a rhinocerous gets out?” Cassidy stated while laughing. “And also now I recognize it can happen here as well.”

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