Rhino Attacks A Relaxing Hippo, Almost Gets His Bottom Chomped Off By Hippo

A bunch of tourists were visiting the Hlane Royal National Park located in southern Africa’s Swaziland, when they noticed a rhino tribe approaching a bloat of hippos, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The hippo family was peacefully quenching their thirst by the pond and didn’t want any trouble, but the bored rhinos were in mood for some action.

One of the rhinos stepped forward and cornered a baby hippo relaxing on the grass. The young calf panicked at the sight of the massive rhino getting closer. It is possible that the rhino just wanted to play a game of chase, but his intimidating stance was enough to scare the baby. The little one was a shivering mess as he ran back to his herd, and his mama was so not okay with it.

In this video, we see the furious hippopotamus mama confronting the rhino for “bullying” her offspring. She is unapologetic as she opens her mouth wide apart and threatens to bite the shocked rhino’s bottom with a thundering growl. The poor rhino instinctively turns away as the mama hippo almost sinks her teeth into his backside.

The terrified rhino flees the scene and narrowly escapes the territory of the protective mama hippo, and the rest of his mates quickly follow. The interaction between hippos and rhinos remains rather unexplored, and it is rare to watch an incident like this. Moral of the story – it’s never a wise idea to tick off a mama hippo! Do keep your volume up for this!

Click the video below to watch the mama hippo’s “counterattack” as she shields her baby from the charging rhino!


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