Rescuers Save Scared And Starving German Shepherd Living In A River Canal

Armed with their trusty cheeseburger, Hope for Paws responded to a call from a Good Samaritan who said there was a dog living in the Los Angeles river canal for weeks. After hunting for a while Eldad Hagar and Lisa Chiarelli found the female German Shepherd’s hiding spot. She was alone, hungry and afraid, writes reshareworthy

The pair patiently approached her and managed to snare her while she was asleep. Eventually, they were able to calm her down and lured her to their car with food.

Now named Adrienne, she may have been very scared at the beginning, but since she’s received some care and attention she’s made a wonderful transformation.

She’s currently being fostered in a loving family and just watching her with them at the end, you’d hardly believe it’s the same girl that just a short time ago was taken off the streets!

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