Rescued Wild Boar Thinks It Is One Of The Family Dogs, Following Them Everywhere

Wild animals can live happily inside your house. They adapt to the new habitat quickly and have special affections for their humans. They can even build a bond, a very strong one with other animals in the family. Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes, writes aubtu

There is no strange to see animals of different species get along well with each other and become best friends.

This is the case of Yezhu the baby wild boar in this story. She was left in a box in front of Dora Wei’s house in the early morning. The piglet was just only a few hours old and had been separated from its mom.

Dora has seen many wild animals around her home in the Hill Country of Sri Lanka. However, she was still shocked when seeing the wild boar on her doorstep. She and her boyfriend decided to take the piglet in. They made her a little sleeping area inside and kept her up with hot water bottles.

Dora had no knowledge of taking care of wild animals like Yezhu. But she thought that the baby boar couldn’t survive if it was neglected. She started asking around and reading online about how to care for the animal.

She later found out that the boarlet should be fed every hour in the first four weeks of her life. She and her boyfriend took matters into their own hand. The sweet, warm-hearted couple took turns sleeping in the living room to fed the boar when she woke up or cried. Thanks to their love and care, Yezhu grew up healthily.

“It was really like taking care of a baby for us,” Dora said.

Interestingly, the wild boar befriended four dogs in the family quickly. She built a special relationship with them, especially the Labrador. She loved following him and lying down next to him or sitting on him. The boarlet couldn’t stop cuddling with her doggy siblings.

Yezhu is a friendly and obedient girl. She was nice to all the dogs and believed that she was just one of them. Although her adoptive parents built her a house in the garden, she still got into the house to hang out with her brothers and sisters.

The adorable piglet was blind in one eye. It means that she couldn’t be released back to the wild when she grew older and stronger. Luckily, she got her family where she was loved and cared for. The wild boar is getting everyone’s blessing!


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