Rescue Dog Was Terrified Of Humans. But Once She Began To Heal, Her Personality Blossomed

This poor dog named Rosie had no hair and was covered in crust when she arrived at Vet Ranch. Her face was covered in sores, her paws were swollen, and she was also severely underweight, writes blog.theanimalrescuesite.greatergood

Rosie was absolutely terrified, and she probably wasn’t used to human touch.

They gave her a much-needed bath and did a skin scraping to see if she had demodectic mange. The results came out positive, so they began treating her right away.

Two weeks later, she was already looking so much better. Her hair had not begun to grow back yet, but all of the crust and scabs were gone. The swelling in her paws went down, and she also gained ten pounds!

Her personality had also come out as she broke out of her shell. She wasn’t afraid anymore because she finally realized that these people were there to help her, not hurt her. She was so much happier already and couldn’t stop wagging her tail.

After another two weeks, she gained another ten pounds, which is 20 pounds heavier than when they first got her. Her hair started growing in, and she looked like a whole new dog!

They spayed her and completed her mange medication, and she was ready for her forever home. But the best news of all is that her forever home wound up being her foster home! Her foster family loved her so much and decided to adopt her!

Rosie was once a terrified sick dog, but now she is a happy and healthy one who loves giving kisses and is always wagging her tail! All it took was some TLC and kind-hearted people who really cared about her.

Watch her transformation in the video below:


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