Rangers Hear Animal Cries, They Make a Heartbreaking Find

It takes a special kind of cruel to leave an animal to die, chained up to a cement block that you know there’s no way for them to escape from. But that’s exactly what park rangers found as they were patrolling a lake in Kansas City, Missouri, writes ilovemydogsomuch

First, they heard the animal crying, and when they went to explore the cause, they found a pup, covered in mud and stuck to a chunk of cement that made it impossible to run away.

The shivering dog was stuck in a marshy area. He was in immediate need of attention, which the park rangers got him. The lab-shepherd mix was checked out by vets, who were even more confused after cleaning him up a bit. He was neutered and well fed. His coat was shiny and it appeared he’d been well taken care of before this horrific incident.

They named the little survivor ‘Deputy,’ and he was put up for adoption with hopes that a loving family would take over in caring for the dog the right way, forever!


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