Pups Laid Next To Dead Siblings, Holding On To Hope After Being Tossed In Trash

De Doorns, South Africa residents alerted Sidewalk Specials regarding some two-week-old puppies from an unwanted litter that had been thrown out in the trash and left there to die, writes dogfull

When rescuers arrived, they sadly found three of the puppies had already died. Rescuers picked up the six remaining newborn pups and wrapped them up to bring back to their car.

In the meantime, they looked everywhere for a mama dog, but there was none on sight. Eventually, residents were able to help rescuers track her down!

They were now able to reunite the mama with her babies – whom they named Daisy, Georgie, Charlie, Milly, Tex and Tyson – and finally get the milk and care from her that they so desperately needed.

Six weeks later, the puppies have grown tremendously and are now ready for their forever homes!

Luckily, Mommy, Daisy and Georgie have already been adopted, but Charlie, Milly, Tex and Tyson are still looking for families.

If you’re interested in adopting the puppies or would like to schedule a meet and greet, please email: [email protected]

Watch their rescue in the video below:


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