Puppy With Mange Rescued From The Streets Overcomes Her Fear Of Humans

A little puppy was founding wandering the streets of India with terrible sores and mange on her body. Thankfully, she was taken into Peepal Farm, a stray animal rescue, and given a second chance at life, writes blog.theanimalrescuesite.greatergood

In an interview with The Dodo, a co-founder of Peepal Farm, Joellen, shared that the tiny puppy, Phoenix, was brought into the farm in “awful condition.”

The little dog appeared to be around 4-months-old and was covered in painful open sores and awful mange. She had no hair left from the mange infection and was absolutely terrified of humans.

While the area she was found is known to have stray dogs, it’s believed that Phoenix was someone’s pet at one point because she was found wearing a collar. The rescue suspects that she was abandoned on the streets (possibly due to her very treatable skin conditions).

Based on her temperament with humans, it’s safe to assume that her life before arriving at Peepal Farm but was anything but easy. The poor puppy was so scared that the rescuers were going to hurt her that she kept trying to bite them. Her fear was so great that they had to put a muzzle on her.

While the rescuers wanted to help the puppy learn to trust, their first priority was healing her skin condition. With the help of the muzzle, they gave Phoenix skin treatments and medicated baths, and slowly, her skin began to heal.

After a few months, her coat started to grow in and she had her beautiful fur back. Despite the help that the rescuers had given her, little Phoenix was still absolutely terrified of people.

Joellen explained to The Dodo that they worked with her for “months and months” just to get her comfortable enough to take a treat from their hands and come near them. It took a lot of effort, but Phoenix gradually gained a bit more trust in humans – little by little.

While she was slow to bond with humans, the little dog loved the company of other dogs and they seemed to boost her confidence and trust in humans.

Once they felt she was ready, the rescue posted on Facebook that they hoped to find Phoenix a home. They said in the post, “Do you have room in your heart for a dog who has had her heart broken? Can you help her move past her dark past and into the light? We want to see Phoenix enjoy her puppyhood in the comfort and safety of a real home!”

Amanda from Washington state saw Phoenix’s story and instantly fell in love. She reached out to Peepal Farm and adopted the pup. Even though she was so far, they were able to arrange flights for Phoenix to get to the United States and finally have a forever home.

Once at home with Amanda, Phoenix met her new brother, Bently. Phoneix was scared of her new home at first, but Bently helped her feel more confident and secure in her new surroundings, with her new mom.


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