Puppy Had Her Legs All Bandaged Up Before Being Abandoned On The Street

A small pup was found on the street in immense pain with her back legs all bandaged up. Apparently, someone had tried to help her before leaving her to fend for herself and unable to move. With noone to care for her, time was ticking. Fortunately, she was found before it was too late, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Some kind people came across the dog and got her to a veterinarian for much-needed care, and it was determined that she had been bitten by a bigger dog. The pup was in such bad shape with broken bones she would need to gain back some strength before undergoing any operations. They named her Scooter and gave her lots of love and care.

The girl’s wounds were cleaned and treated, and she became healthy enough to be able to have her multiple surgeries. It was Alexandra Gade who cared for Scooter for months before the puppy was taken to her forever home!

See “Dobby” today with her loving family.


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