Puppies Snuggled Tightly By Speeding Train & No One Could Afford To Feed Them

Love Furry Friends, an animal rescue group, received a call about a litter of puppies. They were left near the railroad tracks. A kind young woman still in her teens, heard their whimpers, and did her best to help them. With little resources of her own, she built them a little kennel and put out water but had no money for food, writes ilovemydogsomuch

As soon as the rescuers arrived, they approached the puppies cautiously. They didn’t want to scare them. Two of the precious babes were asleep, snuggled up together. The rescuers placed wet food in a bowl near them to see if they would get up and eat.

Two of the puppies came over and ate eagerly while one puppy stayed hidden. He didn’t trust people and the food couldn’t convince him otherwise. The rescuers sympathized with the scared puppy but they figured they could feed him once he was in their care. But rescuing the three pups, altogether, would be difficult.

The two puppies were easy to grab but the third puppy took off into the bushes nearby. As the rescuer went after him, she realized just how close they were living to the speeding train. They could’ve easily been killed! The woman continues to follow the fleeing puppy to a thicket beneath the brush.

She had to climb inside to grab him since he just stood there, frozen in fear. Thankfully, all three puppies were put into the vehicle, together, and they headed straight to the vet clinic. The poor babies laid on the exam table, too weak to stand for long. The vet was concerned about their health for good reason.

All the pups were tested for viruses and parasites. Thankfully, besides having fleas and ticks, all the pups were healthy! They were just so exhausted and weak from malnourishment. The next step was to get the pups bathed and fed. They didn’t love the bath one bit but they were total troopers.

To continue with this heartwarming story, please play the video below. Love Furry Friends is a wonderful organization and just watching the video helps them a great deal! We are so grateful that all three puppies are now safe and sound.


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