Puppies Left On The Side Of A Busy Road Have A Very Different Life Now

I’m a rational person and I try to make sense of everything, writes ilovemydogsomuch

One thing that befuddles me more than anything is how a person could leave a helpless animal to fend for themselves. Abandoning a pet is like deliberately running over them with your car. It’s a death sentence. And that’s exactly what these three adorable puppies had in store when some vile human left them to die on the side of a busy street.

Puppies! Poor little innocent and insanely cute puppies! Lucky for them the Romanian rescue group, Howl of a Dog, was able to capture them and bring them to safety.

They were so innocent and sweet that when the rescuer reached out to them they just walked right up and took the affection. They seem so gentle, I can’t imagine why anyone would just leave them like that. They easily could have been run over, but certainly, they would have starved.

After their rescue, they were treated for fleas, given baths and names! Jack, Julia, and Jane. Even during their bathtime, they were absolute angels! You have to see for yourself just how sweet and playful these three are. They not only warmed the hearts of the staff but other dogs too.

My heart melted seeing this clumsy little trio make all the friends at the rescue shelter. Watching them full of joy and playing with the big kids put the biggest smile on my face. I really hope they get adopted together. It’s obvious that they’ve all bonded, I can’t imagine them being separated.

I’m so glad they were saved. This could have been a much different story had they not been. Please, no matter what your circumstances are, don’t ever leave a pet to fend for themselves. Even if you think you’re doing the best thing possible, you’re not.


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