Pup Healing In Body Cast After He Was Tied To Truck And Dragged Down Dirt Road

A six-month-old Australian Cattle Dog named Arlo is fighting for his life after he was tied to a truck and dragged down a dirt road for nearly a mile in Santa Fe, Texas, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Luckily he survived but his legs, chest and paws had deep wounds on them, and he even had muscle tissue and bones exposed in some places.

According to the owners, a child tied Arlo to the truck and the driver didn’t notice he was there when he began driving.

The owner couldn’t afford the medical expenses and surrendered him to animal control.

He is currently at VERGI Animal Hospital in Houston, Texas, where he is being treated for his injuries. Once he is stabilized, he will be transferred to Texas A&M Veterinary Hospital where he will receive treatment by a soft tissue specialist.

Thankfully, Arlo is in good hands and is expected to make a full recovery. Once he is fully healed, he will be placed for adoption. I don’t think this cute pup will have any trouble finding a new home!


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