Proceed with caution: Yellow Dog Project lets dogs and people interact safely

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Yellow is a worldwide symbol for caution, and also the Yellow Dog Job has actually embraced the shade as a way to inform people to make use of caution when coming close to certain dogs.
Particularly with rescue pets, that may have been mistreated and also are scared of people, a yellow bow or bandanna connected to the pet’s collar or chain informs people to go slowly, for the security of all parties.

” Yellow dogs,” as they are called, can come in all shapes and sizes. Although breeds such as pit bulls get a bum rap for being aggressive, small dogs such as
Chihuahuas can also snap if they feel intimidated.

Often brand-new proprietors of rescue pet dogs watch out for taking their dogs on leashed strolls in parks or other public places, not knowing how they will react in a brand-new circumstance. A friendly individual or youngster might be viewed as a danger, with regrettable results.

With a big yellow ribbon linked about their neck or on their harness, both canines and the public recognize that they can connect from a secure distance and proceed with care. Everyone, even dogs, requires to have individual room appreciated.

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