Pregnant Dog Who’s The Victim Of A Hit And Run Left Struggling In The Bushes

A young girl named Moksha was witness to a hit and run involving a pregnant dog, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The poor mom-to-be was left to struggle in the bushes. The girl contacted Animal Aid Unlimited immediately, and the rescuers arrived as soon as possible. It’s a good thing her guardian angel was watching over her that day.

The rescuers got the stray mama back to the hospital right away and started treating her for pain and trauma. She was thoroughly examined and readied for a good night’s sleep. And it wouldn’t take long for an amazing turnaround!

The dog finally started overcoming her nervousness and shyness and began to relax. Sherry made an incredible transformation and was now even able to walk on her own! The rescue undoubtedly saved her life, and you’ll be shocked when you see her today.


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