Pregnant Dog Abandoned In The Backyard When Her Family Moved Away

It’s bad enough when a dog gets abandoned by its owners, but there is something extra disgusting when an owner abandons their pregnant or elderly dog. It’s just an added layer of heartlessness that makes you shudder. I can never understand how anyone can be so apathetic towards a helpless living being, writes blog.theanimalrescuesite.greatergood

Java is a very sweet pup who was left behind in a backyard when her owners moved away. The poor dog found herself completely alone and locked up inside a vacant rental property.

They hadn’t even left her any food or water. Since she was locked into the yard, it wasn’t like she could even get out of the property to scavenge in the streets for food. It was as if her former owners didn’t care whether or not she starved to death inside the backyard.

But if that wasn’t bad enough, there was something that made the situation even worse. Java was heavily pregnant. Thankfully, the owner of the rental property came around to inspect the now-vacated premises and found the abandoned dog. Feeling sorry for her, the property owner immediately got in contact with a local animal rescue.

Unfortunately, the animal rescue was over their capacity so they had to make the tough call to turn her away. The property owner got Java to the vet, and it was determined that her puppies could be due at any moment.

However, it seemed like Java was determined to hold them in as long as she could until she was in a better place for her and her pups. Thankfully, there was hope on the horizon as Karen with the Lost Pet Found Pet organization managed to help get Java a spot at Nob Hill Animal Clinic.

The dog was transported over in the middle of the night, and as soon as she was at the clinic it was as if Java felt safe enough to have her babies. She almost instantaneously went into labor.

A few hours later and Java and her nine newborns were all being transported to the Florida Boxer Rescue for care. They stayed there for a few months and received plenty of love and care.

Eventually, the puppies were all big enough and ready to go off to their forever homes. And Java herself ended up finding her forever family as well!

Check out the video below:


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