Poor Woman Can’t Afford To Treat Stray, Dressed His Wounds Before He Passed Out

In a poverty-stricken part of the world, the homeless animal population is out of control. It is an impossible task to rescue them all so Animal Aid does all that it can to work with people who are willing to look after strays. These kind people don’t have much money themselves yet they go above and beyond to put out clean water and food. The stray dogs rely on these people to survive, writes ilovemydogsomuch

One puppy, named Jazzy, was looked after by a family. He would often go into their yard to eat and play. But one day he showed up injured and the family, that couldn’t afford to take him to the vet clinic themselves, called Animal Aid. The puppy was weak and in pain and laid down totally exhausted.

The family wrapped his wounds and waited for Animal Aid volunteers to arrive. When one volunteer walked into the yard and saw the puppy, his heart broke. This baby needed help immediately. Thankfully the family put him in a shaded area. When the man knelt down and touched the puppy, he cried out in pain.

There wasn’t time to waste! Jazzy had to go to the clinic now. The volunteer used a blanket to lift him up and put him into his vehicle. He drove straight to the Animal Aid sanctuary. Jazzy was very smart. He understood that these gentle humans were going to help him. He laid calmly on the exam table and let them check him out.

The sweet dog was given pain medication immediately. No one wanted him to suffer. His wounds were then thoroughly looked at by the vet. His leg was in bad shape but Jazzy was so brave. The vet flushed out the wound and applied clean bandages. This would be the routine daily for the next two weeks. And Jazzy was such a great sport.

Jazzy was placed in a kennel with other puppies. He enjoyed the company almost as much as he enjoyed the food. He had a healthy appetite which was an excellent sign. So long as his pain was managed, Jazzy was able to eat and rest comfortably.

The sweet puppy especially loved his very own bed. As his wound improved, so did his spirit. He became more playful and he interacted with his new human friends as a true puppy should. He was grateful. He was well aware that these kind people were helping him feel so much better.

After two weeks, it was time for Jazzy to be reunited with his doggy family. His mother and brother were anxiously awaiting his return. The family that cared for them agreed to keep an eye out for Jazzy. Regardless, Animal Aid still paid him a vet visit every other day to treat his wound. Jazzy thanks his favorite nurse with the sweetest kisses you’ve ever seen!

While many of our audience may not agree that these strays should be left on the streets, you have to bear in mind that India is unlike North America. To say there are tens of thousands of homeless animals is an underestimation. Animal Aid does all it can to treat the dogs in need. They take in the ones that cannot survive through the help of neighbors, such as dogs with special needs, and house them in their sanctuary for life. There is only so much room and we must be more open-minded to the realities that they face.

We applaud their efforts and continued hard work. To see Jazzy’s story and to learn more about Animal Aid, we implore you to watch the video below. We are so happy that Jazzy is doing well and that kind people, who cannot afford much for themselves, do all they can to help the strays in their area. Bravo!


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