Poor Mama Dog Sought Refuge In Collapsing Sand Mound, Got Stuck And She Was Not Alone

The rescue organization, Animal Aid, got a call about a dog stuck in a huge mound of dense sand, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The dog went into the construction area when it was quiet for a very specific reason. She was about to give birth! As the dog lay there, the sand caved in further making it nearly impossible for the mama dog to dig herself and her puppies out.

When rescuers arrived they could tell that this poor dog had been through so much. She was overwhelmed, to say the least. She had given birth to her beloved puppies but had no way of getting out so she could find food and nurse them.

One of the Animal Aid volunteers went to work immediately. He wanted to safely dig the dog and her pups out but he had to be cautious. The sand caving in again could injure the little family. As he worked, the mom continued to try and free herself. The poor girl was tired and scared.

The volunteer kept digging to free Mama and when it was safe to reach in, he grabbed the puppies. Sadly one puppy didn’t make it but the rest of the litter looked great. He loaded the little family into their rescue vehicle so Mama could rest. He then asked surrounding neighbors if they’d be willing to help out with the dogs.

One man luckily agreed to feed the stray and make sure she and her puppies were healthy. In this area, strays are everywhere and Animal Aid and their shelter is overrun. The dog’s best option was to find a safe place to stay nearby. After giving her a few pets and some food, the man moved the dogs to a nearby building.

He left them food and water and promised he would be back to check on them. One week later, the rescuer kept his promise. When he walked towards the little family, the man was thrilled to see that they were thriving. The man that lives nearby has been feeding them daily. The puppies appeared active and well-cared for. Mama is doing great!

We are beyond thrilled that this precious family was rescued. We can’t thank the rescuers enough for all their hard work. Animal Aid is incredibly dedicated, protecting as many stray animals as possible. To see the heartwarming rescue, check it out in the video below.


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