Police Showed Up To House Just To Find It Was Two Dogs Who Called 911 Sixteen Times

2 pet dogs gave the authorities ‘difficult time’ after they called the emergency situation number sixteen times within half a hr. When they answered the calls all they can hear was barking so they made a decision to look into what the matter was.

Officer Michelle Roberts got in touch with the proprietors as well as told them exactly how they were obtaining telephone calls from their home number asking whether everything was fine. The proprietors had no idea what was taking place as well as let them enter with the garage. Once in, the officers saw the dogs jumping around the phone.

They called 911 by pawing at the screen as the phone was secured as well as set to ’em ergency phone call only.’

“Our presumption is the pet dogs were having a harsh day and it was the canines that were looking for support through 911,” Officer Roberts joked.

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