Pitbull Dog Is Abandoned To Her Fate And Shows Her Great Sadness At Being Rescued

Authorities in Paraná, Brazil, rescued this sick and injured dog, and her condition reflects the suffering she has endured on the streets, writes xaga

Humans can be very heartless towards animals , even towards their own pets. The internet and social media are rife with stories of abuse, abandonment, and cruelty; and it’s no coincidence that animal shelters are always overcrowded in order to help as many dogs and cats as possible. Fortunately, there are compassionate and responsible people who decide to save the lives of street dogs. That is the story of a dog who was rescued in Paraná, Brazil.

The rescue was carried out after investigator Cassio Silva and Delegate Matheus Laiola received a call to rescue the Pitbull dog, who was in very bad shape in the Parolin neighborhood. The dog, according to Silva, was dying of cold. In the rescue video, you can see her shaking uncontrollably due to the cold and possibly because she was afraid of her rescuers.

The dog, dubbed “Girl,” appears weak and malnourished, her fur in poor condition, and she has open wounds all over her body. According to the researcher’s Facebook post, “Girl” has advanced scabies, which accounts for the current state of her skin and fur. Fortunately, Da Silva and Laiola, along with activist Mari Hedler, have already made arrangements for her medical treatment. Here she is, happy after her visit to the vet:

Silva describes Nia as “sweet and affectionate,” and she will be receiving medical treatment to treat her illness. In the publication announcing her rescue, she warns that she will require extensive care and that citizens’ help will be required.

Later, after a visit to the veterinarian, Silva hinted that he might adopt her, giving her a second chance at life in a home where she will be loved unconditionally. However, Silva points out that there are still many dogs on the streets who require help.


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