Pit bull trapped inside abandoned school gets second chance at life

When some kind-hearted people noticed a stray pit bull peaking out of a broken window of an abandoned St. Louis school, they called the rescue organization, Stray Rescue of St. Louis. This would be no ordinary rescue, however. Gaining access to the abandoned school would be difficult, writes ronproject

Rescuing Teacher’s Pet
The dog was nicknamed “Teacher’s Pet” for the time being.

“Teacher’s Pet was actually called in by a couple of ladies who lived in the area,” said Natalie Thomson, the director of marketing for the rescue organization. “They had heard howling from the school, so they called us. There were actually two dogs in the building when we arrived, but Teacher’s Pet was the only one who appeared to be trapped.”

The school’s doors were bordered up, making entry into the building difficult. Eventually, it was decided the best route to rescue the dog was by using a ladder to reach the second-story window where he was first spotted.

Donna Lochmann rescues Teacher’s Pet
The rescue organization’s chief rescuer and photographer, Donna Lochmann, climbed through the second-story window and began looking for the dog whose head had been peaking out from it earlier.

“Our rescuer literally just drives around the North City and East St. Louis areas [in search of dogs who need help] anytime she has time,” Thomson says. “Donna has been doing this for 20 years, and she really has a knack for it. A lot of these dogs are starving and eager for help. Her secret weapon is Vienna Sausages.”

Teacher’s Pet is a sweet guy.

When Lochmann found him, she couldn’t believe what a sweet guy Teacher’s Pet was. Even after having been abandoned, and left to starve, he only wanted to be petted and given attention by her. Lochamann and others then helped to carry the abandoned pit bull out through the window and down to level ground.

Teacher’s Pet was malnourished and it was determined that he had likely been living in the school for quite awhile. He quickly soaked up all the attention he was getting from his rescuers, however. It must have been awhile since he had received that kind of affection.

“He doesn’t remember being all alone, scared, and starving in that school,” Stray Rescue of St. Louis wrote on Facebook. “All he knows is what’s happening now and he is SPOILED!”

Teacher’s Pet finds a forever home.
Rescuing an animal in need is just the first step in giving them the life they deserve. The next is to find them a forever home with a good family who would never abandon them.

It didn’t take long for Teacher’s Pet to find a forever home. He was adopted and re-named Ollie. Now, he gets all the love and attention all good dogs deserve.

Ollie’s Rescue goes viral.

Video of this heartwarming story has gone viral online. Many people who have viewed the video have felt compelled to leave a comment as well.

“God bless you for rescuing this sweet baby boy and finding him a loving forever home! He’s absolutely adorable!” One viewer wrote. “He’s absolutely gorgeous, thank you to the rescuers and the beautiful human family that has given that beautiful boy a loving forever home. Thank you nuff love to the human family, and the beautiful boy they have given a home to,” wrote another.

Watch Ollie’s rescue in the video below.

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