Owners Lock Dog In Tiny Metal Cage And Leave Him In Filthy Apartment For Weeks

The residents of an apartment complex in Yelm, Washington, were perplexed to hear non-stop barking sounds from one of the units, writes ilovemydogsomuch

A maintenance worker left a note by the unit to alert the occupants of the residents’ complaints. However, the disturbing moans and cries of the dog only escalated over a period of 10 days. Finally, the worker realized that the unit had been abandoned and decided to notify authorities about the distressed dog trapped inside.

Officers from Yelm PD and animal control were overwhelmed with disgust when they entered the nightmarish apartment to retrieve the dog, a Blue Heeler. The pitifully skinny creature was left to die in a tiny metal crate with no food or water. The kennel floor was covered in mounds of fungus-laced feces that were sticking to the dog’s ailing skin.

The entire apartment was piled up in putrid heaps of rubbish that indicated its obvious state of neglect. The ceiling was also cloaked in strips of dead flies. The nauseated officers endured the awful stench that emanated from the stacks of garbage and successfully secured the deliberately tortured dog.

The dog has been placed in custody of the officers and is receiving treatment for extreme emaciation. His bones are visible through his skin and his age cannot be determined due to the severe malnourishment. This is said to be one of the most disturbing cases of animal abuse and home neglect in the area in the past few decades.

Preliminary investigations have suggested that no one was living in the apartment currently. Cops have now cited the irresponsible tenants, 26-year-old Estevan Rodriguez and 25-year-old Danielle Sanders, for first-degree animal cruelty. Further details are still being investigated.


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