Owners Feed Puppy Sharp Chicken Bones, Then Throw Him In A Dumpster To Die

It was late evening when the staff at “The Dog Rescuers” received an urgent call about a crying puppy who was left to die in a dumpster in Pasadena, writes ilovemydogsomuch

A rescue team immediately rushed to the location, only to find that the weeks-old puppy in a much more stressful situation than they had expected.

The puppy was suffocating and in acute physical pain, so the rescuers quickly took him to the PETSADENA Animal Hospital. It was already closing time for the hospital, but the vet, Dr. Evelyn, knew the dying puppy wouldn’t last much longer without medical intervention. She assembled her team and they hooked the puppy up to life-saving medicines. After a detailed examination, Dr. Evelyn finally figured out what was killing the puppy – chicken bones.

An X-ray revealed chunks of chicken bones and splinters blocking the puppy’s stomach and intestines. Dr. Evelyn and her amazing team spent the rest of the night painstakingly picking out the bone pieces from the puppy’s internal organs one by one. By morning, they were all heavily exhausted – but their tireless hard work had pulled the puppy out from the verge of death!

The puppy is now named Roscoe, and this video documents his arduous survival journey as he eventually finds the best forever home. Roscoe is indeed one lucky little guy! While details about Roscoe’s previous owners are not known, his story is a reminder for all owners to avoid feeding hard bones to fragile young puppies. Put the word out and keep your pets safe.

Click the video below to watch how Roscoe crawled out from the brink of death and found his happy ending.


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