Owner Pushes 3 Dogs Out Of A Car & Drives Away, Hurt Dogs Run And Hide

A passerby saw a car drive into a neighborhood with the intention of dumping 3 dogs discreetly then driving away. The irresponsible owner pushed the dogs out of the car and tossed them a bag of bread before driving off. The passerby immediately contacted Hope For Paws emergency line for help, writes ilovemydogsomuch

When the rescuers came to the area, they were heartbroken to see the poor dogs helplessly running around for help. The abandonment had gotten to them, and they kept hiding in random places out of fear.

Rescuers also noticed that the 2 female dogs of the trio had just given birth. The greedy owner had simply taken their puppies before dumping them on the street.

The rescuers searched in the rubble, under the bushes, and under cars to locate the dogs. Eventually, they were able to gain their trust with gentle assurances. The dogs were relieved at being saved and slept happily in the car knowing that they no longer had to fend for themselves.

The dogs, now called Dee-Dee, Nessie, and Charlie, are receiving care in their foster home, ‘Shelter Hope Pet Shop’. We hope they end up in nice forever homes where they are given the love and respect that they deserve. What a touching rescue for these little pooches!

Click the video below to watch the tear-jerking rescue of this sad, weak and confused trio.


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