Owner Laughs As Silly German Shepherd Forces His Big Body Into A Tiny Space

Dogs can be funny and clownish. The dog, named Denver, was going for a ride with his owner and two other dogs, writes ilovemydogsomuch

As the Nashville, Michigan man tried to get the kennels ready in his vehicle, Denver watched with laser-focused attention. As two open dog crates lie open, waiting for the dogs to hop inside, Denver took matters into his own paws.

“I was attempting to get my 2-year-old dog Hagen into the large kennel before I put my 10-week-old puppy Lorcan in her small kennel. Denver, my 6-year-old dog, decided to jump up into a kennel and clearly chose the wrong one,” . Instead of getting into the larger kennel made for his size, Denver decided he was a tiny pup and squished himself inside the smaller kennel.

Once the big German Shepherd is nestled comfortably into the tiny kennel, his owner is heard chuckling in the background. It’s no wonder the man is giggling at the sight of the big dog in a little space by his own choice. It seems as though Denver isn’t phased in the least by the smaller crate as he cuddles up into a ball.

“He’s just a big ol’ baby that is so adorable,” one commenter shared. In the meantime, Denver doesn’t even realize he is a clown with his front legs sticking out of the carrier. What makes the incident even funnier is the dog ignored a much larger kennel nearby and preferred the comfort of the little one. We hope you maneuvered out of that tiny crate and into one your own size, sweetie!


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