Owner Keeps Dog Chained Outside For 5 Straight Years

As a St. Bernard and Newfoundland cross, Diesel was adored for being the big and cute puppy, writes ilovemydogsomuch

But his owners quickly grew tired of his “HUGE, unruly” ways and heavily chained him up in the brutally cold backyard of their remote Yukon home. From that moment on, life became a terrifying ordeal for the lonely dog, one from which he had no escape.

Five years on, Diesel was found rotting in minus temperature by rescuers. The poor creature took turns to keep his paws off of the tormenting snow. His tiny doghouse didn’t fit anymore, he never had water and his fur had patches of dried up blood. The worst part was that Diesel’s ruthless owner threatened to shoot the sickly dog if the rescuers didn’t take him away.

After a hasty rescue, the rescuers found that Diesel was a very friendly dog despite his hard living circumstances. But at the vet’s, they discovered that the dog’s health was far worse than they had imagined. Apart from his matted fur and foul-smelling infections, Diesel also had arthritis, a broken jaw, missing teeth and a split tongue, probably due to a wild animal attack.

Eventually, Diesel became the first beneficiary of Animal Advocate’s “Freezing Dogs Freedom Train” program. After getting the necessary treatment, Diesel was enrolled for behavior rehabilitation training. Later, he was flown to Vancouver where he was welcomed by a wonderful foster family!

From being an “intimidating” giant dog to blossoming into a trusting and cuddly companion in his foster home, Diesel has truly had quite the journey. The rescuers hope that Diesel’s fairy tale transition helps them gain support toward freeing other dogs who are still constantly kept chained in the rural limits of the country.

Click the video below to watch Diesel’s heartbreaking rescue after being trapped in chains for 5 years.


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