Owner Drags Old Horse Behind Truck & Dumps Him On A Mountaintop To Starve & Die

An owner saw that their horse was getting sick due to old age. Instead of taking him to the vet, the owner dragged him behind a truck and abandoned him on a mountaintop, writes ilovemydogsomuch

After spending days without food or water, the horse became emaciated and dehydrated and his organs began failing.

A woman was passing by the area when she spotted the horse on the verge of collapse. Her heart broke as she realized the abuse and neglect endured by the horse, and she decided to rescue him. She carefully walked him down the mountain and took him to her spacious farm. When locals saw her caring for a horse who was days away from death, they mocked her and called her a “fool”.

As every bone in the horse’s body was protruding, so the woman began calling him Bones. She washed him, fed him and showered him with all her love. When she took Bones to the vet’s to get assessed, he was already doing better! Although the horse was unable to heal completely due to his advanced age, he was at least happy now!

We want to honor Bones’ memory as he passed away 2-and-a-half-years after his rescue. His internal organs gave away due to the neglect he endured with his previous owner, but he died peacefully in the arms of the woman who gave him another shot at life. We thank this amazing woman for adorning Bones’ final years with love. Rest in peace, precious boy.


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