Owner and pit bull have emotional reunion after four months and a thousand miles apart

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The best sensation on the planet is when you bring a brand-new pet residence. It’s a new member of the family, as well as you work to make it secure and satisfied location for your new friend. On the other hand, it’s the worst feeling worldwide when your canine buddy disappears.

Houston dog proprietor Dara Prak experienced that dreadful sensation when his pit bull, Titan, was dognapped from his safe yard. The collar was left, and also Titan was gone. Prak browsed neighborhood sanctuaries and put out words using social media for greater than 3 months without any luck.

“I never lost hope. I continued to lug his leash and also collar in my vehicle with also higher hopes of the day I see him and also bring him house,” Prak said in a YouTube post.
After that, a miracle took place, thanks to the microchip implanted under Titan’s skin. A sanctuary in South Carolina called Prak, stating it had a pit bull with an integrated circuit registered to him. Titan had been discovered– a thousand miles from residence and in pretty negative shape.

Sanctuary employees said it appeared Titan had actually been terribly over used, but Prak will certainly never ever recognize for sure what happened.

Prak did not wait to drive across nation with his girlfriend to be rejoined with his cherished pet dog. He wept when Titan was brought out, using a huge e-collar as well as with one eye puffy closed.

However his tail was wagging strongly, which’s all that mattered as Prak hugged him tightly.

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