Only Set of Giant Panda Twins in U.S. Celebrate 5th Birthday at Zoo Atlanta

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Ya Lun as well as Xi Lun, a collection of gigantic panda doubles at Zoo Atlanta, commemorated their 5th birthday today with banana-topped ice “cakes” and also fallen leave eater biscuits

Every birthday celebration is a blessing when you come from an as soon as endangered types.

Ya Lun as well as Xi Lun, the only collection of giant panda twins in the United States, commemorated their 5th birthday on Friday, and everybody was welcomed. Video footage of the event streamed on Facebook, Twitter, and also Instagram, from their joyful environment at Zoo Atlanta’s Arthur M. Blank Household Foundation Titan Conservation Center.

Earlier today, the Panda Care Team enhanced the environment with a birthday banner, banana-topped ice “cakes” and colorful cardboard boxes full of fallen leave eater biscuits. Ya Lun was “much less delirious” concerning expanding one more year older, which implied a lot more deals with for Xi Lun.

” This is the first time we have actually had a 5th birthday since Xi Lan was below,” stated one zookeeper of the doubles’ older bro, that currently stays at Chengdu Panda Base in China. “The majority of our doubles have gone back to China before they turn 5.”

Twins are not unusual amongst gigantic pandas, but mothers normally only rear one cub. As the cubs are not born in a sophisticated state of advancement, it depends on the zookeepers to ensure that doubles birthed in the zoo receive appropriate treatment and that the mom is switching them throughout the day.

As of 2014, there are 1,864 giant pandas in the wild of China’s Sichuan, Shaanxi, and also Gansu districts, having actually increased by 17% in the past years, according to the World Wild Animals Fund. Although the International Union for Conservation of Nature upgraded the varieties from “endangered” to “at risk” in 2016, they still encounter threats of environment fragmentation and also loss, because of expanding human populaces and also logging.

Zoo Atlanta has actually contributed more than $16 million to support wild giant pandas and also their nature gets in China. As part of the effort, they have actually sustained reforestation tasks, conservation education programs, large panda nurseries and also field research programs and supplies.

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