Online Shopping Let Downs With Funny Reviews

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Let’s face it – online shopping is a hit or miss, and you’ll never know what you got until the package is at your doorstep. You could get a stylish shirt at a price you’d never find in-store, or you could end up with a product whose quality more than justifies its low price. But one thing is a constant in the world of clicking and buying: shoppers will post reviews of what they got in the mail. And luckily for you, those reviews are accompanied by hilarious photos. Check them out and prepare yourself for a good laugh!

So, is this a tank top? No. Is that a bad thing? Well, not necessarily. Sure, this person did some online shopping and thought he ordered a tank top that he could wear to the gym. But in the end, he got something much better: a tank top dress. And we have to admit – he looks absolutely terrific in it. You can really see his gym gains in this fit!

Nice Tank Top, Bro


Hopefully, this guy also saw the positive side of the whole thing. Judging by how much he’s feeling himself in that mirror selfie, we’re pretty sure he did.

This is one of those “when you see it” moments. There seems to be nothing wrong with this picture at first sight; it’s just an everyday gal showing off her latest crop top bought online at the bargain price of 6.95 Australian dollars. Then you look closer and then take yet another look – and you finally see it. A guy is sitting on the toilet seat, relieving himself. Surely this woman could’ve waited for him to finish his business before taking this photo.

She Couldn't Have Picked a Better Time to Take This Photo


But she didn’t, and this guy’s potty moment is now immortalized in this photo which shall remain on the Internet forever. The good news is that he was also posing for the photo.

First of all, we’re really impressed by the price of this wig, considering it looks like it’s of decent quality in this guy’s review photo. Then again, his photo is pretty blurry. Anyway, this photo landed a spot on this list because it was a fan favorite of Shein shoppers. People couldn’t get over how iconic this man looked in that wig he bought and his confidence in posting it for the world to see.

We Could Hardly Spot the Difference Here


We love this guy for making this wig so unisex. He’s really causing quite a bit of a stir with his customer review picture, and we think he’s a rockstar.

This is one of those things that make absolutely zero sense to us. Why on Earth would the people who made this dress go out of their way to totally screw up in the production of it when they put the time into designing it, getting a model to wear it, and so on? That doesn’t make sense to us. You might as well make the thing properly at that point. But then again, if they did that, we wouldn’t have this hilarious review photo.

Maybe It Shrank in the Mail


This is the risk you take whenever you shop online. You never know whether the delivered package will have what you ordered or a different version of it with the proportions all wrong.

These are the kind of mirrors you should buy if you’re trying to build some sort of a fun-house or wacky mirror room within the confines of your own home. But this isn’t the kind of mirror you would purchase if you wanted to see your reflection on it daily. The way these mirrors contort whatever they reflect makes them no good for that – you’ll just end up with wacky makeup!

Imagine Doing Your Makeup With This Thing


It seems as though this woman had to find that out the hard way after she bought these “affordable” items online. And while she didn’t get the mirror she wanted, we all ended up with something much better: this review.

Okay, so there’s quite a funny story behind this photo. Apparently, the original poster of this photo went out of his way to get his girlfriend a pillow of himself that she could use while she was away at college. It didn’t work out as planned. Like, seriously, imagine cuddling with this thing. His girlfriend wouldn’t dream at night as long as this cursed pillow (which looks more like a potato) was nearby.

He Just Wanted a Pillow of His Face for His Girlfriend to Take to College


Nevertheless, this boyfriend made a cute gesture for his girlfriend. And they said romance is dead, right? Well, if this is how romance looks, maybe it is dead.

Okay, so look – we know this is a hair drying cap, and that hair drying caps should be worn on one’s head, and that’s exactly how the woman below wears her hair drying cap, and therefore she is using this product precisely as the designers intended. We know that, yet we still can’t shake the feeling that there has got to be some other kind of use for this product.

When You Buy a Haircare Accessory That Doubles as a Halloween Costume


There is just absolutely no way that this is an actual hair-drying cap. Have you ever seen a hair-drying cap as silly as this one? It looks like something from a low-budget Sci-Fi flick.

We’re not sure what kind of Halloween-related vibe this woman was going for when she bought these earrings for herself. But really, she isn’t the main culprit here – the person who designed these earrings is to blame. Why on Earth did they decapitate dolls and put them on earrings? It feels a little creepy to us. Maybe this customer agreed and was trying to make a statement when she put the earrings through her nose piercings instead.

Ma'am, Those Were Meant to Hang From Your Ears


Or maybe she put them through her nose because she’s dissatisfied with the product. After all, it promised two doll heads with luscious locks, and she got ones with ponytails in their hair.

This might sound controversial, but we can’t even be mad about this one. We were finessed, bamboozled, and tricked, yet we cannot help but take our hats off to the seller. They just fooled us on this one – we were sure this product would be a dinosaur-shaped pillowcase, but it turns out it’s just a regular pillowcase with a kid sleeping on a dinosaur-shaped pillowcase printed on it.

Animal Pillow Case and Child Are Not Sold Separately


Like, this is obviously so, so wrong, but it’s also hilarious. Like, we almost feel ashamed for getting fooled like this. We truly should have known better.

These flower drop earrings are pretty cute if we do say so ourselves. They might be a bit long, but if you love flowers, springtime, and bright colors, they might be perfect for you, which is why online shoppers loved this photo left by someone who bought these earrings. Her aesthetic is quite dark and moody – the total opposite of what people expected from someone interested in this jewelry style.

Not the Customer Base People Were Expecting


We’d expect her to buy flower drop earrings of dark red roses if we had to bet our money on something. Maybe those just haven’t come out yet, and she settled.

You know, if we didn’t know that the dog in the picture on the right is actually wearing the hoodie that the dog on the left is wearing, we would have never been able to guess. It looks like two completely different pieces. And, if the photo on the left didn’t have the price and item details, we would obviously assume the dog on the right is the model.

The One Time Reality Was Better Than Expectations


And that’s because the dog on the right is rocking that sweater in the most natural, chic way we naturally assumed it’s a professional supermodel. This is one of those rare cases of reality turning out better than expectations.

Beauty products nowadays, are we right or are we right? You know, this definitely would’ve fitted a cat if cats wore face masks, but there’s no way this was designed to be used by a human being. We just refuse to believe that. Or maybe it’s meant to be worn by a newborn baby; that’s the only human this facial care mask would fit on. But don’t the producers know this isn’t safe for babies?

She Accidentally Bought the Newborn Baby Size


While this product may be somewhat of a travesty, it made for one hilarious photo. If you end up in a situation like this, there’s really nothing to do about that but laugh.

There are stylish, oversized sunglasses, and then there is this… these are just oversized, not stylish. In fact, they’re so strangely shaped that we think they might be made for minions. But this go-getter decided not to let disappointment consume her and put her newly bought sunglasses to good use. What she did was make one hell of a costume. It looks as though she’s on her way to flying a 1920s plane (with a Hannah Montana lunchbox for good luck).

These Sunglasses Match Perfectly With Her Hannah Montana Lunchbox


We have got to say that we appreciate the fit. If she were to turn up with that outfit to a social gathering of some sort, she would for sure be the life of the party.

We know, we know; we were pretty caught off guard when we saw these for the first time, too. But we promise it’s not what it looks like. These are finger cots or disposable finger covers, as the sellers here call them. Those of us who’ve worked in a kitchen might have recognized them. You see, cooks tend to, unfortunately, injure their fingers. When that happens, they use these things to make sure their injured finger doesn’t get infected.

What? These Are Just Disposable Finger Covers


And yet, many people across the world who know these things still call them a different name. Truth be told, we can’t say that that’s inaccurate. They do have a point.

You know, in modern urban life, which is full of wrongdoers and bad people with evil intentions, you never know when you’ll need a hero to come in and sweep you out of trouble. That’s exactly what this person had in mind when they went ahead and bought these Batman glasses – when things get bad, you know they’re going to summon Gotham’s savior to come and help out.

The Hero Gotham Deserves


Yes, it’s true; in this dark world we live in, full of pain and suffering, sometimes the only thing we need is a hero. This person’s got the right idea.

Hey, look! Grandma’s teeth are fashionable again! Who would have ever thought that a pair of fake teeth would become the pinnacle of alternative fashion? We sure didn’t, but maybe that just means we aren’t fashion-forward enough, which is definitely something we’d be willing to accept about ourselves. If this is all the rage in alternative fashion circles right now, then we truly don’t get it, and that’s okay.

Grandma Was Trying to Make an Extra Buck


The times sure are a’ changin’, aren’t they? Grandma was just trying to make an extra buck selling her dentures online when she accidentally started a new trend.

Feet pics are all the rage nowadays, and many people refuse to post them for free. But not this person. No, they posted a foot photo for everyone on the internet to see for free. And the image has left us pretty speechless. We honestly can’t even tell if the sandals she got match the sandals she bought because all we can focus on are those long toenails.

Yes, Someone Shamelessly Posted This Foot Pic for the World to See


We’ll just say this: it looks like the toenails have outgrown the nail polish, which means it might be time for a pedicure.

Have you ever loved something so much that you just felt like having it around you (or, more specifically, around your neck) at every possible moment? Well, that’s how much this girl loves chicken, specifically fried chicken. She loves it so much that she bought a necklace with a very realistic-looking friend chicken wing hanging from it. Maybe it is real, and this is a new way to snack on the go.

Fried Chicken Necklaces - Perfect for Eating On-The-Go


Whether it’s real or fake, this product is pretty hilarious. If one of our friends were to show up at our house wearing this necklace, we would be overjoyed.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present the world’s smallest chair! Behold! Look at this tiny chair in all its minuscule glory! Truly, there’s nothing in this world quite as exciting as a comically-sized chair, whether it be large or hilariously small. Still, our hearts go out to the poor person who bought this chair, thinking they would get an actual, usable chair. Sorry, not this time. You get the small chair!

The Smallest Chair Ever Made


Like, we’re pretty sure this chair is smaller than a toddler’s finger. It’s that small. Crazy how online shopping works – when a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

The thing about buying things from the internet is that you never truly know what you’ll get – sometimes you order one thing and get something different, other times you get exactly what you asked for (which, as we know from the proverb “be careful what you wish for,” can end up being much worse than what you had imagined). This seems like a case of somebody getting precisely what they wished for.

Ice Age's Very Own Sid


We can’t even say that he seems disappointed or unsatisfied in any shape or form. Just look at this guy rocking his little shades. Good on you, pal, rock those shades.

Look, we love dogs. What we love even more than dogs are dogs in clothes. There truly is nothing cuter in this entire world. We totally stand behind that statement. That being said, these kinds of cutesy dresses made for tiny dogs don’t really fit the bigger canines, do they? Like, it’s not like the bigger dogs can’t wear them, but they always seem to look just a tiny bit off.

Who's a Good Girl?


But that’s probably what makes this reality versus expectations so endearing. That pitbull might be about to pop out of the dress, but it’s an adorable photo.

This is exactly like all those avant-garde and experimental outfits that models in high-end fashion shows wear. Are they pretty? Maybe. Are they interesting? They sure are. Are they wearable on a day-to-day basis? Considering how comfortable both women look, we’re going to assume the answer to that is “yes.” And while they both look fabulous, it’s pretty shocking how different the fit looks on the model versus the buyer.

Yes, Work It!


We hope the buyer was happy with her look despite it being a different vibe than when the model sported it. She is rocking it!

So this wig was tailor-made for all the Manic Pixie Dream Girl aspirers. And this guy, while not exactly fitting the “girl” part of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl description, didn’t care at all and went ahead and bought himself this wig. We have to say, he is totally rocking that wig and his fancy glasses feel like the perfect piece of eyewear to go with the rainbow look.

Our Manic Pixie Dream Guy


While he may not have been the exact person the people who made this wig had in mind, we’re pretty sure this funny review photo will get plenty of others to buy the product.

This has got to be one of the funniest cases of online shopping gone wrong that we have ever seen. This is just like a perfect example of the potential risks of using eBay – you never know who the seller is and what kind of trick they have up their sleeve to make sure that you don’t receive whatever was advertised. And yet, this has got to be one of the most creative yet goofiest scams we’ve ever seen.

When You Order "50 Shades of Grey" on eBay and Expect a Novel


It’s not like the seller even got that much money off of this; how much does a copy of 50 Shades of Grey even cost? Not a lot, we imagine. But we guess it’s still a lot less than printing these shenanigans.

What’s amazing about this picture is the difference between how the cat’s wearing that chicken hat and how the dog’s wearing the exact same hat. The cat seems dignified and royal, as though he were the king of all turkeys. The dog, however, seems as though he totally lost his marbles. He looks like the turkey hat made him go absolutely feral, and we love it.

He's Crazy for Turkey


It’s safe to say that this dog is totally crazy. Crazy for turkey, that is. We wonder how he would react when given an actual piece of turkey. He’d probably burn the house down.

Now, we’re definitely no experts when it comes to time travel, but it’s painfully obvious to even the most uneducated observers that this woman right here has come from the future. There is just no other way we could ever possibly explain that attire of hers. All that’s left is to try and figure out what year she came from. We’re willing to bet that she’s from 2150 AD.

We Didn't Want These Glasses but Now We Do


Well, whether she’s truly from the future or not, what’s certain is that this lady is incredibly fashion-forward. Her sense of style is certainly futuristic, and we respect that.

Hey, listen. Come close for a second; we have a secret to tell you. Not many people will be able to tell, but this guy is actually wearing a wig. Now, keep this between us, alright? We’re sure this person doesn’t have his reputation tarnished by his wig-wearing ways. Alas, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. You can, however, have a Halloween Two Tone Long Curly Wig for only 16 Australian Dollars.

Don't Tell Anyone, But This Guy's Wearing a Wig


Yeah, you read that right – isn’t that a steal? All this could be yours at the low, low price of 16 Australian dollars, which, for all the non-Aussies out there, is approximately 10 USD.

Oh dear lord, those shoes are suffocating those feet. Please, just loosen up those straps just a tiny bit, and if that isn’t possible – you’re probably better of just totally giving up on these shoes altogether. Like, come on. We know some people believe in suffering for fashion, yet there has to be a point where one says: enough is enough. Choking your feet like this is just going overboard.

Those Toes Are Being Suffocated


We’re sure this picture persuaded any interested shoppers to go ahead and give these shoes a miss. They just aren’t worth putting your feet through hell for.

So while we were all busy going about our daily routines, doing unimportant and inconsequential things such as working, eating, breathing, or whatever it was that we were doing, this guy went ahead and got himself a pair of the Thug Life shades as seen in the ubiquitous Thug Life meme. Now, if that’s not dedication, then we don’t know what is. That guy is seriously dedicated to this meme.

He Didn't Choose the Thug Life, the Thug Life Chose Him


The most impressive thing about this is that the Thug Life meme has been dead for quite a while. And yet, this man did not care. He went all in.

You know, you would expect a pink-skirt-wearing dog to be a delightful creature full of joyful whimsy and jovial elegance. But those words could only apply to this dog if you were looking for his antonyms. Seriously, this little pupper is giving off some angry vibes. We’re not sure what made him so mad (it might be the fact that he’s wearing a skirt), but we do not want to mess with him.

The Least Helpful Review of All Time


It’s funny how the smallest dogs are always the craziest. It’s like, the weaker they are physical, the more insane and aggressive they get for absolutely no reason. Dogs are strange.

It’s truly a shame how things that seem to be vivid and colorful and full of life when you check them out while shopping online turn out to be lifeless and drab in real life. What’s even more of a shame is that you always have to pay for them before actually getting the chance to check them out in person. This has made for quite a bit of disappointment over the years.

The Fish Got Moldy by the Time They Arrived


But that’s just one of the ills of online shopping as we know it. Nothing to do about that, really. Besides, you can always return the item to the sender.

This is what the creators of this dog dress had in mind when they spent a really long time designing it, finding the suitable materials for it, finding a good place to make it, and so on and so forth. We wonder what we would’ve thought about this picture were we to pour our blood, sweat, and tears into making this doggy dress. Truth be told, we’d probably like it.

This Dog Is Cooler Than All of Us


But we do understand how the creator of this dress could have seen this picture and felt incredibly troubled. After all, this isn’t what he had in mind at all.

There’s one reason and one reason only why this hat looks quite silly on that dog – it was obviously made for cats. There’s just no getting around that. Sure, that dog seems cute; he truly does, but he should try sticking to his own lane for once. He can’t keep biting off cat culture forever. At some point, he’s going to have to get a personality of his own.

This Is What Triggered the Age Old Feud Between Cats and Dogs


This is yet another horrendous case of cultural appropriation between cats and dogs. We’re beginning to believe that they’ll truly never get along. Pet peace may just be an impossible project.

This man seems capable. He seems more than capable – he’s ready, willing, and able. This is the kind of guy that’ll take care of a task for you. You give him something to do, and he’ll get it done. It’s right there; you can see it on his face. He will go to hell and back to do whatever it is he was meant to do, and he won’t complain about it.

Secret Agent Richards, Reporting for Duty


Now, we have no idea if this man is actually like that, but the sunglasses he’s wearing sure make it seem that way. There’s something about really tiny sunglasses that just gives off that vibe.

This photograph documents the discovery of an ancient breed of dinosaur hitherto unknown – the Puppersorous Rex. Look at him, with his majestic, long neck and his pink scarf going all the way up to his forehead. Truly, this has to be one of the most graceful and delicate species of the ancient, prehistoric world. We are so glad that scientists finally managed to uncover his remains. This is huge for the world of science.

Look, They Discovered A Lost Dinosaur!


Okay, in all seriousness now – this isn’t an ancient dinosaur (obviously); it’s just a dog with a funny little Headrester wrapped around his head. Isn’t he just so adorable, though?

This is just one of those products that we truly, in no shape or form, understand. We don’t get why anyone would make something like this; we do not understand why anyone would purchase something like this; heck, we don’t even get how any online shopping website with an ounce of self-respect would ever let something like this be sold on their domain. Seriously, we just do not get this at all.

People Were Obsessing Over This Person's Pedicure


But just because we don’t get it, that doesn’t mean other people haven’t found this product useful in some way. Well, more power to them, we guess.

Man, this guy thought he was Harry Potter. It turns out that he definitely isn’t Harry Potter – he can’t be Harry Potter if the glasses don’t fit him. How disappointed was he when the glasses he so adored finally arrived in the mail, only for them to be two times larger than his actual face? We can only imagine just how crushed this person was.

A Size (or Three) Too Large


We truly feel for this person. It’s not easy to be so thoroughly disappointed. We should know; our lives have been a long and tiresome journey filled with misery and disappointment.

We’re not sure what kind of demon had possessed the person who designed this when he came up with the idea of a pair of plastic slippers, but what we are sure of is that they have got to hurt. Those pieces of plastic will definitely scrape this poor woman’s feet, so she better prepare for a world of hurt if she’s thinking about walking around town in those things.

Get the Plasters


We’re praying for this woman, and her poor choice of shoes and her even poorer chafed feet. Some day, she’ll find a pair of shoes that’ll treat her right.



Tacky Kitchen Design Mistakes We Should All Keep Away From

Jason Pasos

This article was originally published on WallStoriez

It’s easy to get sucked into some bad design choices when thinking about renovating your kitchen. It’s even easier to go a step too far and cave into tacky or overly trendy designs that might be popular at the moment. But, those things are just that — trendy. They’re only popular for a time before they fade and you’re left with an outdated kitchen. Read on for things to avoid if you want to keep your kitchen modern, functional, and full of style!

Brass handles aren’t chic and they’re definitely not industrial. They actually look outdated in a kitchen and their color usually makes them stand out more than you might want them to. In addition, they become worn over time and it gets really easy to tell where they’ve been touched by people and tarnished. It would be much better to just go with something like stainless steel and call it a day.

Brass Cabinet Handles

Abode Design

It’s just as durable, probably more so actually, and they don’t stick out like a sore thumb. They also don’t look as try hard as those brass handles.

We aren’t sure who thought this would be a good idea and started the trend, but above your stove is not a good place for a microwave. It would constantly be pounded by heat, steam, and grease, while you’re cooking underneath it. This means you’re going to be left cleaning all that stuff up and the heat will eventually wear out some parts of the microwave as time goes by.

A Microwave Above Your Oven

It just makes much more sense for there to be some kind of fan above your stove rather than an expensive kitchen appliance that’s sure to get dirty and break down.

Patterns and colors inherently evoke certain emotions, it’s just a scientific fact. And chevron patterns are commonly used in warning signs. See where we’re going with this one? Ditch the chevron and go with something more timeless and classic, like solid colors. They’ll never become untrendy and you won’t have to worry about replacing them one day, (unless your kitchen just needs a new coat of paint).

Time To Ditch The Chevron

Kristin Lomauro Interior Design

Chevron patterns have also had their heyday and now they just look slightly tacky. You want guests to feel cozy and invited when they enter a space in your home and chevron patterns are like a warning to stay away.

Here’s an easy one: fake fruits and other foods. We’re not sure how this came to be a thing and while fake fruits might not spoil, this trend is long past its prime. Ditch the fake fruit and just go with some good ole fashioned real food if you want to leave something on your counter. It might spoil quicker, but at least it’s genuine and it might even encourage you to eat your fruits and veggies.

Faux Fruit

Fine Web Stores

Also, you won’t have any hungry children accidentally taking a bite out of your real fruits and putting them back in the bowl. The only thing worse than having fake fruit is having fake fruit with bite marks on them.

How do you tell your guests you have a drinking problem without saying that you have a drinking problem? You save and display your empty beer and liquor bottles on a shelf, that’s how. This might’ve been cool when you were younger but now that we’re adults there’s no need to collect empty bottles. Also, all they ever do is sit on a shelf — usually, one that’s high up — and gather dust.

Don't Save Your Empty Bottles

The GoodWineGuru

A much better option would be to recycle those glass bottles you’ve been saving up. That way, you can give back to the environment while still enjoying a drink or two.

We can all remember eating out of our favorite plastic plate when we were children, but there’s a reason parents use plastic plates for children and proper plates for adults. Unless you have kids, you probably should have gotten a basic set of white dishes by now. They’re not even that expensive. You also won’t feel as bad for adding to the plastic pollution plaguing the planet.

Toss The Plastic

attic_trunk_vintage via Instagram

No adult wants to be served dinner on a plate with a superhero printed on it. It might be nostalgic, but it also sends the wrong signal, especially if you have someone over for a dinner date.

Your kitchen is where you prepare your meals, where you interact with family and friends, and where everyone sits down to have a conversation. It isn’t a bar or living room. So, just keep the television out of it. It can be distracting at best and overwhelming at most. Nobody wants to hear the news in the background while they’re trying to have a meaningful conversation, or worse a reality TV show.

TV Really Isn't For A Home Kitchen

Case Design

It’s also just not very practical. If you want an entertainment space, then consider putting a TV outside on a closed-in porch for sports games and gatherings.

We get the appeal of old tin containers. The branding can be nice and better than anything you might find today, but they still don’t belong in the kitchen. They look a tad tacky no matter what they’re being used for and since they don’t have a lid, they can’t really be used for much. Their colors and patterns also usually clash with whatever theme you’ve chosen for your kitchen.

Old Food Containers

Vintage Food Cans via Etsy

If you like to collect old containers, then maybe find another use for them in your garden or hidden away in the pantry. As long as you don’t display them on your kitchen counters.

This one is kind of like the plastic plates post but with a caveat. Paper plates are fine for things like picnics or grilling out with friends, but they absolutely should not be used for dinner every night. We’re not in college anymore. It also gives off the impression that you don’t like doing dishes or simply aren’t responsible enough to clean as you should.

Paper Plates Aren't For Everyday Use

Seals Family Woodworks via Etsy

They’re also not great for the environment so even if you do use them for small get-togethers with close friends, it’s better just to use normal dishes and wash them afterward.

No, not all window valances look tacky or bad, but it can be very hard to find some that don’t look modern or updated. As such, you should probably just stay away from them completely. They’re also not very practical in this day and age as they need to be washed constantly and can catch on fire since they’re made out of fabric. This isn’t something you want in your kitchen, where you’re cooking with heat.

Leave Window Valances In The Past

Updated Home

It’s much better to simply go with some blinds or get your windows tinted if you want shade. You can always open them to let a little sunlight in and the best part is you won’t be stuck washing fabric all the time.

Tumbled marble or marble that’s made to look weathered is okay for things like bathrooms, but not so great for kitchens. It just looks dirty and damaged because that’s the way it’s supposed to look. This rule is especially true for tiles, which can’t even be cleaned well using strong chemicals because you don’t want to damage the grout between in between. It’s just much better to go with something classic like a solid color in this case.

Tumbled Marble Isn't A Great Look

Kitchen and Residential Design

Tumbled marble also looks a bit outdated at this point, much like a similar design item we’ll get to in a bit. You wouldn’t want scuff marks on your kitchen counters, so why intentionally distress marble?

Lace was first invented around the 16th century and that should tell you all you need to know about it. Let the lace rest in the past and keep things like lace curtains out of the kitchen. They’re also really flammable and you don’t want delicate fabric hanging above anywhere you cook food or work with heat. Lace is also difficult to clean, which is made worse by the fact that it catches dust pretty easily.

Lace Anything

Lace as a design concept is just really outdated and it doesn’t belong in a modern kitchen. All it really does is provide decoration, which can be done much more effectively with something useful.

Distressed cabinets were all the rage five to ten years ago but today they just look like a trend that’s overstayed its welcome. Not only that, but they’re also kind of stressful to have around. Did you know that patterns can influence your mood? Well, distressed cabinets just make us anxious. It’s fine for a single piece of furniture somewhere else in your home if you do it tastefully but not for your kitchen cabinets.

Don't Sand Your Cabinets


Think of your cabinets sort of like you would the paint on your walls in the rest of your home. They’re kind of like your kitchen’s foundation and you don’t want your foundation to be a chaotic mess.

Multi-functional kitchens are just a way for contractors to cheap out and agents to upsell a home. There’s absolutely no reason anyone needs a desk in their kitchen. We mean, just think about it. Do you really want to be doing work in a place that is loud and usually has a lot going on? We don’t think so. Ditch the kitchen desk and use that space for something else more useful.

Kitchen Desks

Atkinson Drive

You could expand your countertop space or even have a liquor cabinet. There are just so many possibilities better suited for your kitchen than a desk that you’re never going to use or as an office space.

This is similar to the lace post earlier, but we figured lace doilies deserved their own special spot considering how awful they are. Firstly, they really serve no purpose and if you can think of one then odds are there’s already something out there that could do the job much better. Secondly, you don’t want your kitchen to look like your grandmother’s house, so just keep the recipes and ditch the doilies.


Romantiques Vintage via Etsy

They do nothing but make a space feel more cluttered and “old fashioned”. If you need to guard your furniture or countertops then just use a coaster or something.

As far as offenders on this list go, this one isn’t that bad but it still must be said. If you haven’t updated your kitchen in a decade and it’s unpainted then odds are it looks a bit dated. Wood styles go in and out of fashion every decade or so, which means the wood your cabinets are made out of and the stain that was used are probably in need of a fresh coat of paint.

Old Wooden Cabinets

Oasis Homes on Pinterest

You could also refinish the entire kitchen again but this is expensive and results might vary depending on the type of wood. It’s much cheaper and easier to just give those cabinets a fresh coat of paint, in a neutral color of course.

This style of decor is often called vino-themed decor, which literally means relating to wine, especially cheap wine. And that’s exactly what this looks like in your kitchen. It’s kind of similar to the empty bottles you’ve been saving up on your shelf. It just makes you seem like a person with a drinking problem who has a glass or two every evening while wasting away on the couch. This is fine, but you don’t want everyone to know.

Wine-Themed Decorations

WallPressions via Amazon

There’s also really no reason to have giant letters in any form on your wall, whether that be a sticker or a frame with text, but we’ll get more into that soon.

All white appliances might seem like a good idea in theory but they’re extremely hard to keep clean and they look like they’re straight out of the 1990s. They also usually look really cheap. Actually, their biggest downside is that they’re just so hard to keep clean. Every little spill or speck of dirt is going to show and the stains will only get harder and harder to get off over time.

All White Appliances

Wendell Franks

Give your kitchen an update and opt for stainless steel the next time you’re out shopping for a new fridge or stove. It’ll look more modern and it’ll stay much cleaner.

Yes, we’re talking about fluorescent lights here and we would say that the only place they belong is in an office, but they’re really not even welcome there. The harsh lighting will make your kitchen and everything in it look unflattering, which is the last thing you want in a space like that. So, do yourself and your kitchen a favor and upgrade the lighting before that next dinner party.

Office Lights

Via Reddit by u/CrazyCatLadyJeeper

It’s really not that expensive to update the lighting in your kitchen, and if you’re replacing a fluorescent light then the change is well worth it and it’ll work wonders.

Linoleum is a heat-resistant material that used to be used for surfaces like tables and tiles. However, it’s probably one of the worst-looking materials out there and it just feels downright cheap today. This is especially true if you have linoleum tiles. It basically feels like you’re walking on a thin rubber mat someone laid down on top of your concrete slab. Not only that, but they tend to quickly come apart after a little bit of water damage.

Get Rid Of The Linoleum

Stacey Brandford

If you like your linoleum’s pattern then odds are that you can find a similar pattern in actual tile, or better yet, just opt for hardwood floors. They can easily be refinished and will last a lifetime.

When you’re deciding on a general style to remodel your kitchen you usually want to stay away from using a pattern. They can quickly become outdated or even tacky. However, using more than one pattern in your kitchen is definitely something you want to stay away from no matter what. It can make your kitchen look like a confusing mess and just adds to any clutter that is already there.

More Than One Pattern

Kitchen Exchange

It’s usually a much better option to just go with a couple of solid colors that match instead of trying to reinvent the wheel and come up with your own set of patterns that fit together.

Unless you live in a giant mansion, odds are you only need at most one chandelier to light your kitchen. And even if you do live in a mansion, you probably still only need one larger chandelier. They’re already going to add a lot of glam to just about any kitchen so you want to keep your use of them to a minimum. This is truer the smaller your kitchen is.

Don't Overdo The Chandeliers

Decor Pad

In addition, they’re just really hard to clean. Unless you’re taking them down to clean regularly or dusting them constantly, they can be a bit of a hassle compared to other options.

Let’s be honest, unless you’re a professional cook with a professional-grade kitchen, there’s really no need for you to hang your pots and pans. They can make a space feel more cluttered than it actually is and if your food isn’t to the same standard as a professional cook, they can make your design choice look pretentious. It’s best to store those pots and pans in the cabinet where they belong.

Hanging Pots

Natalie Jeffcott

This is all without mentioning any grease or stains that might be clinging to your pots, which can make them unsavory when displayed right there for anyone to see when they walk into your kitchen.

It might seem like a good idea to mix and match your dining room chairs, and there’s really nothing wrong with it if everything is a similar style that’s comfortable. However, if the chairs are a bit too quirky or uncomfortable, they really just become decoration pieces. No guest wants to have dinner while sitting in uncomfortable chairs. This is even worse if all of the chairs are vastly different and everyone is sitting at different eye levels.

Lose The Weird Chairs

Interiors Online

So, you generally want your chairs to match and if they don’t, at least make sure they’re a similar color and style. It’s kind of as if you were matching clothes.

We’ve already covered different patterns, now we’ll talk about different color paints. Basically, the same thing applies. Don’t use nine different paint colors in your kitchen. It looks tacky and cluttered and odds are whoever lives in your home after you are going to want to change things around. We’ve also discussed how colors and patterns can affect the way people feel and the same thing applies here. We don’t want to make guests have anxiety.

Match Your Paint

Ande Bunbury

You generally want to stick with a couple of colors and make sure that those colors are neutral. If you do this, your look will be timeless and you might never have to remodel again.

These might look cute in that home decor magazine, but there’s really no reason for them. Room signs just take up space and make people wonder why they’re being told they’re in a kitchen when they can clearly see the sink and stove right in front of them. We get it, they kind of make you feel like you’re in an industrial restaurant or a farmhouse, but the truth is you’re probably not.

Descriptive Signs

2TreesStudios via Etsy

So, ditch the room signs and either put something more useful there or just leave some blank wall space. It’ll draw people’s eyes to more impressive parts of your kitchen.

Yes, this is the one that’s been shoved in just about every McMansion built over the last 10 years. Tuscan-style kitchens are exactly what they sound like: kitchens modeled off those in Tuscany. However, odds are you’re probably not in Tuscany. So, stick with something a bit closer to home and get rid of the faux Tuscan style completely. They’re just as tacky as the McMansions that they’re so often thrown in.

Tuscan Style Kitchens


They’re also way overpriced. For the cost it would probably take to build or remodel in a Tuscan style, you could probably get something much nicer and more durable.

We’re not really sure what the point of short backsplashes is other than to just save money. It’s not like the spot above the short backsplash is never going to get dirty or need cleaning. If you’re going to get a backsplash you might as well get an actual backsplash and ditch the concept of one that looks halfway done altogether. It’ll look better and it’ll also increase your home’s value.

Half-Done Backsplashes


The last thing you want in your house is something that makes it look like you or someone else cut corners when remodeling or building, which is what a short backsplash makes it look like.

Industrial kitchens might seem tempting; they are after all somewhat modern looking. However, they’re also a bit pretentious. Unless you’re constantly having 20 people over for dinner or feeding the entire neighborhood there’s no need for large appliances and enough stainless steel to build a small ship. On top of all that, industrial-style chairs are usually pretty uncomfortable and the last thing you want in your kitchen is something that follows form over function.

Industrial Kitchens


So, ditch the hanging pots, steel barstools, and island that looks like it came out of an industrial factory and go with something a bit more inviting.

Don’t get us wrong, a plant or two in the kitchen can be nice. It can liven up a space and add to the warmth, but too many and you risk looking like a crazy cat lady, but with plants. Don’t overdo it with the ferns and keep most of them in the garden or on the porch where they belong. There are plenty of other options out there that do the same.

Too Many Ferns

Gardening Etc.

Also, they can just sit there gathering dust and any falling leaves are going to make it seem more like you are outside than actually in a kitchen, which nobody wants.

Sliding doors, or barn doors as they’re often called, are inspired by those found on some farms. They’re different from pocket doors in that they don’t actually slide into a wall but along the outside of it. However, most houses aren’t situated on a farm, which makes these doors look really out of place in most homes. It’s the same principle as the Tuscan-style kitchens we looked at earlier. Only do as the Romans when in Rome.

Sliding Doors

Decoist via Pinterest

Having barn doors in your kitchen only makes it look like you wished you were off on a farm somewhere raising cattle or sowing crops. Just go with a regular door for all your pantry needs.

This one is similar to the tumbled marble, only its travertine. However, the principle complaint here remains the same. They just look dirty and they make your kitchen look like it’s straight out of the 2000s. While we love that era, it doesn’t mean your kitchen has to take design cues from it. These types of tiles are also pretty good at soaking up water, meaning bacteria can more easily hide in them.

Travertine Tiles


They also really remind us of the tiles you might see at a beach resort and you don’t want your kitchen to look like that unless you actually live in a beach house.

No, we’re not saying you shouldn’t own too many appliances. All we’re saying is they don’t belong on your counters 24/7. It makes everything look more cluttered and if you’re like us, then you’re probably not using all of those appliances enough to justify keeping them out. It doesn’t take long to put them away after you wash dishes or finish cleaning the kitchen.

Too Many Appliances

Home Depot

It’s fine if you want to leave one or two out, but try not to pack and store as much as you can. This is especially true if the appliances don’t necessarily match.

This one probably goes without saying but figurines don’t belong in the kitchen. They really don’t belong anywhere but especially not in the kitchen. They’re pretty much the equivalent of garden gnomes. They just sit there and don’t really do anything but make your space look tacky. If someone gave you one and you don’t want to be rude, you can just keep it in the cabinet and pull it out anytime they come over to visit.

Kitchen Figurines

Marcel Home Decor

Otherwise, just get rid of them immediately. Imagine how nice that space will look when it’s clean and uncluttered without a figurine of a small chef or cat or bird.

This one is sure to ruffle some feathers, but mason jars don’t belong in your kitchen as decorations. With that said, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using them for their intended purpose, which is to can food. They even make good cups. However, that doesn’t mean you need to go using them for everything from storing flour to hanging lights. They just make your kitchen look tacky when everywhere you look there’s a mason jar being used for a different purpose.

Using Mason Jars As Decorations

The Nitzsch Shop via Etsy

So, keep those jars for canning and get rid of the ones that are just sitting there holding flowers, and most importantly, don’t use them in your light fixture.

Okay, we know. With all of the countertop surfaces, we’re telling you to stay away from you might be wondering what kind of countertop you should be looking at. They’re out there, we promise. However, speckled granite is not one of them. It’s outdated and worst of all they look dirty and tend to hide stains. This means that you’re likely to miss a spot when cleaning and nobody wants that.

Speckled Granite


If you happen to have fake speckled granite then that’s even worse. Not only is it outdated, but it’s also not as durable and it also looks pretty fake if you look at it for more than two seconds.

Actually, while we’re on the topic, just stay far, far away from tiled countertops as well. They make your kitchen look like a bathroom and that’s the last thing you want this part of your home to remind people of. There are plenty of options out there that look much better and also do a better job of keeping your kitchen clean. The grout between the tiles is not the best for cleaning.

Tiled Counters


It can become easily worn away and provides refuge for bacteria if you don’t scrub really hard, which in turn harms the grout. So, go with granite or hardwood instead.

Let’s be honest. Nobody really likes having open shelves. The stuff on them gets dusty quickly and it’s hard to properly clean unless you take everything down and clean it by hand after dusting. In addition, they usually don’t hold anything of importance. There’s no real need to display all of that stuff you own on a shelf so everyone can see it. It’s the same principle as storing away all of your appliances.

Open Shelves

Jan Baldwin

If you do happen to have open shelves taking up a lot of space, then consider just adding more cabinets. You can never have enough cabinet space and you won’t have to wash every time you’re getting ready to prepare a meal.

This is where the descriptive sign and barn door posts meet. Farm-style signs are a little bit of both and as such, they have the same drawbacks. You’re not running a farmer’s market or milking cows out back so why would you put a farm-style sign in your kitchen? It might seem like a nice addition now, but it’s likely just a trend and you’re probably going to find yourself replacing it when you remodel your kitchen.

Produce Or Farm Signs

Refresh Restyle

Again, just leave that space empty. An uncluttered space is a clean space. If you want you can put seasonal decor or something similar where that farm sign used to hang.

Remember when we said you probably shouldn’t get all-white kitchen appliances earlier? Well, you shouldn’t get brightly colored fridges either. If the color palette of your kitchen isn’t exactly right then it’s just going to look off. Even if it is right, then it’s really just going to draw too much attention to a singular spot in your kitchen and your fridge is usually not where you want the attention to go.

Brightly Colored Fridges

House to Home UK

Just stick with the stainless steel and leave the retro-inspired fridges for people that like to be “edgy”. Of course, the same goes for other large appliances like stoves and microwaves.



Beggars That Deserve Absolutely No Sympathy

Jonathan Dunlap

This article was originally published on Buzzerilla

It’s often said that beggars can’t be choosers. Well, whoever said that definitely hasn’t met these people right here. The world is absolutely full of people with irrational demands that refuse to take no for an answer. Truly, these people walk the thin line between tenacious and insufferable, between courageous and straight-up silly. Scroll on down to see some of the internet’s pickiest beggars, and they range from the hilarious to the downright infuriating!

Some people just have an insane amount of courage; it’s like the concept of social anxiety doesn’t affect them at all. This guy, for instance, has got to be one of those people who fears no man. He approached the person offering him a free dishwasher on Craigslist and, instead of taking it, asked him if he could have anything else to make it “worth [his] time”. Now, if that isn’t gutsy, we don’t know what is.

This Guy's Got Guts, We'll Give Him That

It’s incredible just how little people care for the people giving them gifts. Like, come on, a little bit of appreciation and respect wouldn’t kill you, would it? (Spoiler alert: it won’t.)

There’s nothing like getting called out for doing (or in this case, being) the exact same thing you accuse other people of. Yeah, in layman’s terms, we like to call that: karma. And there’s nothing in this world quite as satisfying as seeing somebody getting his or her just desserts. So when this young lady went ahead and called someone broke, somebody else went ahead and called her out for being the exact same thing.

Pulled Out the Old Uno Reverse Card


It’s safe to say that this lady just got roasted. There’s no getting back from this one.

You know what they say – power gets into people’s heads. That much is often true, but this isn’t even what happened here. It’s not that this lady’s power corrupted her; it’s the fact that she was close to somebody that actually deserves special treatment that made her feel entitled. Now, that’s a first – feeling entitled due to your proximity to someone. This girl’s changing the entire game. A true trendsetter.

But What Has She Actually Done to Deserve Special Treatment?

We love how she just states that millitary spouses deserve free drinks as if it were common sense. Well, news flash: they don’t. And even if they do – you probably don’t, going by that attitude.

Well, you can’t fault a person for trying. Even if their aspirations were totally delusional and in no way grounded in reality. Now, you may call this person crazy for trying to buy a $1,000 computer for a grand total of $25, but that would be the hater thing to do. We, for one, think that this guy’s a dreamer. A person who isn’t scared to try to achieve the impossible, and we applaud him for it.

He Shot His Shot

That’s right, this is a person who isn’t afraid to overcome the odds; to look the dire circumstances in the face and change reality. This person should totally run for president.

You know, if there ever was a definitive case supporting the existence of expensive pet groomers, this would be it. Whoever wrote this definitely took their time in making sure the time and effort that go into being a pet groomer were being conveyed. We cannot think of any way to refute this list, and that just shows how right it is. We’re not sure what prompted somebody to write this thing, but we’re pretty sure it wasn’t good.

All Fair Points

The greatest thing about this list is how the points get progressively worse. Like, that number one point really drove the whole argument home. Nobody wants to get pooped on. That’s just a fact of life.

What’s most impressive about this little exchange going on right here is that this person started off by asking if he could get a free ride on the other person’s Netflix or Hulu, and when he or she pretty much got the go-ahead to use the Hulu, they went ahead and tried to shame the other person into getting Netflix instead. Like, why not just ask for Netflix in the first place, then?

Mastering the Art of Freeloading

We’re just happy that the person who was getting pretty much harassed managed to hit back with that cigarette comment. Ouch. We know who we think won this little exchange.

Seriously, all jokes aside, complaining about getting free stuff or the quality of the free thing you just received, is definitely the highway to misery. If there’s one thing that can guarantee an unhappy life, it’s not knowing how to appreciate the things you have, and not knowing how to appreciate the things you were gifted is an extreme case of just that. Be like Terry, guys!

Who Complains About Free Stuff?

To make things worse, it’s not like people were complaining about random free stuff. This is a free beer we’re talking about. Again: free beer! Who on Earth complains about free beer?

You know, whoever wrote this post is making a few really, really good points. We’re not quite sure why people are so trigger-happy when it comes to giving away their hard work and time and efforts for free, but with the right marketing, that’s exactly what people do. So, can we all agree that we’ll stop slaving away for companies trying to rebrand their commercial needs into competitions in hope of getting people to work for them for free?

The Greatest Heist of the Century


Ok, great. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we can all focus on actually getting these companies to pay us money for our hard work. Work smarter, not harder, folks!

Now, you may think that the seller’s being a bit harsh, but we really don’t blame him. Like, how is he supposed to react? Is he just supposed to sit there and get shamed for selling his belongings for a fair price instead of giving them away to a random stranger for free? Yeah, he shouldn’t take that kind of behavior lying down. That way, maybe the other person will think twice before trying to pull this stunt on someone else.

You Can Smell the Entitledness

Besides, the seller was being very respectful until the buyer tried to pull out the guilt card. Yeah, that backfired pretty heavily.

You know, we’re not too sure about this one. Sure, he could probably get a job like the rest of us, but you can’t fault the guy for hustling his butt off. Like, if he figured out a way to get a decent amount of cash out of begging, then maybe, just maybe, he deserves it. Then again, maybe not. We’re not sure; this is a tough one to call.

Occupation: Unemployed

This guy might just have perfected the art of begging. If that’s so, who are we to deny a man from perfecting his craft? A real head-scratcher this one is.

Uh oh, looks like somebody here’s in dire trouble. This looks like a job for PS4 Pro Man – the superhero with special PS4 Pro powers! It’s a shame that superheroes aren’t really and that PS4 Pro man is especially not real. Looks like this guy’s going to have to make do without his PS4 Pro. The world is truly cruel beyond comprehension. We’ll pray for him.

He Really Needs Our Help


That commenter basically summed up our attitude toward the original poster. There are, after all, people in this world who actually need help. Besides, we bet he’d probably get bored of that PS4 in no time.

You know, it’s often said that you get what you pay for; that when a deal seems too good to be true, it often really is too good to be true. So this just goes to show you that good work often comes with a price. Sure, you could cheap out, or even try to get somebody to do your bidding for free, but you’ll probably end up with something like this.

You Get What You Pay For

On a completely unrelated note, is it just us, or is that drawing actually kind of endearing? Like, sure. It’s definitely “bad”, but there’s something charming about it. Like something a kid would draw.

If there’s one thing you probably shouldn’t do when trying to haggle is set your price, have the other party agree to it, and then try to lowball them at the last second. That’s just disrespectful, in a way, and we definitely don’t blame the seller for raising the price after the buyer tried to pull that stunt on him. Looks like someone here is going to have to pay $100.

A Great Way to Ruin A Good Thing

Now what this guy paid in an extra $10, he actually earned back as a valuable life lesson: there’s a fine line between haggling and being disrespectful, and that line shouldn’t be crossed.

Anybody who has ever loaned a sizable amount of cash to a fiscally untrustworthy friend knows the pain of this guy right here. Sometimes, friends and business have no place being together. It’s sad, but even some of the deepest bonds can erode when money comes into the equation. Trust us, some people are just better left to deal with their money issues on their own. Your wallet will thank you for it.

Friends and Business Don't Mix

But this is definitely also a cultural thing. In some places, asking friends to pay money for your services is a huge no-no. In other places, it’s only natural.

Oh, this is so classic Mark. Wait, we mean Sheldon. Sorry for blowing your cover, Mark! Anyways, it seems like Mark used every trick known to man to get that price down. First, he pleaded with the seller’s social and communal self by trying to build a rapport between the two Sheldons. Then, he tried to gaslight Sheldon with a bit of dodgy and shady arithmetic. Both attempts didn’t quite hit the Mark. Get it?

He Used Every Trick in the Book

Looks like Mark is in his Gatekeep and Gaslight era. We’re willing to bet he had a few more aces up his sleeve. He really seems adamant about getting that razer blade.

You know the world is pretty messed up when people start thinking they deserve things for calling ambulances for people going through medical emergencies. Like, isn’t the fact that you saved a life enough for you? Do you really need any further compensation for you to actually do the right thing? It’s not like this is some minor case of being ethical; we’re talking about peoples’ lives here.

Some Things Shoudn't Need A Reward

Alas, if free coffee is going to be the thing that’ll make people actually call ambulances for other people, then let there be free coffee. It’s crazy that this guy asked for further compensation, though.

A lot of companies have that weird policy where if you prove that you found a better deal, they’ll match the price. This business, however, doesn’t seem to be one of those companies. This makes sense to us – like, if you found a better deal somewhere else, why not just go to that place instead? Unless there’s some sort of catch to that better deal you found, right?

Gotta Teach Them the Hard Way

After all, sometimes a premium price serves as an assurance of quality – you know you’re getting something good. That’s definitely something hard to come by in cheap online sales.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to this poor person who unfortunately passed away in a tragic motor vehcvehicleident. Perhaps if this artist would have agreed to draw him for free, such an unfortunate turn of events would have neveneverurred. Okay, seriously now. This is actually so outlandish and weird that it’s funny. We appreciate this guy even trying to pull off this kind of lie. Good effort, son.

Truly Tragic

It’s a shame we don’t get to see what the artist had to say for himself. He or she should definitely feel bad. This could have all been avoided.

There’s nothing wrong with setting a few clear boundaries, even if those boundaries primarily revolve around mayo. That being said, this resume has the vibe of one of those fake doctor’s notes that kids try to forge in order to get out of class or something like that. It’s just so… sloppy. Like, come on, at least put a tiny bit of effort into making yourself seem presentable.

The No Mayonnaise Rule Is Wild

The craziest thing bout this photo is that the original poster said that he receives these kinds of resumes all the time. That, to us, is astonishing. We can hardly believe it.

If there’s one skill as old as time itself, it’s the age-old skill of trying to persuade other people into doing your bidding. Manipulative? Sure, but that’s tradition for you. We can’t blame this person for taking part in the long-standing tradition of trying to have other people bend to your will using the power of words. They even tried to make the other party feel guilty for holding their own.

The Art of Persuasiveness

So manipulators and gaslighters of the world, take note: this is how you do it. Now, sure, this person didn’t succeed in keeping the headphones, but that doesn’t mean there’s any fault in the method.

Okay, so it looks like somebody is going to need a brief lesson in economics. You see, the thing about money is, is that the more of it that you offer, the more your offer becomes appealing. So, if you’re offering somebody less than what somebody else is offering them, your chances of getting whatever it is you want to buy stoop quite a bit. Sorry, that’s just the way the world works.

” alt=”Not Sure He Gets How Money Works” data-img-lazy=”” data-src=”” />

Besides, what was this guy expecting the seller to do? Go to the guy who he sold it to and ask nicely for his car back? Yeah, fat chance. Go get your car somewhere else.

Oof. That’s harsh. The thing about proposing adult favors in exchange for discounts or anything else really, is that you’ve always got to be ready to be violently rejected and be left to wallow in your own shame. But, if it works, then you’ve just made history. That’s the trade-off that only the bravest and most Freudian of us could ever dare face. Hats off to the ones with no standards – you’re doing God’s (or actually the Devil’s) work.

Rated R for Rejected

Now, while we could definitely shame this person for trying to get a discount in a trashy way, we applaud them for it. You know what they say – can’t have Yin without the Yang.

We’re not sure what it is about becoming a boss that corrupts a person’s soul completely up to the point where they expect their workers to work for them for free, as if working were some kind of hobby and privilege they are supposed to cherish. Surprise, surprise, we actually have hobbies that aren’t related to customer service. Somebody should definitely forward that to all the entitled bosses in the world.

Just Once We Wish Bosses Were Normal People

Seriously what has gotten into bosses these days? They’re acting as though they’re doing us a favor by making us work, and then they have the guts to call their workers entitled! Crazy stuff!

Uh oh. Now, we’re no experts, but it looks like there’s a healthy (or unhealthy) dose of family drama taking place right here. In fact, this might even signal a breakup of sorts. Ouch. Definitely wouldn’t want to be any one of these two people right here. Trust us, we’ve got enough of our own drama to deal with. It’s funny just how entertaining other peoples’ drama can be.

Did Someone Say Broken Family?

When if the same thing would have happened to us, we probably would definitely not have enjoyed it. Not even one bit; not one tiny shred of enjoyment would be had.

Well, he is going through a “Financial situation.” Maybe he should sell him a car for 20 bucks. Yeah, as if. We have no idea what kind of demon-possessed the guy trying to be the car. Like, did he actually think he could buy a whole car for twenty dollars? Like, dude. That would maybe be enough for a nice remote-controlled toy car. A real car, though? Fat chance.

Deal of the Century Right Here


And yet, this guy went for it. There’s a fine line between a lack of dignity and a healthy dose of bravery. We’re not quite sure which side of that line this guy’s on.

We love how, at the beginning of this interaction, this person was all polite and friendly, and the second that his insane request was denied – and seriously, why on Earth would anyone accept that crazy offer? – they just started getting all apprehensive and mean. Looks like someone’s true colors were revealed. Guess it’s true what they say – looks can be deceiving, and you never know who a person truly is.

0 to A 100 Real Quick

Besides, why didn’t they just ask their dad in the first place? It would have saved them this unpleasant interaction. Some things we’ll never understand. This is one of those things.

This is why people don’t trust each other these days. Like, why would somebody take advantage of other people like that? It’s not like they were stealing from a faceless, multi-million-dollar company. They just went ahead and screwed over a small business. It’s moments like this that we thank our lucky stars that social media was invented.

They Just Didn't Pay

The original poster said it best: “I believed that the decent people didn’t exchange their human dignity for £46.” Ouch. That’s a great way to put it.

You know what? Out of all the outlandish and, frankly, downright disrespectful offers made by buyers to sellers in this article, we have to say that this offer right here is an exception. This is truly a steal: one grand and a baby crocodile? Now that just seems like a dream offer to us. We can only hope that the seller had the right sense to agree to such a generous proposal.

This Is Actually an Amazing Deal

Now you might be thinking to yourself: what on Earth is a guy supposed to do with a baby crocodile? To that we say – what could he not do with a baby crocodile?

We aren’t quite sure why this person thought she could find a babysitter who would agree to watch her kids for free, but we do know that she is in dire need of a firm and unforgiving reality check. Like, seriously – we know you love your kids and you think that every moment with them is worth savoring, but that’s just you. To the rest of us, they’re just kids.

A Reality Check Is Due

No matter how cute they are; watching over kids is hard work. Hard work that should be rewarded with cold, hard cash. Or credit. Whatever works.

Oh man, it looks as if somebody fell right into that one. Like, he set up that trap in advance, and she just fell for it. Just like that. No questions asked; like lambs to the slaughter. It will definitely be hard to recover (mentally, that is) from a roast of this caliber. But maybe recovery shouldn’t be at the top of her priorities right now. Getting a job comes first.

Got 'Em

The only thing we regret is that we didn’t get to see how she reacted. We’re pretty sure she didn’t take this one well. No Stoic reactions are to be had here.

Yeah, this is totally the seller’s fault. He really shouldn’t go around harassing people and requesting offers for items he doesn’t even own anymore. He should definitely learn from this misake of his, so that he doesn’t go around bothering other people. This is truly an opportunity for him to grow. We’re so glad that the buyer called him out on his bullcrap. He’s such a good guy.

His Bad

Okay, seriously now. We love how the buyer just wouldn’t accept no for an answer, and then when he finally had to face reality, he just totally blamed it on the other guy. Nice!

Man, this guy is taking begging to the next level. He isn’t concerned with any amount of small change.  That’s right, keep those one-dollar bills in your wallet; this guy won’t need them. Truth be told, we believe that. Like, look at his outfit; he’s rocking those famous New Balance shoes that go for way more than they should (sorry to anyone who owns those). Yeah, he’s doing fine.

White Collar Begging

We’re not sure what kind of circumstances fell upon this guy that he had to resort to begging, but someone should probably show him how it’s done. He obviously isn’t trained to do this.

We refuse to believe that there would be any other reason to do what this guy did other than to just try to fight someone. Like, who on Earth would commit that hard to an offer he made to a disinterested stranger? Like, come on, man. Read the room. There’s no way you just drove all the way there and expected him to just sell you the iPhone, did you?

This Guy Was Just Finding an Excuse to Fight

Or maybe this guy is just extremely delusional when it comes to buying second-hand items. Maybe that’s the one blind spot in his otherwise perfectly rational mind. We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that’s the case.

You know, when you tell people that you’re “desperate” for something, that usually means you lower your standards quite a bit to fulfill those needs you are presumably desperate to fulfill. Otherwise, you aren’t really desperate. You just want things for free. Now, there’s nothing wrong with wanting free stuff, especially free furniture, but maybe you could have reworded this post just a bit to come off as a bit more genuine.

Not That Desperate After All

We also love how this person, probably without realizing they were doing so, insulted the taste of the other person, who was trying to give them free stuff. Yikes, A bit of tact wouldn’t kill you.

It’s so telling that one of these parties is so polite and friendly, while the other’s making irrational demands and trying to shame the other for not complying with their whims. Like, you can just totally see which one of these two people is a likable person and which one just comes off as insufferable. Not that we’re judging; maybe they were in a bad spot, but this is a bad look for them.

Come On, Don't Involve the Kids...

We hope the kids truly did have a glorious Christmas. They shouldn’t suffer just because their parent is a bit of a bossy manipulator. They should get nice presents regardless.

Someone here was feeling himself just a little bit too much, and someone else decided that they were going to take it upon themselves to personally humble them, and for that we thank them. There’s nothing like seeing arrogant people get the treatment they so rightly deserve – the cold shoulder. It’s not even like the artist was even trying to be mean – he or she was just simply being unapologetically honest


Like, it’s not like they said something bad about them, it’s just that they stated the unfortunate truth about the status of this person’s supposedly famous brand. Looks like someone’s going to have to do a little marketing campaign to get the word out.

You know what they say – a true friend is somebody who will totally behave in a fiscally irresponsible fashion even though he himself is probably going through financial hardship just to clean up after your mess. And if your friends won’t do that for you, should totally guilt them into doing that by telling them that they’re horrible friends. That will definitely work and will also definitely not make you a bad person at all.

Real Friends Will Go Bankrupt for You

It’s the other way around, really – a true friend would never expect his mate to cober him financially when he himself isn’t doing well. True friends understand each other.

Someone should totally tell this person right here that to make your offer more appealing, you have to gradually raise your offer, not lower it. And yes, that last offer is also definitely a case of lowering the total value of the offer. So while this definitely isn’t a good way to buy yourself something, it might actually be a funny wayfunet a date, if you play your cards right.

The Price Is (Not) Right

Will this work on everyone? No way. Not in a million years. But it is funny enough to potentially convince some gullible person into going on a date with you. Happy hunting!

You know, it’s funny when people get all preachy and hyper-ethical about other peoples’ lives, especially when they zero in on such luxury items as iPhones. Like, who’s to say who does or doesn’t deserve an iPhone? Also, if you’re trying to make a grand point about rich people having it easy and not deserving their earnings, you should probably make that point about something a bit less luxurious than iPhone.

So Who Does Deserve IPhones?

Like, if you aren’t doing great financially, why get an iPhone? Why not get one of the hundreds of perfectly functional smartphones on the market that cost much less?

Sheesh. Looks like somebody’s gotten everything in life handed to them on a silver platter (and delivered right to their doorstep). As if getting a free game wasn’t a good enough reason to get in your car and make a short drive to wherever it is you’re supposed to pick it up from, this guy tried to get out of paying gas money. Or perhaps, it wasn’t about the money at all and he was just being lazy.

Say You're Spoiled Without Telling Us You're Spoiled

That might have been the case too. Guess we’ll never know, though, since this guy didn’t pick up his free game, and someone else who wasn’t a total goofy went ahead and seized the opportunity.



Unique Photos That Show How Unpredictable Genetics Can Be

Kelly Vandan

This article was originally published on RightLivin

Everyone is given their very own set of genetics at birth that determines how they look. Besides external surgeries, there usually isn’t too much that can be done to change your genetics. Some people are born with a very unique set of genes that causes them to stand out from everyone else around them. Whether you see your differences as a blessing or a curse, you’re sure to appreciate this list of stunning genetic rarities that show you how surprising your genes can be.

Have you ever heard of Poliosis? It is also known as poliosis circumscripta and it is a unique genetic condition that causes a prominent white streak in the hair (which is normally a different, darker color). This mother passed down her unique genetic condition to her child, as you can see in this picture. They are both rocking dark brownish black hair with a bright white streak in the middle.

Poliosis Runs in the Family


It’s hard not to think of Cruella Deville from 101 Dalmations when you see this hair color. But it is a shame that this hair was pinned on a villain- It is both unique and beautiful!

Everyone knows the common phrase “the eyes are the windows of the soul”. Imagine being told by a doctor that you have the “weirdest eyes he has ever seen”. This was exactly the case for this woman who has this remarkable sunflower and web-like design on her eyes. Not only are her eyes a very unique color (it’s not every day that you see yellow-tinted eyes), but they are also a very unique design.

The Sunflower Eye


This just goes to show that there is no limit to the uniqueness of people out there. Just when you thought there were only a few eye colors, you are presented with this.

In case you ever doubted that each and every person is incredibly unique, here is the proof. This man was born with both vitiligo and heterochromia. Vitiligo is a condition where white patches develop all over the skin due to a lack of melanin, the skin pigment. Heterochromia means that one person has two different colored eyes. This man has a combination of white patches on his skin and brown and blue eyes.

Vitiligo And Heterochromia Together


He truly has one of the most unique looks in the world. If you met him once, you most likely won’t be forgetting this face anytime soon. He is very easily recognizable.

There is only a 1 in 1000 chance that someone will be born with a bifid thumb, also known as pre-axial polydactyly. This man could not have been more shocked to get a delivery from an Uber delivery guy and see, as he handed over the bag, that they had the exact same condition. The likelihood of this is so rare that it must have been a pretty exciting moment.

He Met His Bifid Thumb Twin


Although the chances are technically 1 in 1000, it seems like they would be much less, taking everything into consideration, especially when you think of all the people who had surgery already to fix it.

Although she is not the only one with heterochromia, this rare condition will not cease to surprise and make us gasp with disbelief. Just as everyone loves a husky with heterochromia, who wouldn’t love and appreciate a person with it? This woman’s eye color already seems quite rare, and then add in that her eyes are two different shades of the same color and you are in for a true genetic wonder.

A Face With Heterochromia

Both of her eyes individually almost look unreal with their coloring. The left eye is almost a reddish brown while the right eye is a greenish yellow. The combination is stunning.

Big eyes are generally considered a good thing as they are often a sign of beauty. This young girl was born with extremely big eyes as a result of Axenfeld-Rieger Syndrome. According to her parents, people are eager to compliment her in public and they never know quite how to respond. Should they tell the admirers that it is actually a defect or should they just embrace the constant influx of compliments for their daughter?

The Big Eyes of Axenfeld-Rieger Syndrome


This condition is extremely rare and all her parents want is for their daughter to grow up knowing how beautiful she is, despite her defect.

Vitiligo is much more common than people would think. This disease causes white patches of skin across the body due to a lack of melanin, the skin pigment. As can be seen on this man’s face, only parts of the skin are lacking melanin, leaving him with a unique patchwork look. Sometimes the color of the hair is also affected as can be seen by the white patches in his beard.

Vitiligo Across the Face


Some people might be embarrassed by this disease, but it actually can enhance a person’s beauty. Many models are starting to appear that have vitiligo and their embracement of it has only helped them in their careers.

Some people’s worst fear in life is to prematurely age. Many people do just about everything in their power, including surgery to slow down the aging process. Little did they know that there is a syndrome, known as Hutchinson-Gilford Syndrome or Neonatal Progeria that actually causes young babies to prematurely age very rapidly. Within the first two years of their lives, they can age to the point of appearing to be elderly.

Hutchinson-Gilford Syndrome - Rapidly Aging Children


Sadly, their bodies age extremely rapidly, not at the same pace as their brains and they are often just a few years old dealing with arthritis and dementia, and often death at a very young age.

Vitiligo, as can be seen from this list alone, is actually fairly common. It affects between 0.5 to 1% of people around the world. Although some people are embarrassed by the lack of color or discoloration on portions of their skin, others have chosen to embrace and love it. This person decided to draw and outline their vitiligo marks, giving themselves an exotic and stunning giraffe-like look on their hands.

A Map Around the Vitiligo Spots


That is one way to deal with a disease. Instead of trying to hide it, try to highlight it. Show the world that you are not ashamed, but rather very proud of who you are.

Heterochromia has already been covered a few times by some remarkable sets of eyes, however, did you know that it is possible to have partial heterochromia? To explain exactly what that means, instead of having two different colored eyes, you have two colors in one eye. This can lead to a very stunning look, as can be seen in the picture, of a bright blue and green combined in one eye.

A Picture of Sectoral Heterochromia


It is usually divided in the middle or pretty evenly across the eye. The color distinction is also very clear and impossible to miss.

People have all sorts of birthmarks. Sometimes they are hidden in hardly seen parts of the body and other times they are right, smack dab on someone’s face. Everyone is familiar with the small beauty marks that are usually loved, but have you ever seen a stunning birthmark like this one before? This young boy has a very unique birthmark right across his face and directly across one of his eyes.

The Most Unique Birthmark


This is really a unique birthmark and it’s a guarantee that no one else has one just like it. This boy will grow up knowing that he has a very cool and unique look.

Collagen is a popular word in the beauty world these days. Everyone is recommending some sort of collagen supplement to help boost the appearance of the skin and reduce wrinkling. Everyone is trying to look younger and they think collagen can help. However, there are some people in the world who have some known as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) which is a disorder of the connective tissue that inhibits the body’s ability to produce collagen.

Unable to Produce Collagen With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome


People with this disorder find that they will wrinkle prematurely and their skin will lose its natural elasticity. Maybe there is some truth to the whole collagen craze and obsession!

Have you ever dressed up like an elf for Halloween and had to purchase pointy ears to complete the look? Well, someone born with Williams Syndrome would never have to purchase those ears as they are born with naturally pointed ears. This is a very unique genetic disorder that affects mostly the ears but can also affect other parts of the body such as the lips, jaw, nose, and cheeks.

Naturally Pointed Ears


Although they may be thrilled about the prospect of never having to buy pointy ears for a Halloween costume, it must also be difficult to deal with confused looks from people.

Everyone is born with their own unique intricacies that make them unique. Some people have sharp features while others have soft features. Hair color, eye color, and so much more are decided from birth. This baby was born with a very unique birthmark that actually also gave her a stripe of highlights in her hair. At first glance, it might look like she dyed a portion of her hair, but it all natural.

The Birthmark That Gave Hair Highlights


People would spend a lot of money at a hairdresser’s trying to achieve this look and this baby is doing it effortlessly. Hopefully, she will appreciate how cool this is when she grows up!

Although you might think that fingernails are a natural part of the body that everyone is born with, that is not necessarily the case. People who are born with Anonychia actually do not have fingernails and cannot grow them. In case you were wondering why people even have fingernails and if we could do without them, it looks like the answer to that question technically is yes! People can survive without fingernails.

Born With Anonychia and No Fingernails


Things might get a bit more complicated when it comes to toenails though. Imagine how painful stubbing your pinkie toe would be without the protection of a little toenail.

Hands and feet are usually the first parts of the body to feel the effects of the cold. They say if you keep your extremities warm, then you will probably survive a lot longer in the cold. However, some people are born with a condition called Raynaud’s Disease which causes their extremities (hands, feet, limbs) to be extremely sensitive to the cold and unable to regulate themselves. As a result, they turn yellow or blue.

Yellow Fingertips From Raynaud’s Disease


Although this looks very scary and almost irreversible, fortunately, once the fingers are warmed up the natural color returns and they are as good as new.

You have seen the many ways that vitiligo can affect a person and their skin. Although it normally appears as patches of skin that are lighter in color and lacking melanin, it can also apply to a person’s hair. This man was born with vitiligo and, as a result, almost half of his facial hair is white. That includes his eyebrows and eyelashes, giving him a very unique and interesting look.

White Eyelashes With Vitiligo


It almost looks like his eyelashes are laced with snow. It seems like a cool makeup effect for Halloween, only for him it is natural.

Eyes have been the topic of conversation for many of the items on this list so far. There has been heterochromia and oversized eyes, but here you can see that there is also a unique genetic condition called Waardenburg Syndrome that causes a person to be born with very wide set eyes. This is exactly the case for Stef Sanjati who is even more beautiful as a result of her very unique look.

Waardenburg Syndrome and Wide Set Eyes


This syndrome can also result in a person having very, very bright blue eyes, as can be seen for Stef as well. There is no missing those stunning peepers.

And here you have another person with a very unique and stunning eye condition. This man was born with two colors in his eyes. Instead of the typical heterochromia where each eye has its own color, for him, it’s split right down the middle. Half of his eye is green and the other half is blue. The blue and green colors are also very bright, making his entire look even more striking.

Double Split Colored Eyes


He almost looks like he came right out of a novel. All of his features are quite stunning, even ignoring the unique situation with his eye color!

Besides being adorable, these two twin girls (who also like to match apparently) were born with something called Achondroplasia. Achondroplasia is a genetic disorder that causes a very large head and shorter arms and legs. It can also cause a person to be rather short and have a prominent nose and a flat nasal bridge. At first glance, you might not even notice anything different from these girls and other children, but it might become more evident as they grow up.

Twin Girls With Achondroplasia


These girls are adorable in their matching outfits with or without their unique genetic condition.

At first glance, you might think that this is a strange sort of tattoo or branding mark that someone put on their arm. However, looks can be deceiving. This is actually the result of a very unique condition called Dermatographia. Someone who has Dermatographia has skin that is very sensitive to scratches. Any little scratch can cause raised, red lines that last for a long period of time and are hard to get rid of.

Dermatographia and Scratch Scars


This might be a cool trick to pull out and show people, but it also must be very frustrating to have this reaction every time you get the tiniest little scratch.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have extremely long arms? Although the general rule is that your arms from tip to tip are the same as your height, there are some people where this is not the case. Some people are born with extremely long arms, without proportion to the rest of their bodies. Although this may make it nice for giving good hugs and reaching things, it can probably be quite frustrating too.

Extremely Long Arms


It is probably very difficult to buy clothes that fit properly. You might be a size small but need an extra large just because of the length of your arms. They make long pants but not usually long sweaters.

Vitiligo was covered quite extensively on this list so far but Congenital Melanocytic Nevus is almost the (appearance-wise) opposite of that. Congenital Melanocytic Nevus causes patches of brown or black skin on different parts of the body. Although it is usually harmless, sometimes there is a risk of cancer so as a precaution, surgery needs to be performed. Most of the time, however, this condition is perfectly healthy and creates a beautiful and unique look for a person.

Brown Patches on the Skin From Congenital Melanocytic Nevus


It almost looks like she is always wearing a long black evening glove. She has a permanent elegant look to her from the black nevus that she was born with.

There is hardly a person who can look at the picture of these two people and not be stunned by their unconventional appearance. Their dark skin combined with their electric blue eyes is not something that you see every day. As a matter of fact, it’s because they actually have a rare condition known as Waardenburg Syndrome. This syndrome can cause changes in pigmentation of the skin, eyes, and hair, creating this look.

Bright Eyes With Waardenburg Syndrome


We’ve never seen anything quite like this before. Their eyes seem to be glowing!

People usually aren’t the biggest fans of body hair. Laser hair removal, waxing, and shaving are just some of the many options people have created in order to get rid of body hair. Some people have thicker growths than others and there are others yet who have a genetic mutation called Hypertrichosis which causes an excessive amount of hair growth anywhere on the body. It can even cause hair to grow all over your face.

Hypertrichosis and Hair That Grows Everywhere


Most men complain about having to shave their beards every day but imagine if you had to shave your entire face every day if you wanted that smooth and fresh look?

Genetics is a pretty straightforward thing…most of the time. However, as with everything in life, there are some exceptions. Have you ever heard of Chimeras? They are organisms with two different sets of DNA. This term is normally heard in the context of animals, however, it can also (rarely) be applied to humans. This woman has human chimerism which results in two different skin pigmentations on her body with two distinct red blood cell lineages.

Two Sets of DNA


You almost cannot even see the difference at first glance, but then you notice that it looks like this woman got a very interesting tan when she went out to sunbathe.

Most people are born with ten toes, five on each foot. However, there are some people in the world who were born differently. As can be seen here, this person was born with a sixth (or eleventh) toe. However, this isn’t the type of extra toe you would normally picture. On the contrary, it is a mini toe on top of another toe. It comes complete with a toenail and everything!

The Sixth Mini Toe


Do you think this person has to cut this toenail as well? Does it grow too long? Do they even make nail clippers that are small enough to help with this?

Have you ever heard of a double crown? Although you might think of royalty when you first hear of a crown, that is not the case here. A double crown is when you have two cowlicks on the crown of your head that go in opposite directions. Most people have just one and it always turns in the same direction, but some people are born with double, as is the case here.

Cowlicks in Different Directions


Although this looks pretty cool from the top, most people will probably never even see this or even notice that they have something different with their hair.

Who doesn’t appreciate someone with unique eyes? So far you have seen eyes that are different colors, different shapes, and different distances apart, but have you ever heard of someone who has a differently shaped eye pupil? There is a condition known as Coloboma which causes irregularities in the pupil, making it different shapes or colors. This woman has a pear-shaped pupil in one if her eyes, giving her a very unique look.

” alt=”Pear Shaped Pupil” data-img-lazy=”” data-src=”” />


This is already an incredibly unique occurrence, but it looks even cooler as it is only in one eye. She must get lots of questions from people asking about it.

Everyone knows that if you have bright-colored eyes that it is good to wear bright colors to bring them out. That can be difficult when you have heterochromia as you can have different colored eyes. It can be hard to choose the right color that will make your eyes pop. This girl has two different colored eyes, both appear to be hazel but they are different shades of hazel entirely.

Heterochromia in Both Eyes


The left eye is almost a teal blue color that looks like something right out of the ocean. The right eye is a beautiful hazel that includes both green and brown.

The hair that always stands up…it almost sounds like the name of a children’s book. This condition as well seems to come right out of a storybook. A girl named Shilah Madison was born with this unique condition that causes her hair to constantly stand up. This condition is known as “uncomfortable hair syndrome” and it can actually be pretty painful as the hair breaks off at the roots often.

The Hair That Stands up

It would be interesting to know if there is anything she can do to “tame” the standing-up hair. Does heat or curlers do anything? Some people are looking for more volume, but this girl constantly has it.

What would you do with a little extra piece of skin that was on your ear since birth? Although some people might just leave it alone forever, ignoring its existence, this man decided to embrace it and enhance it. He chose to make a little earring for his “extra ear”, giving himself a nice and interesting look that no one else in the world can have. A unique double earring.

Extra Piece of Skin on the Ear


Some people might be so disturbed by this that they try to get it removed with surgery, but this man loved his extra skin on his ear and his earring is proof!

So this is a pretty interesting one that actually could easily go unnoticed from the outside. This person had a full tooth that was imbedded and grown into their chin. The dentist probably noticed it in a routine x-ray or maybe it was causing some pain. Either way, it’s almost like having a spare tire in the trunk of the car. It can’t hurt to have an extra tooth in case you need it one day.

Extra Tooth in the Chin


Imagine you are an adult and someone knocks your tooth out by mistake. Instead of being sad that you need to get a new tooth, you aren’t worried because you have a spare stuck in your chin.

You wouldn’t think it was really possible to be born without a nose, but apparently it can happen. Some people are born with Bam syndrome, which is a rare genetic disorder that causes children to be born without a nose or with a small nose. Oftentimes it comes along with poor vision or vision problems and eye pain in general. People with this condition also may have empty tear ducts entirely.

No Nose With Bam Syndrome


There are surgical options for people who want to make the appearance more mainstream, however, the additional nose does not function as a normal nose and it is only cosmetic.

Your hands are one of the most important parts of your body. It is very difficult to lead a normal or easy life without functioning and normal hands. However, not everyone is born with the traditional hand that you are used to seeing. This person was born with a hand that looks more like a crab claw than a human hand. It seems like it would be very difficult to complete everyday tasks with a hand in this shape.

Born With a Crab Like Hand


Although they do have a thumb, it seems very difficult to not have separate fingers on the rest of the hand. Beyond the appearance, it must be very limiting in everyday life.

Looking for yet another interesting eye condition? Persistent pupillary membrane (PPM) can cause the iris of the eye to look something like this, or an entire plethora of other interesting shapes. What causes this is the disappearance of certain parts of the iris when the pupil is formed. Luckily it does not affect vision as the brain is able to filter out and correct the images that it sees in real life.

Persistent Pupillary Membrane With the Iris of the Eye


Some people with PPM have it in both eyes while others have it in only one. It is oftentimes surprising to people that the sight itself is not affected by this condition.

Everyone is born with something that makes them very unique birth and for some, it is Congenital Melanocytic Nevus. Congenital Melanocytic Nevus is when a person is born with intensely pigmented spots on their skin that can range from brown to tan to pink to even black. They are almost like moles and they can even grow dark, coarse hair. This baby has Congenital Melanocytic Nevus and it shows in the form of multiple spots all over her skin.

Congenital Melanocytic Nevus - Pigmentation Spots on the Skin


She could not be any cuter as a result of the spots on her skin. She really looks like a little fairytale baby with these cute spots all over her.

You saw before that some people are born with an extra toe, but not necessarily the traditional extra toe that you would expect. This person, however, was born with a sixth finger, and in the exact way that you would expect. She is born with six fingers on one hand, with it incorporating perfectly normally into her hand, making it almost unnoticeable at first glance. It’s hard to tell there is even an extra finger there.

Born With a Sixth Finger


This could come in very handy in life, especially when it comes to playing an instrument like the piano. They should start this girl out on the piano at a very young age.

Everyone knows that despite the phrase “identical twins” no two people are ever actually identical. These twins are the perfect proof of this. They were born identical twins, however, one of them was born with a unique feature on one of her ears. One ear is pointed, like an elf ear. But it is only one ear on one of the babies. At least the family will always be able to tell them apart.

One Pointed Elf Ear on One Baby


Imagine trying to pretend that you are your sister (as all identical twins probably do at some point in their lives) but then know that you can easily be given away by your one pointy ear that your sister doesn’t have.

Ok so this one is practically unnoticeable to the naked eye, however, what this little hole in her ear is capable of is the most shocking thing. You might think that this is just a regular little prick in the ear, however, that is not the case. This hole in her ear actually sheds tears whenever she cries (from her eyes). It’s as if she has an extra tear duct but in her ear!

The Extra Tear Duct in Her Ear


It would be interesting to know if they are actual tears that come out of her ear as the body is connected, or if it is more of a liquid that releases as a result of the tearing process in her eyes.

The range of skin colors we have on our planet is massive. People can be light, dark, and everything in between along the way. There is beauty to be found in every shade on the spectrum. This model, from South Sudan, is said to have the darkest skin of any model in the world, and possibly the darkest skin of anyone, anywhere. She certainly is stunning and earns her place in the spotlight.

The Model With The Darkest Skin

T Berry Pictures

Nyakim Gatwech is a South Sudanese model who grew up in Etheopia and then moved to the US as a teenager. At only 29 years old, she is known as the Queen of The Dark because of her very dark skin, a result of high levels of melanin.

Cleft palates and cleft lips are much more common than we might think — about one to two in a thousand babies are born with the condition. It’s a perfectly natural effect, and even some celebrities we know famously have it, like Joaquin Phoenix and Jesse Jackson. Thankfully the more harmful effects can be repaired very easily and reliably these days, so it’s not a threatening condition as it once may have been.

A Different Kind Of Face


Interestingly, cleft lip is about twice as common in men as in women, while cleft palate (without a cleft lip) is more common in women. And either way, as we can see it can certainly produce an interesting look in anyone.

Some families have very strong genes and we can clearly see a connection between parents and children. Sometimes we can pick out specific elements, like the eyes of the mother, the ears of the father, the chin of grandma, etc. Often, the nose is one of this characteristic features. Sometimes people can feel self consciuous about the size of their schnozz, but they can always be beautiful regardless of shape. After all, it is your face.

She Knows About Her Nose

Kyrsta Morehouse

It seems that people can be particularly sensitive about their nose. Interestingly, it seems that the size and the shape of one’s nose may not be solely inherited from the parents through our genes, but rather evolved in response to the local climate conditions.

It’s never an easy task to find a good place to get our hair done. Some people have enough trouble choosing a style to begin with, and then we have choosing the right shampoo and styling products, and the list goes on. Suffice it to say that hair is a big part our lives. Genetic factors play a major role in determining our hair texture, whether it’s straight or curly or wavy, and the thickness of the hair itself.

Hair Raising Genetics

Yves Picq

Different populations around the world have a wide range of approaches to hair styles and what kind of hair is considered beautiful. Some groups even cover it up completely or style it with natural products like mud and clay.



40 Female Athletes Who Are Not Only Strong But Also Stunning

Ashley Lez

This article was originally published on DailyBee

Everyone is used to seeing male athletes on TV, but what about the incredibly talented female athletes? There are so many women who are strong and powerful athletes who don’t get the recognition they deserve, and we are here to praise them. From Serena Williams to Lindsey Vonn, these women excel in their sports, and they look stunning while doing it. Continue reading to be in awe by these incredible women.

Lindsey Vonn is one of the most well-known female skiers because of the numerous medals she has won throughout her years of competing professionally. She has won three Olympic medals and eight world championships.

Lindsey Vonn, Skiing

When she is not competing, she likes to post selfies and modeling pictures on her Instagram. She has over 2 million followers who enjoy seeing her life at home with her dogs and fiance.

The German track star is new to the professional work, but she is quickly making a name for herself. At just 21 years old, Alicia Schmidt is set to appear in the next Olympics.

Alicia Schmidt, Sprinting

She has been called “the sexiest athlete alive,” and her athletic physique is a testament to that title. Schmidt’s social media following is quickly growing, and we don’t see her slowing down anytime soon.

Paige Spiranac is a professional golfer who has been competing professionally since 2015. She started her golf career by playing for the University of Arizona and San Diego State University, where she won the All-Mountain West Conference.

Paige Spiranac, Golf

She played in the Cactus tour where she had her first and only professional win. She enjoys showing off her stunning figure to her 2.5 million Instagram followers, and we don’t blame her with a figure like that.

Surfing isn’t a popular sport throughout the world, but Alana Blanchard had an interesting professional journey. She competed in the ASP World Tour, but many surfing fans didn’t consider her to be a top tier surfer. People knew her for being close friends with Bethany Hamilton, the surfing legend who lost her arm in a shark attack.

Alana Blanchard, Surfing

Blanchard stayed relevant with her surfing and growing modeling career. She basically lives in bikinis according to her Instagram feed, and she spends plenty of time in the water with her son and husband.

Maria Sharapova has been playing tennis since she was just four years old and won a tournament at 13 that was meant for 16-year-olds. The highly talented and accomplished tennis player beat Serena Williams in 2004, which was a major upset.

Maria Sharapova, Tennis

In 2016, she was suspended from the sport for testing positive for a banned substance that helped her endurance. She decided to retire shortly after the 15-month suspension.

The UFC fighter didn’t find her love of martial arts until she was in college. Michelle Waterson was initially interested in gymnastics, but it was too expensive, so she turned to karate, and realized she wanted to fight as a career. She won her first big UFC fight in 2015.

Michelle Waterson, Mixed Martial Arts

Michelle is also known as “The Karate Hottie,” and we can see why. When she is not in the ring, she is enjoying time with her husband and daughter.

Paige VanZant, originally Paige Sletten, found a love for mixed martial arts after difficult high school experiences. As a teenager, she was bullied by her classmates, and rumors spread after she was raped at a classmate’s party. People would call her “slutton” instead of “sletten.” Paige decided to legally change her last name to VanZant because of the bullying. She also started training in MMA so she could defend herself.

Paige VanZant, Mixed Martial Arts

Paige grew stronger from her past experiences and started competing in the UFC in 2012. She is beautiful on the inside and out, and nothing can stop her from achieving her dreams.

When Robin Bone was young, her parents thought it would be smart to put her in gymnastics because she was so energetic. She had natural talent but had to quit at the age of 16 because she got too many concussions. She didn’t want to give up competing, so she turned to pole voting instead.

Robin Bone, Pole Vaulting

Now, she represents Canada in world tournaments and hopes to qualify for the next Olympics. She stands out at competitions because she has to wear a helmet due to her many concussions. This gorgeous girl won’t let anything stop her from pursuing her dreams.

While most people know Michelle Jenneke as an Olympic hurdler, she initially rose to fame in 2012 for her cute warm-up dance that was posted online. The video went viral, and there were remixes created from it.

Michelle Jenneke, Hurdling

Jenneke hopes to compete in the next Olympic Games, and we can’t wait to see her! Until then, you can follow her training journey on Instagram.

It seems that many of the blonde professional golfers also happen to be models like Blair O’Neal. She started her golf career while playing at Arizona State University, and then played professionally for ten years while establishing a modeling career.

Blair O'Neal, Golf

O’Neal has appeared in a variety of magazines including Sports Illustrated and Maxim. She is also the host on the Golf Channel.

Aly Raisman is a powerhouse in all aspects of life. She has won six Olympic medals and was the women’s team captain twice. Raisman has been very vocal throughout her career about spread body positivity because of all the comments she has received on her body.

Aly Raisman, Gymnastics

Not only is Raisman extremely talented and stunning, but she is also an advocate for herself and other gymnasts who were abused by the former USA Gymnastics team doctor.

Mckayla Maroney was one of the members of the “Fierce Five” in the 2012 Olympics. She won a silver medal for her vault and a gold medal as part of the team. After the Olympics, she became a meme for her unimpressed face during the medal ceremony.

McKayla Maroney, Gymnastics

After the 2012 Olympics, Maroney retired and turned her focus to her music and modeling career, and recently released a song. Maroney was also another one of the many victims of the former USA Women’s Gymnastics doctor, Larry Nassar.

Katie Kearney has natural athletic abilities. Her dad was a former Dallas Cowboy NFL player, so she grew up in a sports-focused house. Before she started competing as a professional golfer, she won Miss Missouri.

Katie Kearney, Golf

Kearney has hundreds of thousands of followers, and they love her selfies that she posts on a regular basis.

Anastasia Ashley is a professional surfer who began surfing at age five before she moved to Hawaii. Within the next year, she won her first surf contest using a board she found in a trash can outside her house.

Anastasia Ashley, Surfing

Ashley loves to keep her fans updated by often posting to her social media with lots of pictures of her and her fiance.

Many people know Ronda Rousey for being one of the most famous MMA fighters in the industry. She started fighting was she was 11 years old, but it wasn’t easy for her to advance into the professional world.

Ronda Rousey, Mixed Martial Arts

In 2011, she became the first American female to win a medal in Judo at the Olympics. She has won many UFC championships as well. Rousey was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2016, and she looked phenomenal.

Rachel Wray is known for her mixed martial arts career, but she didn’t get there is a conventional way. She started out as a cheerleader at the University of Arkansas and then when professional by cheering for the NFL’s Kansas City Cheifs.

Rachel Wray, Mixed Martial Arts

After her cheerleading career, Wray moved on to MMA fighting. She loves to stay active, and she says it was such an exciting career switch.

Stephanie Rice is her name and swimming is her game. This athlete hails from the Land Down Under where she competed on behalf of her country in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics.

Stephanie Rice, Swimming

Rice is known for competing in the medley and medley relay, which includes all four strokes. She won three gold medals in 2008 but did not do well in 2012 because she had shoulder surgery while she was training.

Serena Williams doesn’t need an introduction because she is one of the most well-known tennis players around the world. In her career, she has won 23 major titles in the singles tournaments.

Serena Williams, Tennis

Williams is regarded as the greatest female tennis player of all time, and it took hard work and dedication to earn that spot. She is married to Reddit founder, Alexis Ohanian, and she has famous friends including Beyonce and Kim Kardashian.

Ellen Hood was born in the Netherlands, and as a field hockey player, she doesn’t get much recognition because the sport isn’t widely popular. It should be known though that she has won multiple Olympic medals in the sport.

Ellen Hoog, Field Hockey

Hoog manages to stay relevant by posting to her social media often. Off the field, she enjoys modeling, spending time with her family, and watching movies.

The Russian long jumper has won herself many medals, including three gold medals at the European Indoor Championships. Not many people recognize her despite her accomplishments because the long jump is not a popular sport.

Darya Klishina, Long Jumper

Klishina gained more attention for her Instagram page. She is flawless, and people can’t get enough of her beauty.

Summer Rae is usually recognized by her stage name, Danielle Moinet in the WWE. She is also known for her modeling and American football career. She is an all-around athlete and it shows.

Summer Rae, Wrestling

Rae gained more attention when she was a cast member on Total Divas during the shows third season. It’s not easy to be in the WWE business, but her captivating personality works well for her.

The Denmark native was a natural tennis star since she began playing. Caroline Wozniacki started competing when she was a teenager, and she gained attention from many. When she turned 18, she started competing professionally and made it to the finals of the US Open in 2009 and 2014.

Caroline Wozniacki, Tennis

Her biggest win was in 2018 when she won the Australian Open. It was a major moment for Caroline after all the years she had spent training and competing.

The Italian born tennis player wasn’t always interested in tennis. Camila Giorgi has a short-lived gymnastics career before trying tennis. She caught the eye of the famous tennis coach, Nick Bollettieri, and he offered to coach her.

Camila Giorgi, Tennis

With Bollettieri’s help, Giorgi started winning more often. She has competed in the US Open, French Open, Australian Open, and Wimbledon. She also attracts extra attention for her good looks.

Most people know Elise Lobb from Fox Sports, where she was a host, but she got into the business by playing golf. She started playing when she was three years old, and went onto the collegiate level, but did not go pro.

Elise Lobb, Golf

Lobb used her love for the sport to get the hosting job, and on social media, she can often be seen showing off her incredible physique and sense of style.

You have probably heard Anna Kournikova’s name because she is married to Enrique Iglesias, but she has accomplished so much on her own. She first signed a contract at ten years old and moved to Florida to train.

Anna Kournikova, Tennis

Kournikova has won many tournaments and has been gaining attention for her looks since she moved to America. At one point she was ranked the number one female tennis player in the world.

Alex Morgan has left her mark in the world of professional women’s soccer. In 2011, she was the number one overall draft and made her professional debut on the Western New York Flash. Morgan also helped the FIFA Women’s World Cup team win silver that year.

Alex Morgan, Soccer

Morgan is the co-captain of the US national team, and she was an integral part of winning the 2019 World Cup championship in France. Her athletic abilities are like no other, and she is a natural beauty to top it all off.

Natalie Gulbis has had a passion for golf since she was just four years old. She grew up in southern California and spent her days running around in the sun. By the time she was seven, she had won her first tournament.

Natalie Gulbis, Golf

Gulbis was only 24 when she won her first national competition. She has also grown her online following by sharing photos of her modeling and golfing.

Eugenie Bouchard has accomplished many things throughout her impressive tennis career. She was the runner up at the 2014 Wimbledon Championship and she reached the semi-finals of the Australian Open and French Open in the same year.

Eugenie Bouchard, Tennis

Bouchard has a large following because people love to see what she does off the court. She is gorgeous, and people enjoy seeing her in a more relaxed state when she isn’t competing.

Lexi Thompson is only 25-years-old, and she has managed to do so much with her gold career. At 12-years-old, she was the youngest golfer ever to qualify for the US Women’s Open. She went pro when she turned 15. A year later, she won the LPGA tournament and became the youngest-ever to win.

Lexi Thompson, Golf

Thompson has won nine LPGA tournaments and the Kraft Nabisco Championship. Not only has she been successful with golf, but she has also gained an online following because of her practice and fitness posts.

Meghan Hardin came into the public eye for golf at just 19 years old when she appeared in the Big Break Atlantis event. She was a very fierce competitor from the start.

Meghan Hardin, Golf

Hardin impressed many people, and it didn’t hurt that she was beautiful to top it off. People say she is a risk-taker when she competes, but it usually pays off.

Allison Stokke has impressed many people with her pole vaulting skills since she was in high school. She broke many records throughout her high school career, and she got extra attention because of how beautiful she is.

Allison Stokke, Pole Vaulting

It ook Stokke a while to get used to all the attention, but it helped her career take off. Today, she is a sports model and is married to professional golfer, Rickie Fowler.

The British golfer has spent most of her career playing in the United States. Lucy Robson has won some important competitions including the Treasure Coast Player of the year twice in a row.

Lucy Robson, Golf

Robson has gained a large social media following because of her beauty. Recently, she shared a photo of her home golf simulator to give fans an inside look at how she continues to train.

Alexandra Raeva is a member of the Russian national curling team who competed at her first Olympics in 2014. Although her curling fame didn’t last long, people were captivated by her beauty.

Alexandra Raeva, Curling

Before the Olympics, she competed on the Russian junior national team, where she won gold in 2013. Today, Raeva is married and has a baby girl who she often posts pictures of on her Instagram.

Playing soccer runs in Ali Kreiger’s blood. Her father was a professional soccer player and coached for ten years, so it was natural for Ali to pick up on the sport. She has represented the United States in three FIFA Women’s World Cups and won twice.

Ali Kreiger, Soccer

Krieger is one of those women who is naturally beautiful. She shines on and off the field, and we commend her for her hard work and skills.

Gabby Douglas is an extremely popular gymnast who was part of the “Fierce Five” and “Final Five.” She started gymnastics when she was six and won her first state competition when she was eight.

Gabby Douglas, Gymnastics

Douglas was the first African-American to win the individual all-around tournament. She is only 24, and she has broken so many barriers for girls just like her.

Despite growing up in California, Hilary Knight found a love for the ice rink, where she started skating and playing hockey. At a young age, she moved to Illinois, where it is much colder, and then she went to the University of Wisconsin to play for the women’s team.

Hilary Knight, Ice Hockey

After college, Knight was recruited to play professionally in Canada, although she has represented the US team in the Olympics three times.

When she was just four years old, Chloe Kim started snowboarding, and by the time she was six, she was competing. She was the youngest woman to win a gold medal in the Olympics when she was just 17.

Chloe Kim, Snowboarding

Chloe hopes to compete in the next Winter Olympic Games, and in the meantime, you can find her on Instagram, where she posts funny photos that show off her quirky personality.

Most people are more inclined to follow men’s basketball, but there are some pretty incredible players in women’s basketball like Antonija Sandric. She plays for the national team in Croatia and has competed with them at the Olympics.

Antonija Sandric, Basketball

Sandric is known for being quick on her feet and very capable of outsmarting her opponents. Some people have even described her as the female Lebron James.

Silje Norendal is an extremely talented snowboarder who looks like she could be a character in Frozen. She was born in Norway and found a love for the sport very early in life.

Silje Norendal, Snowboarding

Norendal has won many gold medals at the Winter X Games, and she also competed at the Olympics but did not place. There is still hope that she will get the chance to win a medal in the next games.

Danica Patrick is the most well known female race car drivers in the world. She is also a female icon because she smashed so many stereotypes during her career.

Danica Patrick, Race Car Driving

Patrick dropped out of high school to pursue race car driving, and it was a decision that paid off. She is considered the most successful woman in the history of the sport, and she is the only woman to have won the Indy Japan 300.

Rebecca Quin as born in Ireland and people know her by her stage name, Becky Lynch. She started watching wrestling on TV at a young age, which sparked her interest for the sport.

Becky Lynch, Wrestling

Lynch’s career started in Europe before she moved to the United States to wrestle for the WWE. She also dipped her toes in acting, as seen on Total Divas​.



People Who Stand Out Thanks To Their Unique Genetics

Brenda Miller

This article was originally published on Kueez

We all like to think that we’re born with unique traits, and while that’s true in a sense – even identical twins aren’t 100% genetic matches – there are some people who got blessed with some seriously incredible genes. These people, whether they like it or not, stand out wherever they happen to be, and we hope that they see their own genetic traits as a source of pride and beauty. Check out these people and see just how wild people’s genetic traits can really get!

A boy called Nong Youhui, who was born in Southern China, has a rare condition that people have fondly called “cat-eye.” This condition allows him to see in the dark as perfectly as he does during the day.

​This Boy From China Can See In The Dark With His “Cat-Eyes”


Apparently, the boy’s eyes also glow at night due to the condition he has, which is technically called “Leukoderma”. The downside of it though is that his eyes are extremely sensitive to the light as a result of this.

There are several things worth unpacking in this condition, but perhaps the most interesting one is that less than 100 cases have been reported in medical literature worldwide.

​This Mirror-Hand Syndrome Makes It Look Like Two Hands Are Holding Each Other


The physical condition is called “Ulnar Dimelia”, and it basically means that people who have eight fingers, and make it look like the person with the condition is holding hands with themselves, or even high-fiving themselves.

This beautiful model named Jalicia Nightengale was born with what one would describe as the most incredible icy-blue eyes anyone has ever seen.

​A Model With The Bluest Eyes


The combination of her blue eyes and her dark skin creates one of the most stunning looks in the world. Jalicia has shared before that when she was younger, her classmates and peers used to bully her for her unusual looks, but as she grew up and started modeling and acting, she eventually learned to embrace her looks and to love herself.

This woman was born with a genetic condition called “Congenital Trigger Finger”, which has resulted in her not having a joint in her right thumb.

​A Woman Who Was Born Without Joints In Her Tumb


The condition has resulted in her having the smoothest thumb, which is probably not such a horrible trade-off for an entire lifetime with awkward handshakes. People who have this condition get it at birth, and surprisingly, it’s not as rare as we thought. Apparently, 3.3 out of every 1000 babies get it.

Believe it or not, when this woman was born, half of her face was white. Victoria Krus’ condition is called “Unilateral Vitiligo”, which basically means that she gets the condition only on one side of her body.

​A Half-White Face


The model is completely unashamed of her stunning looks and has taken the world of modeling by storm. It did take her a long time to get to where she is today though. She claims to have been really insecure about her appearance when she attended modeling castings but eventually grew into loving herself.

And the award for the longest thumb in the world goes to… this person with a condition called “Triphalangeal Thumb.” The guy has every single one of his fingers at a normal length, with the exception that his thumb is basically as long as his index finger.

​This Person Has The Longest Thumb Ever


Apparently, people with this condition have quite the advantage when it comes to playing musical instruments, and only about 25,000 children in the world are born with it.

This young boy from Uganda was born with a rare form of vitiligo. The condition is developed from birth and results in some truly random skin patterns.

A Boy With Blue Eyes And Vitiligo


This boy was born with what is known as unilateral vitiligo, which has spread in a few different patches of skin. He was also born with incredibly blue eyes that came as a result of Ocular Albinism, which has given him a look that could catch anyone’s eye.

Now here’s one of the truest works of art out there. This young woman was born with red hair and a condition called heterochromia, which basically means she has different colored eyes.

​A Girl Was Born With Red Hair And Different Colored Eyes


The combination of both results in an extremely rare look. Basically, only some 2% of people in the world have red hair, and only as little as .011% of people have heterochromia. Just to put this calculation into perspective, the girl basically has her genetics at .0000022%, so if that’s not rare, then we don’t know what is.

This girl is named Shilah Madison, and she was born with a condition called the “Uncombable hair syndrome.” Though it somehow looks pretty cool, unfortunately, her mother has shared that in addition to the hair constantly standing up it can actually be really painful.

​This Girl Has The “Uncombable Hair Syndrome”


Because her hair seems to break often from the root, the young girl sometimes finds herself in a lot of pain. Other than that though, she has fully embraced the look of a small lioness who is about to take over the world.

Now it’s not every day that we get to see a hand like this one! This person literally has six fingers on each hand, which is a condition called Polydactyly. Whoever is born with this condition has either extra toes, extra fingers, or even both.

This Person Has Twelve Fingers


Only about 1 in 1000 people in the world are born with it, which makes it another incredibly rare condition to have. Curiously, since six fingers are a dominant gene, there is a good chance that this woman’s children will have them too.

No matter how much we look at this woman’s pupil, the pupil continues to look like it’s somehow escaping towards the bottom of her eye. The condition, which is called “Coloboma,” seems to happen when a person has a “small hole” in literally any part of the person’s eye. In this list of already unique traits, this is probably one of the rarest.

This Woman Seems To Have Her Pupil On The Bottom Of Her Eye


Less than 10,000 children in the world are born with it, and though they can see as well as anyone else, their pupils and iris’ look completely different.

When a Taiwanese girl had her picture posted on a Taiwanese social media page, people from all over the world went completely nuts! She apparently has abnormally long toes that are seemingly not the result of a genetic condition, it was just the genetics she got from her family line.

​This Person Has Toes That Are Basically As Long As Her Fingers


According to her, she has what she calls a “greek foot” that her parents too were born with. Sadly, she used to be extremely mocked when she was growing up, but she has grown to see her toes as simply different, which for her, has become completely natural.

Have you ever heard of a person who was born with webbed fingers? We’re guessing you didn’t. This person has a condition called “Syndactyly”, which is basically a fancy term for someone who has conjoined toes and fingers.

​This Person Was Born With Webbed Fingers


Believe it or not, 1 in 2000 kids in the world are born with this birth defect every year, so though the condition is rare, it’s more common than you’d think.

Now, this is a phenomenon these parents must be proud of. Their son actually inherited a thumb from each of them. Though this condition doesn’t actually have an official name, it really deserves the right to be on this list with how perfect it is!

​This Person inherited A Thumb From Each Parent


The guy’s right thumb does have a condition with a name though, which is called Brachydactyly type D, causing the person’s thumb to be shorter.

Now, this guy has certainly embraced his unique condition with some sense of humor. He posted a picture with a card that said “You may only pick things up using your thumb and pinky for the remainder of the game. Be safe.”

This Guy Was Born With Amniotic Band Syndrome


Coincidently, because of his condition, he has a natural advantage in this game that unfortunately means that he has only a pinky and not the rest of his fingers.

A person who is born with Waardenburg Syndrome basically has a mutation in their human genes that is extremely rare. Only about 1 in 40,000 people in the world have this syndrome, which gives a person a unique set of really wide-set eyes. People with the condition can also be deaf, though the combination is thankfully not so common.

​This Person’s Waardenburg Syndrome Creates An Elf-Like Appearance


Youtube star Stef Sanjati actually has Waardenburg Syndrome, and has used her platform to educate as many people as she can about how the condition affects one’s body.

Amongst all conditions in the world, albinism is probably one of the most common and widespread conditions. Approximately 1 in 20,000 people are born with albinism, which not only influences the way one looks but also their health.

This Woman’s Albinism Is Inspiring


People with albinism can suffer from vision impairment and deafness, which can sometimes be difficult. The condition does look incredibly cool though, giving many people a very mystical look.

You might have heard of or seen this one, but we had to include one of the most extraordinary women in the world in this list. Gigantism is essentially a condition that causes people to grow extraordinarily tall.

​This Is The Tallest Woman In The World


It can be painful and dangerous, but it definitely results in a look that is one-of-a-kind. The woman in this picture, Elisany da Cruz Silva, stands at 6’9” tall and is currently the tallest woman in the world.

Marfan Syndrome is a bit of a common syndrome that happens to 1 baby in every 10,000 births. People who have it look absolutely unique as their bones grow much longer than they usual, which results in really thin arms and legs, and a curved spine.

​This Syndrome Makes People Look Young And Thin


Bradford Cox of Deerhunter was born with this condition and has been extremely vocal about the physical difficulties he has faced, although thankfully, that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his music.

Here’s another one that you probably have to read and look at twice before really believing. It turns out that there is a person out there who was born with tentacles under their tongue, which is caused by a condition called “Plica Fimbriata.”

​This Person Was Born With Tentacles In Their Mouth


Though it doesn’t hurt and it’s not dangerous in any way, it can sometimes get stuck between the person’s teeth.

Some people out there are born with a condition called “Stahl’s ear”, which is caused by the person’s ear having additional cartilage, which results in ears that are naturally pointy – hence the “elf ears” nickname.

Some People Have What Looks Like “Elf” Ears


Every 1 in 15,000 babies are born with a unique condition, and many either outgrow it or decide to fix it with surgery. We definitely don’t blame them since kids can be pretty mean when it comes to “being different”.

Actor Javier Botet was born with a genetic condition that ended up landing him a job in several Hollywood horror movies.

​This Guy’s Condition Got Him A Job In Hollywood


Though you probably have no idea who he is when he has his makeup off, he was the actor behind leper in the film IT: Chapter 1. He has even landed the lead role in the film Slenderman thanks to not only his condition but his incomparable talents.

Freckles are incredibly common in people from all over the world, and while some have tiny ones on their noses and certain parts of their faces, others have it all over their face (and sometimes on the rest of their bodies too).

​Unique Freckles On This Guy’s Face


Yet, this guy’s freckles couldn’t be more unique. Only half of his face has freckles, which is a rare occurrence that happens when one is still in the womb.

Another case where the power of genetics completely took over! In this fascinating case, this person’s father sadly lost his finger after an accident when he was only 10-years-old.

​The Power Of Genetics Is Strong Here


But little did they think that when he would have a child, the child would be born with a finger that eventually stopped growing, which was exactly the same finger that her father had lost.

This guy was born with not one, but two middle fingers! The man was born with six fingers on each hand, with the extra finger being the middle on both hands.

This Guy Flips The Bird In A Unique Way


We have to admit, if one is going to have extra fingers, then it might as well be the middle one just to make things as intimidating as possible. We’re pretty sure none of us would want to make this guy angry!

You might have heard of Harnaam Kaur before, as this activist has been challenging and redefining what a woman looks like for a while now. She suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome, which results in her ability to grow facial hair at a rate that is a bit faster than other women (and some men).

Challenging Gender Boundaries


This has resulted in Kaur choosing to let her beard grow while embracing it and fighting for more women to accept their bodies as they are.

Another condition with webbed (or fused) fingers is called Syndactyly. The unique condition is usually inherited genetically, but there are other unexplained reasons that can result in the condition.

A Similarity That Couldn’t Be More Surprising


The two women pictured here are actually not related at all, in case you were wondering. They are coincidently the wife and the sister of the person who took this picture and posted it on Reddit.

Since all the way back in the Middle Ages, a condition called Hypertrichosis has been documented, which causes hair growth at an average that is above anything one can imagine.

​A Condition From The Middle Ages


Though it’s not 100% confirmed, it is suspected that a genetic condition is what causes the occurrence, which is extremely rare. To this date, there have been only 50 cases known to the public and reported worldwide.

This picture shows us one of the most beautiful renditions of hereditary genetics in the world. The mother-daughter duo were both born with a white streak on the root of their hair, which happened in a way that took even the mother by surprise.

​ A Baby And A Mother With The Same Birthmark


Many different genetic reasons could be the cause of this trait, but the reason for this specific condition is unknown.

This girl was born with a condition called “Joint Hypermobility”, also known as “double joints”, which basically means that a person has joints that are more flexible than other people’s.

​This Girl Was Born With A Unique Peace Sign


The condition allows her to spread her fingers so widely that it seems completely unreal. Either way, though the condition is real, it doesn’t really make much of a difference in the person’s day-to-day life.

This boy was born with a condition that results in him having hair whorls. In simple words, those are hair patches that grow in circular directions either clockwise or counterclockwise.

​This Boy Was Born With Hair That Goes Into Opposite Directions


So as you can see in this picture, he basically has two different hair whorls in opposite directions as symmetrical as they can be. The hair look basically gives him a cool natural mohawk, and a sort of owl look on the back of his head.

Here we go with another incredible case of double-joints, this time called hypermobility. Basically, whoever has it, is able to flip their hand all the way back, and if they’re feeling fancy, they can even grab things in reverse.

​A Person With A “Backwards Hand”


Though this is not the first time we mention the condition on our list, it is actually really hard to come to by – roughly only 5% of adults in the world have this genetic ability.

For those who don’t know, uvulas are that little piece of skin we all have in the back of our mouths. The little piece looks like a teardrop and is one of the vital organs that allows us to make our words sound like words.

This Man Has Two Uvulas


This man’s specific case of having not one, but two of these uvulas, is called “cleft uvula”, which means that his uvula is actually split. His condition results in the guy sounding really nasally, but other than that, it doesn’t have any other side-effects.

By now, we have all probably realized that being born without a finger here and there is apparently much more common than we might have expected.

This Woman Was Born With A Missing Ring Finger And Pinky


This person, for example, was born with a condition called ectrodactyly, which results in the middle of the hand developing in a way that is not as common, resulting in a finger. Studies show that about 10% of babies in the world are born with a variant of this exact genetic condition.

Meet Hamad Jaman, a model who, as he grew, saw his face getting more and more freckles until it was completely covered with it.

” alt=”​A Model With Her Face Completely Covered With Freckles” data-img-lazy=”” data-src=”” data-src-resized=”” />


The theory is that the freckles were probably caused by sun exposure, though to this date, scientists are still unsure of the actual cause of the unique skin condition. Yet, no matter what causes it, they surely makes one look completely gorgeous.

How cool is it that this person was born with different colors in just one eye? We’ve seen people rocking their different colored eyes, with the condition called Heterochromia, but this remarkable genetic occurrence goes one step further and is called Sectoral Heterochromia – an incomplete type of Heterochromia.

One Eye With More Than One Color


Just at first glance though, it sort of looks like the type of thing one would only encounter in a fantasy novel, but it actually exists in the real world and it’s beautiful.

You might have heard of model Winnie Harlow by now since she has become one of the world’s most renowned models in just a few years. Her dark skin is matched with some depigmentation that has created an appearance that is incredible and unique, that it’s almost impossible to forget.

​This Woman Became A Coveted Model Because Of Her Beauty And Activism


The model rose to fame after appearing in America’s Next Top Model, and since then, has worked with huge brands such as Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Nike, and Victoria’s Secret.

This picture belongs to an anonymous Reddit user who decided to take to the internet to share their interesting genetic condition with the world. The person has what is described as an atypical iris since they literally have a scar on their iris.

A Scar On The Iris


Though one would think that maybe their ability to see would be compromised by this, they shared that an eye doctor confirmed that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the eye.

A woman called Ilka Brühl was born with a plethora of genetic defects that when combined, created the rare beauty that she is. During an interview, she shared a little bit about her experience: “I was born with a facial cleft and my nose airways were not properly formed.”

​A Combination Of Genetic Effects


Because Brühl’s tear ducts weren’t formed with the same size, when she cries, her tears only come out from one eye. Over the course of her life, she has had to undergo a number of surgeries, and today, she is a successful model.

Many people would love to have a long pair of legs, but how about a pair of 40-inch legs? This Swedish model has a rare genetic condition that has resulted in her growing with an astonishingly long pair of legs, which have obviously contributed to the creation of her modeling career.

​This Woman Has 40 Inch Legs


However, like many on this list, not everyone praised her appearance when she was younger. The model, who is called Ostergren, shares that her classmates would constantly bully her when she was a child but she thankfully found a way to embrace her body.

Now, this may sound strange, but there are indeed people who are born with cat eye syndrome in every corner of the world – a syndrome that has been recorded for the first time back in 1899.

A Human Being With Cat Eye Syndrome


This young boy from Nepal was born with it and has developed a mesmerizing pair of eyes that have an almond shape and pupils shaped similar to a cat’s.

This “Melanin Goddess”, also known as Khoudia Diop, is a model from Senegal who has a skin tone incomparable to anything we’ve ever seen. Though this particular skin pigment is not specifically uncommon in her country, her really dark skin resulted in her being bullied as a child.

A Goddess Of Melanin


Thankfully, she eventually grew into a celebrated model in the fashion industry all over the world. Diop once rightfully shared: “Beauty is not what’s outside, it’s who you are. What’s inside is your true essence, and beauty comes from within.”

So many of us do everything in our power to get some longer eyelashes, and this woman got to be born with them already! No alterations and no makeup were required here, as she simply gets to flaunt these incredibly beautiful eyelashes as much as she wants because she was born with a condition called distichiasis.

Extra Thick And Long Lashes


The rare condition basically causes a person to have two rows of eyelashes growing together on the same lid.

Yea folks, you heard it right, this guy has a beautiful belly button that is literally the exact same shape as a cinnamon roll. The guy’s belly button falls right in the middle of the two usual shapes that people have, and we have to say that it couldn’t look cooler!

​A Belly Button That Is Shaped Like A Cinnamon Roll


Now, this can’t particularly be called a birth defect, since none of us are actually born with a belly button, but the defect is caused by the way his umbilical cord scar healed.

As soon as it became a trend, people from all over the world began flocking to hair salons in order to acquire highlights that would give their hair that “pop” to stand out. But this little girl didn’t need any of that since she was born with a natural hairstreak in the back of her head.

Natural Hair Steaks


She has a single brown lock that stands out amongst her beautiful dark blonde hair, and in a way, she reminds us of Princess Anna from Frozen.

This woman was born with “Bowie Eyes”, which is a nickname for a condition called Anisocoria. The condition refers to people who have one pupil that functions “normally”, while the other one remains fixed in the same position, always.

​A Woman With “Bowie Eyes”


As we can clearly see, the condition is mesmerizing and it leaves one looking completely unique. About one in five people are born with it, which is perhaps the most common condition we have added to our list.

A person who has this condition gets it because of a mutation in chromosome 7. The condition is known mostly as “lobster claw hand” or “split hand/leg malformation”, and was once famously represented by Evan Peters in American Horror Story: Freakshow.

​A Mutation That Is Known As “Lobster Claw Hand”


The condition results in a person having a clef in the place where they should have a finger or a toe, and it happens once in every 90,000 births.

Meet the Bawar twins, Lara and Mara. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, these stunning twins were always teased about their unique appearance until a black creative group called MOOC discovered them when they were just 11 years old and featured them in a video for Nike. This happened in 2016, and ever since then, the two have been featured in numerous photoshoots along with their non-albino but just as beautiful sister, Sheila.

These Twins Are Taking Over the Fashion World


Identical twins get a lot of attention from strangers even without being albino, so imagine what spending a day in these sisters’ shoes is like!



People With Rare Genetics That Make Them Unique

Ashley Lez

This article was originally published on Kueez

Everyone is unique in their own way. We all have different things that make us who we are, and some people are born different. Some people have unusual gene combinations that give them interesting birthmarks or unique eye colors. We found the most peculiar cases, and they might make you look twice. No matter how different people are, everyone is beautiful. Continue reading to see these interesting rare genetic qualities.

They must be asked if they are Sweeney Todd fans often because he famously sported a similar grey patch. However, these white patches are from a disorder called Poliosis.

Mother And Daughter With Matching White Patches


The hair follicles stop growing with color because the melanin is not being produced in these areas.

This little boy’s eyes look like beautiful blue water. He has Waardenburg syndrome, which is a very rare genetic condition that only occurs every 1 in 40,000 people.

Waardenburg Syndrome


It affects the pigmentation of the hair, skin, nails, and eyes. One of the most noticeable markers is the color of a person’s eyes.

This boy must be very loved because he was born with a heart-shaped birthmark. Many people have birthmarks, and they are very common.

Heart Shaped Birthmark


Birthmarks are caused by a collection of blood vessels or melanin. Sometimes they fade over time, and sometimes they last forever.

Heterochromia is when a person is born with two different colored eyes. Many people find this look to be quirky and people will use colored contacts to trick people into thinking they have heterochromia.

A Girl With One Green Eye And One Blue Eye


This girl is also a redhead, and that is a rare feature. It is uncommon for someone to be born with red hair and different colored eyes.

This is one of the rarest genetic mutations, and it is called giantism. It causes people to be exceptionally tall like Elisany da Cruz Silva who is 6’9″.



She lives a normal life, but giantism can cause serious illness and early death in some cases.

This is a different type of heterochromia. It is known as sectoral heterochromia which causes the iris to have different colors in one eye.

Split Iris

Szymon Podubny Photos

It is such a beautiful look, and it can be seen in many different patterns, and colors like you will see later in the list.

You might think this little girl has a bad case of bed head, but it is actually a genetic condition. There are only 100 people in the world who have this condition.

Uncombable Hair Syndrome


She has to maintain a strict hair regimen because her hair is very fragile and can break at the roots if it is not correctly taken care of.

Sarah McDaniel is already an attractive person with beautiful looks,  and there is another thing that elevates her beauty. Yes, it is her heterochromia, a rare genetic condition in which a person’s irises take on different colors.

Heterochromia Made Her Famous


In her career so far, she has magazine work and she has also featured in music videos, which include G-Eazy’s “Some Kind of Drug” and Mark Ronson’s “Summer Breaking / Daffodils.”

Nastya Zhidkova is known for her unique coloring and striking eyes. Known by her alias Kiker Chan, she has a huge list of loyal followers who absolutely love her futuristic and minimalist photographs. Her paleness is due to albinism.

White Hair, Eyelashes, And Pale Skin Because Of Albinism

@kiker_chan / Instagram

She is originally from Moscow, Russia and she is a huge fan of Japanese anime. In fact, she started off as a model by cosplaying anime characters. By the way, she still practices her hobby despite her busy modeling career.

Red hair is an uncommon trait, to begin with, and it is even rarer for people of African descent. It is caused by a mutation in the MC1R gene that is inherited from parents and grandparents.

Red Hair In People Of African Descent


People with this mutation have red hair, freckles, or blue eyes. The indigenous people in Australia have a similar gene mutation.

Winnie Harlow is a well-known model who got her start on America’s Next Top Model for her unique look. She has vitiligo, which causes the hair, skin, and nails to lose pigmentation.

World Famous Model With Vitiligo

The Daily Front Row

On the show, she talked about how people would make fun of her for looking different when she was growing up, but she learned to love her uniqueness.

His eyes look like lightning struck against a dark sky. He has albinism, which is the absence of pigmentation in the hair, skin, and eyes.

Albinism Causing Lightning Eyes


His eye is blue/purple because he lacks melanin to color his iris, so the blood vessels show through. Sometimes people with albinism have red eyes because of their blood vessels.

This woman has extra fingers, and when she went into a store, someone asked to take a picture because they were so intrigued.

Six-Fingered Hands


People with multiple fingers can be more agile than others with only five fingers.

No, this woman is not an elf, but she does have elf-like ears. This is caused by a condition known as Darwin’s tubercle.

Elf Ears


It is common in Spanish, Indian, and Swedish people. Scientists do not know why this happens.

Many people get eyelash extensions to have full and long lashes. This girl does not need extensions because her eyelashes grow in multiple rows.

Eyelashes That Grow In Multiple Rows


The condition is called Distichiasis, and it can be seen as a full set of second lashes or one single lash in a different row.

This woman has vitiligo on half her face like the man seen earlier in the list. It has changed the hair color on half of her face.

Vitiligo Changes Hair Color On Half Her Face


There are two types of vitiligo called segmented and generalized.

This man has a unique ring of gold in his iris cause by an imbalance of melanin in his eye.

Ring Of Gold In His Iris


High levels of melanin absorb less light which scatters the color differently in the iris.

This baby is absolutely adorable and mushy. She has a case of distichiasis that causes one eye to have different colored eyelashes.

Different Colored Eyelashes


She is going to grow up to be beautiful and unique with her different eyelashes.

This baby was born with twelve fingers and toes. It is caused by a condition called polydactyly that causes extra fingers and toes to grow.

Twelve Fingers And Twelve Toes


It is passed down through a person’s family or genetic.

There is a trend going around where people who have brown hair dye the front section of their hair blonde. This girl does not have to pay to have her hair dyed because she naturally has a blonde part in her hair.

She Was Born With Blonde And Brown Hair


It is an interesting look that could be caused by many disorders.

This man has vitiligo that is caused by a lack of melanin that creates patches on the skin. It is rare for someone to only have it on half their face.

Vitiligo Only On Half Of His Face

Did you know Michael Jackson started wearing his famous glove to cover up the vitiligo spreading on his hand?

This person must be able to go high on their tippy-toes because their toes are so long. This condition is known as Arachnodactyly.

Extra Long Toes

This condition causes people to have slender fingers and very long toes. While some are born with it, it can also be developed later in life.

He must get as many get many questions about his belly button like John Stamos. The belly button is a scar left by your umbilical cord after it is cut.

Swirly Button


People have different belly buttons based on how their scar healed. There are innies and outies and sometimes swirls.

This baby boy was born with Coloboma in both of his eyes. It looks like he has two cat eyes.

Coloboma In Both Eyes


This condition causes the pupil to look like a keyhole and in some cases can lead to vision loss if it is not treated or monitored.

It is not clear why this person has an extra-long thumb, but it could be caused by using a smartphone too often.

That's A Long Thumb


Using your thumb often can increase the strength in your finger, and can cause a change in appearance to the thumb.

Two thumbs up! This baby girl was born with two thumbs on one hand. It is caused by polydactyly, which leads to extra fingers to be formed.

Double Thumbs


Sometimes the extra fingers or toes can be fully functional, while some do not work.

This person must be a fast swimmer with those webbed fingers. Webbing is caused by the condition called syndactyly

Webbed Fingers


It starts when a baby is in the womb during the 7th and 8th week of development.

This person noticed their peace sign was incredibly wide. It looks like bug antennas, but it is just the hypermobility of her joints.

World Wide Peace


This can happen in fingers, toes, spines, elbows, and knees.

This person has Sectoral or partial heterochromia which causes different pigmentation in the iris.

Stripe Through The Iris


This person has a brown line down the middle of their eye, and it does not affect their vision.

Instead of extra fingers, this person has only four fingers on their hand. This occurs because of symbrachydactyly.

Only Four Fingers


This occurs in the womb because of a lack of blood flow to the tissue while the fingers are forming.

This person could have coloboma which causes a hole in the structure of the eye that affects the iris.

His Pupil Is In A Unique Position


They could also have corectopia, which moved the iris and can require surgery sometimes.

You have probably seen someone who has knees that hyperextend because it is pretty common. This means when a knee is forced beyond 180 degrees in one direction.

Inverted Knees


It is common in athletes who play contact sports like soccer and football. Yoga can help stabilize and strengthen the knee ligaments and muscles.

DO you think he can hear better because he has two holes in his ear? This condition is unknown, but it is common for people to have an extra hole in their ear.

Extra Hole In His Ear


The hole is actually connected to an unusual sinus tract under the skin. It is harmless, but sometimes they can get infected.

This person has one eye without eyelashes, which is most likely related to alopecia. Many people have or will develop alopecia at some point in their lives.

One Eye Has No Lashes


It is an immune disease that causes spot baldness, which can be small or large.

When you see the word phalange, you might be thinking of Pheobe from Friends’ fake name, Regina Phalange. Here, we are not talking about Pheobe, but the parts of fingers.

Thumb With Three Phalanges


This person’s thumb has three phalanges instead of two. A phalange is a bone in the fingers and toes. Sometimes an extra one can be small and unnoticeable.

This man says his neck skin is so stretchy he can suck on it without using his hands. That’s an interesting party trick.

Very Stretchy Neck Skin


Some people are born with flexible skin, or it can be attributed to Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which causes extra stretchy skin.

It looks like this person’s eye is being taken over by an alien. It is most likely a persistent pupillary membrane.

Iris Is Growing Over The Pupil


This is a condition where the iris has a strand of tissue the crosses the pupil. It can disrupt vision if it is large enough.

You have probably experienced a tingling feeling when your fingers are cold in the winter, but it fades when you get warm again. Some people are left with white and numb fingers for longer than usual.

Finger Goes Numb In The Winter


This can happen because of limited blood flow in cold temperatures or stressful situations.

He must always be warm in the winter. This man has a giant furred mole that typically develops in the first year of life.

Giant Furred Mole


Since they appear at such a young age, they grow with the child and expand. The hair on them can be brown or black.

This person has beautiful eyes, and their heterochromia makes them extra special.

Black Line In A Blue Iris


The condition doesn’t have any other symptoms usually, but it is interesting to look at.

This condition falls under the category of polydactyly and his toes were formed together in the womb.

Three-ish Toes


It can be fixed with surgery if a person wants to, or people live with it without complication.

We wonder if she was charged extra for an extra nail. When she was in the womb, there was an error in her cells that caused an extra toe to start being formed.

Double Big Toenails


The toes never separated, causing her to have an extra-large big toe.

This one is unusual because he has a split uvula. The uvula sits in the back of your throat and has many functions.

Two Uvulas


The uvula is essential for speaking. Since he has a forked uvula, his voice can be nasally sounding.

This man has a rare genetic mutation that causes his fingernails to grow inverted. His mother and grandfather both had it.

Inverted Nails


These are called spoon nails and they are caused by an immunodeficiency.



Maps Of America That Make Us Question Everything We Know About The USA

Lily Tredwell

This article was originally published on tv-bee and has been republished here with permission.

Before the times of GPS and cell phones, maps were the main way to find one’s way from point A to point B without getting lost. Nowadays, we have maps for everything from land elevation to animal location origins. Maps are fantastic things, just ask the cartographer at the local map store, he’ll be sure to feel the same way. So if you’re ready to take a look at 40 of the most interesting maps of America, keep reading!

From icy Alaska down to sunny California, one reason for not living on the West Coast of the States could be the very healthy fear of being caught in an earthquake. In reality, no matter where in America you live you run the risk of getting caught in an earthquake.

Shakin' All Over

Instagram: american_maps

That being said, there is a dramatic difference between a massive 9.2 magnitude quake and a smaller 4.7 one. Frequency also plays a role, so keep that in mind when picking where to live!

To answer the age-old question…yes it still makes a noise. All because no one is around to hear the tree fall that doesn’t mean no one is listening. If Orwell taught us anything, someone is always listening.

If A Tree Falls And No One Is Around To Hear It...

National Park Services

Natural loudness is measured in decibels by the noises of the wild. This could be the sound of the wind, the water, the birds, and yes, even the sound of a tree falling in the forest with no one around.

Depression is a real problem amongst people of all ages and from all walks of life. Let’s have a look at which parts of America are affected the most.

Life's Tough

Reddit: u/thow78

It may be the lack of a winning sports team or maybe it’s the weather, but for some reason, the North-West and the Mid-West seem to have the largest issues with depression.

It’s not just the diversity of its people that makes America so unique. Whether it’s for building a tree fort or for getting maple syrup there is a tree for everyone.

Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Reddit: u/Van_ae

With over a hundred different species of trees in some parts, the eastern coast of the States sports the most diverse tree population. However, with more than one thousand species of trees scattered across the country there is something for tree enthusiasts everywhere.

Graduating from college is meant to be a celebratory occasion for a new graduate. After all, even though ‘the future is now’ it often starts with crippling debt.

Higher Education

Instagram: american_maps

Upon graduating, most graduates owe more in college debts than the average American earns in one year.

It is crazy to think that the average annual salary needed to buy a house in New York City is almost double that of being a homeowner in sunny Tampa Bay. But that’s nothing compared to the prices out west.

Moving To The Midwest Then Huh?

Instagram: american_maps

For all those who are eventually looking at retiring out west think again. An average annual salary of over $100K is needed in almost every major western city. And don’t even think about the move to San Jose unless the family is bringing in at least a quarter of million dollars annually.

We have just seen that mother nature on the east coast has caused more natural noise pollution than elsewhere in the country. It is now time to see where the majority of all noise pollution in America comes from (not just the natural kind).

Big City Folk

National Park Services

It does not come as any surprise that the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas produce a lot of noise, however, they don’t call New York ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ for nothing.

Over the past few decades, coffee culture is something that has taken the world by storm. For any Canucks heading down the east coast on a road trip, feel free to dunk those donuts but don’t expect to find too many Tim Horton’s around.

Two Creams And One Sugar Please


Starbucks has not only put itself at almost every major street corner and petrol station across the United States, it has also created its own coffee language. According to the map the majority of Americans do prefer their tall, non-fat, extra hot, no foam, one pump vanilla lattes.

The great American railroad system has been moving supplies across the country for almost two hundred years, but these days it does not deliver the goods quite like it used to.

That Sure Is Quite The Load

Kcida10 via Wikipedia

Out east, the waterways and highways take the majority of the loads down the coast. Out west one can always see a large number of cargo trucks hauling supplies along the national highway. It simply reaches more places these days than the railway does.

It is a privilege to be able to go home at the end of a long hard day but not everyone is so lucky. This is one of those maps that helps to remind us just how fortunate we all are.

Left Out In The Cold

Reddit: u/ragggaerat

Over 150,000 homeless people live in California and almost 100,000 in New York alone. That is almost a quarter of a million homeless individuals in just two states.

A nice glass of freshly-squeezed OJ is always nice with breakfast. It might be surprising to learn which is the only state increasing its annual orange production.

With or Without Pulp?


Even the orange production is bigger in Texas. Out of the three main states that produce oranges each year only Texas has shown an increase in production.

Halloween is a favorite holiday to celebrate among Americans. It’s actually so popular that it’s even celebrated with big Halloween parties and parades outside of the states in places like South Korea, England, and Spain. However, this map points out the most common costumes in each state. Okay, maybe it is not real, but it’s a play on what would most likely be worn there! And there is no denying that it’s pretty funny.

Halloween Costume for Every State


So which state do you identify with? Maybe next Halloween, you’ll be a sexy umbrella? Or perhaps even a sexy bottle of water?

Presidents are constantly attempting to leave their marks and cement their legacies. Some of them are just better at the ‘Art of the Deal’ than others.


Instagram: american_maps

Andrew Johnson purchased Alaska for only 7.2 million dollars in the year the first Canada Day was celebrated in 1867, and the Louisiana Purchase cost Thomas Jefferson a whopping 15 million dollars in 1803.

This map is another of those which gives a bit of a different perspective on the country.

3D Map of Population Density

Twitter: @simongerman600

Much like the numerous tall buildings that reside there, New York’s population density also towers over that of the other states.

We all have that one vice that is just so hard to ignore sometimes. Let’s take a look at which states are the most angelic as well as the most sinful.

Everyone's Guilty Of Something

Reddit: u/ParadoxicalCabbage

If the movie ‘Seven’ taught us anything, it’s that giving in to temptation could get us into a lot of trouble. The bottom corners of the country sure do look like a lot of fun though.

This is a map entirely dedicated to pinpointing what each state in America is worse at. It’s pretty morbid and definitely takes an approach to mapping that few have seen before. Some claim this is the best worst map ever. It doesn’t tread lightly and might even be offensive to some. But after all is said and done, it is one creative approach to something that could be hard to imagine were it not for this.

The Map of Shame


This might not be the best map to show in a classroom or business meeting, but it sure is entertaining.

This map is labeled by an Australian, which can only mean it will be insanely accurate. Okay, maybe it is not, but for someone who didn’t grow up in America, they didn’t do that bad. Most people who did grow up in the states don’t even know the geography of the country well. Therefore, this is impressive, regardless. Let’s face it, America is so big it’s hard to remember anyway, right?

A Map of the USA According to an Australian


Considering there are fifty states in the US, it’s almost as if there were fifty different countries all packed into one! So this guy definitely nailed the big ideas.

Over the past few decades, we have seen an increase in alternative eating habits and soybeans have been the base of a lot of these products.

Soy Latte Please


Thanks to the American prairies’ production of soybeans for her soy latte, ‘Starbucks Karen’ will have one less thing to complain about.

It is Christmas tradition for many families to pack themselves into the family car and head out looking for the perfect tree. Even the desert states have at least a couple of Christmas tree farms

Tis The Season


Considering the enormous fines one would get for cutting a tree down off the side of the highway for Christmas, it’s probably for the best to know where the local farm is for the holidays.

At first glance, this map demonstrates the most used word in each state. If you glance at it, it seems interesting. Who knew that random words like ‘data’ and ‘stuff’ could be everyday words? Well, hate to break it to you, but this map might be lying to you. If you take a closer look and read the map closely, you’ll uncover a special message that you might’ve almost missed.

Most Used Word in Each State


The real message is that printing words on a map like this looks more professional and believable. That’s why it’s important to fact-check!

When immigrating to a new country an individual knows that they may need to work a job that they are not too fond of. It is a sacrifice that is made with the ‘American Dream’ in mind.

Job's Mostly Held by Immigrants

Twitter: @simongerman600

It is no big surprise to see here that most immigrants start off in a more subservient occupation, as these are the less desired jobs. A job is a job though.

About a month before Christmas every year Americans all over the country tell their loved ones about all the things they are thankful for. Without these next farms a lot of people would be a lot less thankful every November.

Don't Forget The Stuffing


Turkey farmers right across the middle eastern part of the United States work hard every year to ensure that every little pilgrim out there has the thanksgiving they deserve.

If Americans were to give each state a slogan, it would go something like this. Whether you agree or not and think each motto is fitting to the state, it’s pretty darn funny. This is what living in America is like in a nutshell. But things might not go so smoothly if this was brought into a geography class. Best to skip over showing this map to a geography teacher.

What Every State Is Known by


Since maps are meant to help people understand parts of the world, this may give some cultural insight into what it’s like to live in the states.

Some presidents have been put to rest in the Arlington National Cemetary while others have been laid to rest in their own hometowns. Let’s take a brief look at the distribution of the burial plots for the Commander in Chiefs who are no longer with us.

Final Resting Places

MinnesotanUser via Wikipedia

Scattered across eighteen different states in addition to the District of Columbia, the deceased former presidents of the United States may be gone but they are surely not forgotten.

Almost every state in the country has at least one federal prison. Whatever happened to those maximum security prisons in the middle of the mountains that we see in the movies?

Locked Up

US Department o Justice

After seeing how many federal prisons there are in America just imagine if the funding for even a third of those prisons would go into rehabilitation instead of imprisonment.

Continuing along the lines of healthy eating, a lot of people seem to have grown tired of eating foods covered in pesticides and other chemicals for some reason.

Healthy Eating


Organic foods could cost an arm and a leg but it sure is nice to know that there’s nothing toxic being sprayed onto our food.

We have already seen that McDonald’s is the most popular place for people to go for some late-night drunk food, but we all have our own favorite burger place to go to if given the opportunity.

Did You Want Fries With That?


Here we see that McDonald’s may be everywhere but it is not the only option. Burger King and the Queen of Dairy remain towards the top of the charts and Texans have made Sonic burger their choice.

It is absolutely no surprise that the highest-paid public employees in America are connected to sports. The success of a college or high school sports team is paramount to a town’s happiness and it shows in how much they are willing to pay their coaches.

And He's In For The Touchdown

Twitter: @ManuscriptMaps

A high school football coach makes an average of around $45K a year which is not too bad at all, but it’s no wonder the end game is to coach college. The average salary for a college football coach is 2.7 million dollars a year. Talk about scoring.

The American landscape is vast and beautiful. No matter where one goes in the country there are spectacular sites to be seen.

Mind The Bears

National Parks Services

Planning an Appalachian trail walk or cross country skiing through the Rockies? Fear not, this map has it all. Just steer clear of Yetis and keep away from those picnic baskets.

The map that is used in Alaskan schools has Alaska in the center and North America to the East. This is just a fun one for a bit of a different perspective.

A Different View Point

Nations Online

With how secluded it is from the rest of the country it’s no wonder Alaska sees the rest of America as ‘that place down there’.

Now that we know where the national parks are and how fast we can go, let us have a look how to get to them.

Route 66 Anyone?

Maps Open Source

Connecting Americans with each other far and wide, the National Highway Services helps to unite all parts of America, with over 164,000 miles of roads that stretch all across the country.

As long as people are eating breakfast there will be a demand for eggs. More than fifty billion eggs are laid in America each year and Iowa unexpectedly leads the way in production.

Poached Or Fried?


Fun uneggspected fact: brown eggs come from hens with red feathers and red ear lobes while white eggs come from hens with white feathers and white ear lobes.

Some people call them chips and others call them crisps. Some call them cookies while others call them biscuits. But what happens when the chips and biscuits make us thirsty. What do we ask for?

'I'll Get A Litre O' Cola'

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Depending on where we find ourselves on this cross country road trip of ours, the answer may vary. Just don’t walk into a place on either coast and ask for some pop or the locals will be able to spot the tourists.

Driving along an empty highway road with music blaring and the wind blowing through our hair can be quite a freeing experience, as long as it is done within the confines of the laws of course.

'Isn't The Speed Limit 55?'

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Most states do have a similar maximum speed limit but it is always better to check first before going on a road trip. Being pulled over by a state trooper is a great way to ruin a vacation.

New York and California maybe two of the more desirable places to live in America but that may change once learning the cost of any apartment bigger than a shoebox.

Need A Roommate?

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Better start looking for a roommate. With an hourly wage of under $25 an hour don’t even bother looking for a place with more than one room.

It is amazing to see the percentage of Americans who have decided to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Locked And Loaded

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For all those who are against guns, maybe just steer clear of the entire center of the country.

Here’s a fun one for the horror buffs out there. From the Texas Chainsaw Masacre’ to ’30 Days of Night’, horror films have taken place in every state right across the country.

'Wanna Play A Game?'

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It’s time to use that map of the interstate highways to get us the heck away from the midwest. And no summer camps either!

Because of the fears that they would defect, it was very difficult in the times of the Soviet Union for Russians to gain permission to leave their own country. Even when they were able to leave there were limits on where they would be allowed to go once in the other countries.

Cold War Era

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From the late 50s until the end of the cold war the places in red on this map were actually the places where Soviets were not allowed to go. Kind of takes the fun out of an American vacation doesn’t it.

Sometimes where we come from defines who we are, alternatively, it sometimes defines who we don’t want to be. One either has pride for their own state or they do not.


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That pride runs in their veins otherwise they usually have an escape plan. Maybe it’s because of all the noise pollution out East that’s causing the lack of state pride and desire to pack up.

As we know, hundreds of years ago the United States of America was built by the hard work of immigrants from all over the world who were trying to find a better life for themselves and their families.


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In the hundred years between 1820 and 1930 more than 6 million germans and 4.5 million Irish made the long journey by boat from Europe to the New World. That makes up almost 10% of the entire population of America in 1930.

After any big night out on the town, it is imperative to grab some grub on the way home. But which are the most frequented establishments to go to late at night in order to quench this craving?

Think The Drive Through Is Open?

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This all depends on where we find ourselves. As great as some late-night hashbrowns and fries could be, few things are better than a nice greasy spoon breakfast, like the one we would find down in the South.

Now that we know where the majority of Americans’ ancestry lies let’s have a look at where the individual states’ names originated.

Where's That Name From?


It is no big shock to see that the majority of the States’ names are derived from Native words. What is a little amazing to learn however, is that the number of states with names of English origin is less than a dozen.

We are very lucky to be living in such a scientific age. As science and medicine progress, life expectancy has been on the rise.

Time To Head To The Coast

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With all the nice weather and oranges around for vitamins, it is no wonder why California and Florida are sporting two of the higher life expectancies in America.

We’ve now seen where in the States the soybeans are grown and even where the majority of eggs and turkeys come from, but ever wonder how much of America is protected federal wilderness or used to make maple syrup? Well, it’s definitely not as much there should be.

Land Distribution

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Believe it or not, there is more land dedicated to cow farming and their pastures than any other industry in the United States.

We have now seen where all the highways and national parks are across the country and we know how fast we are allowed to drive in each state. We even know where most people go for food after a big night out. Now let’s have a look at whose family road trip will have the most cramped car.

Family Matters

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As we can see by this map even the family sizes are bigger in Texas. Families right across the southern part of America will have to jam pack themselves into the family car with not much leg room to spare.



Eerie Drone Photos That Send Shivers Down Our Spine

Hollie Rowson Dilks

This article was originally published on VisualChase

Long gone are the days of buying a throwaway camera, taking pictures, and then heading to a shop to have them developed. Now, within a second or two, you can take a picture and see the instant results. And if that wasn’t enough, along came the drone. With the power of professional aerial photographers and amateurs alike, we all began to see the world from a brand new perspective – and in the process, witness some totally unexpected things. These photos captured the attention of millions who couldn’t believe what they were seeing and blew everyone away.

This drone image can get your heart racing simply by looking at it! Well, imagine what it must feel like to take a walk along this path. One word of advice, don’t look down! With a temple waiting for people to arrive at its summit, the Tianmen Mountain is a staggering 5,000 feet high and can be found in China’s Hunan Province.

No Dream Is Too High

Originally built using wooden planks the pieces have since been replaced with glass. That means that every so often people can get a very clear and terrifying look of that giant drop. For anyone not wanting to risk a loose plank under their feet, there’s also the option to take a cable car.

There are plenty of people who are happy to risk their lives while taking a walk on the wild side, but floating among an ocean full of sharks is a whole other level. The ocean is a fascinating place that’s for sure, but no one can ever predict how a shark is going to act.

Take A Swim On The Wild Side

Basking away in her starfish float position, this woman does not appear to be too distressed, but rather relaxing and enjoying the sun. Rumor has it, the women had no idea so many sharks had swarmed to her, and getting away was a rather tense situation.

What is it with people being so comfortable with sharks, didn’t anyone watch the cult classic movie, Jaws? Because that was enough to stop anyone from going into the water. Named due to their unique features, the hammerhead shark is known for moving around the ocean in mass groups of around one hundred creatures.

Don't Look Up From That Book

Taking some alone time out on the ocean to relax and read her book, this woman was joined by a shark that was the same size as her board! And who knows how many others are on their way.

No matter how many ropes are attached to you, no one can ever be sure exactly how a climb like this one is going to go. Heading out for a lonesome climb, this adrenaline junkie found himself stuck in a rather unfortunate situation.

Not For The Faint Hearted

Making it all the way up to this point, he noticed there were loose rocks above his head, and let’s face it, there’s no quick way down. Found in Utah, this heart-pumping cliff-face is super popular with professional climbers.

Back in the late ’90s, there was a deeply sad story about a man, who was in his forties, that went missing from Florida. It seemed as if he had vanished from thin air after heading out to work. With people shocked and scared, police were under pressure to break the case.

The Missing Man

The unsolved mystery continued for 22 years! Until one day, this drone captured an image of a lake. Taking a closer look, the cameraman discovered the sunken car of the missing man. Unfortunately due to the amount of time had passed no one could work out how the accident ever happened.

Well if this isn’t luxury then we don’t know what is. 1,000 feet high, the rich and famous can play a game of tennis on this helipad. With amazing views of Dubai, the tennis court can be found on the top of the Burj al Arab.

For The Rich And The Famous

It’s great for anyone playing but it is definitely confusing for anyone walking underneath the building when a tennis ball lands on their head. Ouch!

Not something to get your adrenaline going, this sad drone image shows the devastation of war in the Middle East. Plague with war for way too long, this image was captured above a city in Syria.

This Photo Is The Result Of War

People’s homes torn apart, some even had to return to the rubble. Once a thriving city full of people, sadly it is no more. There are broken buildings as far as the eye can see.

Everyone at some point in their lives has heard about the disastrous nuclear power plant explosion in Chernobyl. Whether it was learning about it in history class or watching the hit TV show, it was an event that rocked the world.

The City Of Pripyat

In 1986, the city of Pripyat was evacuated, being told to leave everything behind and get out as quickly as possible. The deserted city is still there, almost looking as if it is waiting for people to return.

Thanks to drones, we are now able to capture images of things people could have never of dreamed. From sky-high buildings and mountains to flying cameras over an active volcano and more. With the area way too deadly for a person to visit, photography has reached new heights – literally.

From A View That Not Even Birds Get

Flying above a flowing river of lava in Iceland, this drone gives us an insight into what happens all the way on top of the volcano after its untimely eruption.

An image captured high above the clouds in one of Spain’s foggy city’s, you can see the stunning landmark that is The Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor in Barcelona.

Far Above The Clouds

Standing high and strong, this statue of a god commands attention as he stands on top of the church. The image is absolutely beautiful and really makes you see the world in a different way.

Elephants are known for being one of the most majestic and intelligent mammals to walk this earth. The animal’s souls can be so clearly seen through their eyes and they group together as humans do when it comes to their families.

Majestic Mammals Above The Sahara

Always protecting the youngest elephant, you can see this running heard of elephants make sure the little ones are in the middle, keeping them away from harm.

Looking like something out of a science fiction movie, this image is truly amazing. Is that a spaceman on another planet about to be covered in lava? Actually, no it’s not!

Looks Like An Astronaut On Another Planet

​​Studying a volcano, this scientist is protected from the heat by his silver suit. Having to get as close as possible, the scientist takes extractions from the volcano to take back to the lab. Now that’s a risky job.

While taking a walk to find a piece of land for them to graze upon, these elephants found themselves in a very unlucky situation. Not only is the land clear from any luscious green food for the mammals, but a pack of lions noticed them in the distance.

Watch Your Back

Also out looking for their next meal, the lions circle the small heard of elephants. As you can see, they turn their backs to each other and create a circle, so they have a clear view of the lion’s from all angles.

This beautiful picture owes itself completely to the invention of drones. Creating this amazing outdoor piece of art by using paints that are biodegradable, artist Saype lies down on top of his masterpiece.

A Stunning Moment Of Beauty

The blissful image shows a giant painting of a young girl pushing a piece of paper out onto a lake close to her home. The painting was said to be inspired by a moment of beauty the artist captured while at his lake house.

Gazelle’s are known for their skittish behavior, having to constantly escape from those animals who see them as prey. It would be practically impossible to ever get this close to the animal without a drone. Being on a high alert all the time is rather draining and these poor animals rarely get a break.

The Chase Is On

Being spooked by the drone, the Gazelle’s began to run, but thanks to the flying technology the drone was able to make chase and follow them for a few miles.

Found in Cusco, Peru this creepy-looking red river looks like something out of a horror movie but don’t worry, there is nothing sinister about it. A beautiful piece of creation by mother nature herself, this Red River gets its color from the mineral deposits found in the clay bed.

The Red River

Due to erosion, the clay mixing with the water created the red color. Flowing through rolling hills of green, the river really looks like something from another planet.

This giant mammal is one of the biggest in the world and is said to have been in our oceans for millions of years. Sadly for this humpback whale’s time on earth is over and its corpse has floated to the surface of the water.

A Free Meal

Taking advantage of an easy meal, sharks begin to tuck into the dead whale. This really is nature at its finest, we can only hope the whale died of natural causes.

Crop Circles have been popping up in movies for as long as we can remember, but the question is, are you a believer? The first-ever crop circles were reported back in 1860 with most turning a blind eye and not wanted to deal with the possibilities of what they could be.

Are You A Believer?

Linked to UFOs and aliens, are these weird circles proof that alien life exists? Or are they just pranks? Nobody knows, except those top-secret forces working over at Area 51 of course.

Gas explosions are some of the most dangerous and the results are always devastating. After an unknown gas leak was left, it wasn’t long until the house exploded! Luckily, no one was in the house at the time.

That's One Giant Explosion

Pieces of the house were found for miles and the home was completely toppled with everything inside. Luckily, the garage kept their neighbor safe. What a lucky escape.

A drone caught the amazing Sagrat Cor Church, found in Barcelona, Spain from a completely new angle. The church is located on the top of a hill and from the level, the view behind can be seen for miles.

A Different View

The Roman Catholic Church, also known as the Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus first opened in 1961. The masterpiece was started by architect Enric Sagnier and was later completed by his son.

Flying over the happy couple, one drone managed to catch a marriage proposal. On the shoreline of this blissful, romantic beach, this man got down on one knee and asked for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage.

Catching An Intimate Moment

Even more special than capturing this special moment, the sunset created shadows of the love birds. We just hope the couple was able to get their hands on this perfect picture.

Everyone feels a special way about their home and some can happily stay in one place their whole lives. This house balances on the very edge of a cliff in Georgia and is the home of a monk.

Living On The Edge

140 feet high, the church is the highest point of the Katskhi Pillar and sits in a small village. The get to and from the building, there is a long ladder that any visitors have to climb. Some people will do anything for some peace and quiet.

Being able to see this utterly beautiful site with a birds-eye view is very special. Found in a quiet and quaint town in east Holland, the image shows a Dutch fort from the past.

The Star Fort

Shaped in a star, the fort was turned into a museum. At this view, you can really appreciate all the effort that went into the landscaping and building.

This one certainly makes you look twice and can almost be seen as an optical illusion. So, what do you see here? Did you guess it right? Is that really a boat stranded on dry land?

What Do You See?

Well, no it is not! This is the crystal clear Burke Lake found in Virginia. The ground is barren with no life at all, and makes for a great photo and apparently, picnic spot!

South East Asia is one of the most beautiful places in the world to take pictures. With unique colors, plants, scenery, and more – the possibilities are endless. This woman was captured working out in the Mekong Delta River in Vietnam.

The Incredible Above Beauty Of South East Asia

The image gained plenty of attention and actually came in second place in the International Drone Photography Contest, out of around 8,000 entries. Now that’s an achievement.

Now a job for the faint-hearted, there are some people out there who spend their days scaling skyscrapers and cleaning the windows of gigantic buildings. Strapping in, the abseil down the building, stopping along the way.

Scaling The Building

Captured in Moscow, you can see the beautiful colors of the sunset as well as the city’s reflection in the glass. It may be a lonely job, but it’s certainly exciting.

Since drones have become a common thing to see flying high above us, some countries have introduced specific laws to stop people from using them. These laws were mostly bought in to stop any other countries from spying!

City Life Can Also Be Beautiful

In busy cities, roads can intertwine like nature and this shot shows just how perfectly it can be done. Taken over the highway in Shanghai, China, we’re not sure if any laws were broken here.

Although this looks like a road making its way through a totally different planet, this image was captured in Arizona. Taking the drone and flying along the road can create this epic effect.

Flying Down The Road

Cool right? This photographer has a great time driving around the US creating images of the roads like no one has ever seen before. Now that’s a good life.

Taking us all the way back to the movie Twilight, this road weaves and winds throughout this ever-changing color of a forest. With reds, browns, and greens, the road is surrounded by amazing views.

The Long And Winding Road

The road can be found in Romania, and this isn’t the only one. There’s plenty of stunning drives to take around the country and if you want to, you can even find camping spots in the woods.

The view is utterly idyllic. This quaint town is Santa Maddalena and can be found in Italy. With luscious green lands surrounded by mountains, this beautiful spot is stunning in every season.

An Italian Escape

With a small population, everyone in the town knows each other and most families have lived there for years, following in their grandparents’ footsteps. And we can certainly see why!

Another vision of beauty, this image from above was taken in Vietnam. Basking in the sun and bathing their feathers, those white spots are indeed ducks! Many people in Asia farm ducks and keep them on vast areas of land.

Duck This Way

As this farmer was crossing over a shallow spot of water, the ducks separate and create a walk way for him. Within seconds, the ducks come back together making it almost impossible to see the water.

What do you see first? The white lines or the amazing shadow markings? Taking in Saudi Arabia over the Red Dunes, photographer Abdullah Alnassar came across these camels.

Desert Lines

The camels were looking for a piece of flat dessert to settle and follow each other one by one. As the sun settles on the land, it creates these amazing camel shadows over the dunes.

The north pole is a place that very few people will visit in their lives, home to unique people and precious wildlife, the cold can only be tolerated by a few.

Stepping Stones

Moving from one piece of ice to another, this polar bear is reaching for his next resting place and trying to avoid the ice cold water. Thanks to the size of the drone, it is able to fly directly above the bear without scaring it.

The earth has experienced many different centuries, and land that was once bustling with life has been left for nature to take over. This building was partly knocked down in a battle.

Nature Always Wins

A front area of the building was left and after nature reclaimed the space, it created this stunning view. Surrounded by green as far as the eye can see, it really is breathtaking.

As time moves on, the earth can often erode due to weather situations and that is exactly what happened here. Once connected to a small town close to the sea, this piece of land managed to move away from the rest.

The Little House on the Bay

Floating between Canada and New York in Alexandria Bay, this house offers maximum privacy and those wanting to go can only reach the house by boat. It’s not far from the shore, but it’s still an effort.

If there is ever a waterfall whilst on a trip, most people will head to see it. To bathe in the freshwater and of course get that perfect shot. Mardalsfossen in Norway is one of the tallest waterfalls in all of Europe.

Chasing Waterfalls

The waterfall drops around 1,200 feet and thanks to the wonders of nature, here the water falls into a misty bottom. The water is known for its icy temperature.

Australian pro surfer Matt Wilkinson was out looking for the next big wave off the coast of Ballina in New South Wales, Australia. Sharks are known to roam the waters there, so it is common for drones, operated by an organization called Surf Lifesavers, to scan the waters and warn surfers of looming predators. The drone spotted a shark swimming right behind Matt, so it warned him and encouraged him to go back to the beach.

The Luckiest Man Alive

Fox Sports

Matt hadn’t noticed anything until he returned to shore, where he was shown footage of the shark examining him and overall being too close for comfort. As this photo proves, Matt should have definitely thanked his lucky stars that day.



Unique Body Features That Are Hard To Find

Ashley Lez

This article was originally published on ScientistPlus

Here’s an amazing fact you probably didn’t know: your body is made up of seven octillion atoms! We know – we were surprised too! As incredible as this revelation is, it also means that seven octillion things in your body can unexpectantly change, either in the womb or after you are born. Don’t be alarmed though; not all of these changes are bad! These unique features and characteristics are, for many people, part of what makes them so special, and they are truly fascinating to see as well. Scroll down to take a look at the rarest and most stunning traits that very few in the world actually have.

While most people have 12 pairs of ribs equaling 24 total, some people occasionally have a 25th rib. About one in every 200 people have a rare body feature called a cervical rib that forms above the first rib, growing at the base of the neck and above the collar bone.

One In 200 People Have An Extra Rib

It’s possible to have one without knowing it because it is not painful. The extra rib sometimes doesn’t fully form and can be a thin strand of tissue fibers that won’t show up on an X-ray. Can you imagine not knowing you’ve had an extra bone all these years?

While you might know many people with red hair, natural redheads are rarer than you think. Out of the entire global population, only two percent of people are born with red hair. It is slightly more common in people with ancestry from northern and western Europe.

Only 2 Percent Of The World Has Red Hair


Red hair is a recessive gene, so both parents need to have the gene for a child to be born with red hair. There are actually a disproportionate amount of redheads in American pop culture, but they only make up a tiny proportion of the population.

While some traits are seen commonly but are considered rare, this eye color is rarely seen. According to the World Atlas, less than one percent of the world’s population has grey eyes. This occurs when there is a low level of melanin in the front layer of the iris.

Less Than One Percent Of The World Has Grey Eyes


The chances of meeting someone with grey eyes are slim, but they are usually more prevalent in places where green eyes are common. The only rarer color is red or violet eyes, which are caused by other conditions.

Golden blood is not quite what it sounds like. Rather than actual golden blood, it’s an incredibly rare blood group that only 40 people in the world have. In scientific terms, people with golden blood are missing Rh-blood cell antigens.

Only 40 People Have What People Call "Golden Blood"


Because they don’t have Rh-blood cell antigens, anyone with another rare Rh group can accept this type as donor blood. These people are incredibly valuable to the medical community, and if they didn’t exist, it would take much longer for people with rare blood types to find a donor match.

While many people have to work hard to keep their cholesterol under control, some people will never have to worry about it. Those people have a gene mutation of the PCSK9 gene. It provides the gene with instructions for making a protein that helps regulate the amount of cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Some People Have A Gene That Naturally Regulates Their Cholesterol


It is so rare that it has only been found in two people. Some people have a single mutation, which still regulates cholesterol levels, but not as efficiently. This would be such a convenient thing to have because you never have to worry about high cholesterol.

You have probably experienced a tingling feeling when your fingers are cold in the winter, but it fades when you get warm again. Some people are left with white and numb fingers for longer than usual.

Someone's Cold


This can happen because of limited blood flow in cold temperatures or stressful situations. It looks like someone dipped their hand in white paint, and we wonder if they can still feel their finger because they look like they are going to fall off.

Although it looks like an ear piercing, it is actually a congenital condition that causes a small hole or dimple above the outer ear. It is usually found on top of the ear, where it connects to the side of the head. It’s mostly harmless, although it can be susceptible to infection.

Less Than 1 Percent Of People Have A Sinus Tract... Above Their Ear

It’s not common in the West, where it is found in less than one percent of the population. Scientists believe it was once a gill, but sadly you can’t use it to breathe underwater.

Our ability to see color is all thanks to the three cones in our eyes. However, there is a small percentage of people called “tetrachromats” who have a fourth cone.

A Few People Can See 100 Million Colors


These people are able to see 100 million colors, which must be amazing. However, it is apparently not a fun experience because it is a sensory overload. Despite seeing so many colors, one person with this rare feature said her favorite color is white.

Albinism is often lumped into one category, and you may not know that there are actually different types of this condition. One type of albinism is ocular albinism, which can affect the hair and skin, but it primarily affects the eyes.

Ocular Albinism Is Only Found In 1 Out Of 50,000 People


The condition causes people to have light eyes, it can reduce vision, cause sensitivity to light, and other eye conditions. According to the Vision of Children Foundation, about 1 in 50,000 people have ocular albinism.

Many people get eyelash extensions to have full and long lashes. This girl does not need extensions because her eyelashes grow in multiple rows. The condition is called Distichiasis, and it can be seen as a full set of second lashes or one single lash in a different row.

This Rare Genetic Mutation Causes People To Grow Extra Rows Of Eyelashes


Elizabeth Taylor had this mutation, and people always assumed she just had voluminous lashes. However, before you get too jealous of people with this condition, it can cause tearing, eye irritation, and sometimes it impacts the person’s vision.

No, this woman is not an elf, but she does have elf-like ears. This is caused by a condition known as Darwin’s tubercle. It is common in Spanish, Indian, and Swedish people. Scientists do not know why this happens.

Have You Ever Heard Of "Elf Ears"?


At least if she ever wanted to make some money as a seasonal worker at the mall, she could easily get a job as Santa’s helper, and she wouldn’t have to put on fake ears. That’s a small win in our book.

Science has shown us how genetics can play a role in all aspects of our life, even altering our taste buds. Only about 25 percent of the population can be categorized as “super-tasters” who have more visible taste papillae (the tiny dots on the tongue) than non-tasters.

Only 25 Percent Of The Population Can Be Categorized As Super-Tasters


This rare body feature makes “super-tasters” more sensitive to the taste of certain foods like those that taste bitter, sweet, or salty. These people generally do not like spicy food because they are more receptive to pain.

Chances are, you are one of the many people that have an innie belly button. It is much more common for people to have innies, and outies are rare and only found in 10 percent of adults. Contrary to popular belief, the navel doesn’t depend on how the umbilical cord is cut at birth.

Outie Belly Buttons Are Actually Really Rare


The thing that determines the belly button shape is how the scar heals afterward. Some people go as far as getting revision surgery to correct their outie belly buttons even though there is nothing wrong with an outie.

Have you ever broken a bone before? If you have, you might be jealous of those people who have a gene mutation that makes their bones almost unbreakable. The gene regulates the production of a protein that plays a role in bone density.

There Are People Who Have Unbreakable Bones


The mutation was discovered when a man involved in a serious car accident didn’t suffer any fractures or broken bones. Researchers found he had an unusually strong skeleton, and his bones were eight times denser than the average person.

You have probably never thought twice before filling out your eye color on an official form, but this simple question is a little more complicated for people with heterochromia. There are three types of this condition: complete, central, and partial.

Some People Are Born With Two Different Colored Eyes Because Of A Rare Condition


This girl has complete heterochromia, where the eyes are two completely different colors. It is most often a genetic mutation, but it can occur due to various medical syndromes or an eye injury. Fewer than 200,000 people have this condition in the US.

If you have dealt with the pain of removing your wisdom teeth, this might frustrate you because some people are born without them. In fact, 20 percent of people don’t have wisdom teeth, which is considered a normal variant.

A Select Group Of People Are Born Without Wisdom Teeth

The occurrence varies across different populations. For example, 100 percent of indigenous Mexicans are born without them, while almost all Tasmanian aborigines have them. That would have saved us a lot of pain.

This is one of the things you might not know you have. The rare body feature is called palmaris longus, and it is a muscle that helped our ancestors climb trees. We don’t use it anymore, but some people still have it.

Long Palm Muscles Are Passed Down From Our Ancestors


It can be used for a tendon graph, but functionally it is utterly useless. If you want to see if you have it, put your arm on a flat surface, then touch your thumb and pinky finger, it will pop out of your wrist.

People like Nikola Tesla, Margaret Thatcher, and Winston Churchill had this problem, even though it wasn’t really a problem; some may even call it a blessing. The DEC2 gene allows people to go through the sleep cycle in less time than most of us.

The DEC2 Gene Allows People To Sleep Less And Work More

Wikimedia commons

It’s no surprise these people used the extra time to achieve greatness. Between one and three percent of people can exist on virtually no sleep with few negative side effects. Some people call it the “clock gene” because it allows them to stay awake longer.

We all have the PCSK9 protein gene in us. However, a small amount of the population has less of it, and the deficiency reduces the risk of heart disease by 90 percent. Some people struggle with this, which also means these people don’t have to worry about their cholesterol.

A Deficiency Keeps Away Heart Disease


It would be so nice to have this deficiency because that is one less thing to worry about in life. We wonder if someone could have this even if heart disease runs in their family because that would put their mind at ease.

While it is well documented in mice and cattle, there have only been a few cases of inactive myostatin genes in humans. The condition causes people to develop incredibly strong muscles. Children who are born with the mutation have lean, well-defined muscles from a young age.

This Mutation Creates Very Strong Children

Those who have it, possess greater strength than children of a similar age. It is so rare that researchers don’t even know the long-term issues associated with the disorder, so we won’t know how it can affect them later in life until these children grow up.

While grey eyes are the rarest color, blue eyes are also only found in eight percent of people. It seems like everyone who has blonde hair also has blue eyes, but they can all be traced back to a single common ancestor.

Only 8 Percent Of People Have Blue Eyes


Scientists tracked down the genetic mutation which took place 6,000 – 12,000 years ago, and it is the reason for all the blue-eyed people on the planet. They are much more common in Scandinavian countries.

Morton’s toe, or Greek feet, is the condition where the big toe is smaller in relation to the first toe. Only ten percent of people have Morton’s toe, and surprisingly, the Statue of Liberty had feet like this.

Morton's Toe Structure Is Very Rare


It is called Greek foot because it was the idealized form in Greek sculptures, and this persisted as an aesthetic standard through the Roman and Renaissance periods and later.

This is something you might not notice, but only 8.4 percent of people have a counterclockwise hair whorl on their heads. If you belong to the ten percent of the left-handed population, the chances are higher that you will have counterclockwise hair.

Only 8.4 Percent Of People Have A Counterclockwise Hair Whorl

You might want to start checking the back of people’s heads because you could find something that is much rarer than people think. It would be nice to tell someone how special they are.

If you have ever sneezed because it was too sunny outside, you are part of a small group of people who have a photic sneeze reflex. About 25 percent of people have an unusual reaction to sunlight, and it can actually be dangerous.

Sneezing Because Of Sunlight Is A Thing, Although Not Very Common


Some consequences of PSR are that it is dangerous to drivers when emerging from dim light, such as a tunnel into full sunlight. If you have reacted to sunlight like this, you could have PSR, and you probably never knew it.

You know how your hands look like they have a bunch of lines on the palm? Well, this guy has a one-way street. Whoever gets to be his palm reader has a pretty straightforward job, right?

Having A Single Crease Through The Palm Is Hereditary


This is something that is only found in 1.5 percent of people on at least one hand. It is also referred to as a simian crease or simian line.

It might be hard to tell when you look at your hand, but there are three different types of fingerprint shapes, and arched ones are the rarest. Other people have looped-shaped and whorl-shaped fingerprints, which are things you would never know about a person because you can’t see them.

Just 5 Percent Of People Have Arch-Shaped Fingerprints


It is even possible to have different shaped fingerprints on each finger because each finger has a different print. The ridges that create our fingerprints not only identify us, but also help us to hold onto things.

One out of 12,019 people is born with their heart on the right side of their chest instead of the left. The congenital anomaly is called dextrocardia and usually doesn’t have any negative consequences; however, there is a possibility it could affect other organs.

Some People's Hearts Are On The Right Side, Literally


Most people live normal lives with this condition, and you can guarantee their heart is always in the right place. Although there might be blockages in the digestive system because of the position of the heart.

Amish people are somewhat of a mystery because they keep themselves closed off from society, and no one really knows what happens in their communities. However, a 2017 study found that they have a gene mutation that stops blood clots from forming.

These Amish People Will Probably Live Longer Than The Rest Of Us


The result is that those who carry the mutation can live up to ten years longer, and they have a smaller chance of suffering from chronic illnesses like heart disease. Therefore, Amish people will probably live longer than us.

Body odor is one of the most embarrassing things because you can do nothing besides showering to get rid of the smell. Unfortunately, some people suffer from a genetic disorder that causes them to emit an unpleasant smell constantly.

Constant Body Odor May Be Unpreventable For Some


The result is that the person with this genetic anomaly will suffer from a strong body odor that smells similar to rotting fish. Thankfully less than one percent of people have this mutation, making it a rare occurrence.

While some people need to do extra grooming because they naturally grow a lot of hair, some can’t control the amount of hair that grows on their bodies. A genetic skin condition called Ambras syndrome causes people to have excess hair all over their bodies.

A Few People Have Excess Hair Growth


While it may be isolated to certain areas of the body, it often covers them entirely with thick hair. It has only affected about 50 people since the Middle Ages. The gene mutation disrupts messages sent to the cells about developing follicles.

Many people will do anything to stay youthful throughout their lives, but others can’t help it. Due to a genetic disorder called Progeria, some people age at a remarkably quick rate. Symptoms usually become noticeable within the first two years of their life.

A Rare Disorder Causes Accelerated Aging

Progeria Research Foundation

People who have this disorder suffer from excessive hair loss, as well as thinning and wrinkling skin. Their life expectancy is typically only 13-20 years, and scientists haven’t found a cure for it.

When someone embarks on an expedition to the top of Mount Everest, it is common for them to bring along a Sherpa to help them guide the way to the summit. These guides can contribute more than just navigation help, as native Tibetans and Nepalese people are uniquely able to breathe at altitudes that make most people sick.

Tibetans And Nepalese People Inherit A Special Gene That Lets Them Breathe At High Altitudes


This unique ability has been linked to a “superathlete gene” that can be traced back to a group known as the Denisovans, who lived in mountainous regions around Asia from 40,000 years ago. This helps the body to distribute oxygen more efficiently.

While some people are pretty flexible, other people have a syndrome that causes their ligaments to stretch out. Marfan syndrome affects the connective tissue and causes people to be tall, lanky, and have elongated limbs.

Marfan Syndrome Makes Your Ligaments Stretch Out


For those severely affected, it can affect their heart, eyes, blood vessels, and skeleton. It can cause bones to dislocate easily, strain the aorta, and give them early onset arthritis. About one in 5,000 people are born with this genetic mutation.

HIV has killed millions of people, and during 1981, it was an epidemic. However, a small group of people of Northern European descent may be resistant to HIV because of an incredibly rare genetic mutation called CCR5 delta 32.

There Are People Who Can't Contract HIV


This abnormality does not allow the HIV virus to enter the cells. The receptor is closed, and scientists have been working on a cure using stem cells to mimic the genetics of those immune to HIV.

Instead of extra fingers, this person has only four fingers on their hand. This occurs because of symbrachydactyly. This occurs in the womb because of a lack of blood flow to the tissue while the fingers are forming.

There Is Mutation That Causes People Not To Have A Pinky


The pinky finger is pretty useless anyway, so they are not missing out on much. At least they have their thumbs because that is the most important finger. We wonder if they have problems holding things.

This man has something called anisocoria. It is a symptom in which one pupil is functioning normally, and the other one is always in a fixed position. His pupil is permanently dilated while the other one works normally.

This Person Only Has One Functioning Pupil

Medical News Today

People have probably wondered if he was on drugs or having problems before because this is such an uncommon condition. It is usually harmless to the person affected by it, and we think that it looks pretty awesome.

They must be asked if they are Sweeney Todd fans often because he famously sported a similar grey patch. However, these white patches are from a disorder called Poliosis. The hair follicles stop growing with color because the melanin is not being produced in these areas.

This Mom And Daughter Have The Same Birthmark In Their Hair

Facebook via Dr. Safwan Al Adwan

Some people have to dye their hair to achieve this look, but these lucky ladies have a feature that is sure to turn heads wherever they go. It’s safe to say who has the strongest genes in the family.

This man has a unique vitiligo pattern, which is a melanin deficiency that causes the skin, hair, and nails to lose pigmentation. It’s like he is a superhero, and his mask is always on, ready to save the day.

Vitiligo Makes Him Unique

Whatpadd via @cocoapebbles

Did you know Michael Jackson started wearing his famous glove to cover up the vitiligo spreading on his hand? He ended up bleaching his skin to make it all one shade after the vitiligo spread more.

When you see the word phalange, you might be thinking of Pheobe from Friends’ fake name, Regina Phalange. Here, we are not talking about Pheobe, but the parts of fingers.

Thumbs Down

Reddit via u/Surgeox

This person’s thumb has three phalanges instead of two. A phalange is a bone in the fingers and toes. Sometimes an extra one can be small and unnoticeable.

When you make a fist, your knuckles should line up next to each other. However, this person’s hand is different, though, because his knuckles in the middle are lower than the rest. It is not a common occurrence, and we have never seen this before.

Two Of His Knuckles Aren't In-Line With The Rest

Pinterest via GitterCat

You might think he punched a wall too hard, but it is caused by a double joint in the knuckle. It usually only occurs on one hand, but it should cause any issues besides trouble punching things.



These Bizarre Photos Are so Creepy We Wish They Weren’t Real

Kelly Vandan

This article was originally published on 24/7Mirror

Do you ever glance at a photo briefly and then pass it by, only to return to it a moment later with a double-take of confusion wondering what on earth that was or if it was even real? Well, every single photo in this list is sure to leave you with that exact feeling. Whether it is just truly strange occurrences or downright creepy captures, these pictures will leave you both mortified and amazed at the same time.

At first glance, this picture almost looks unreal. It’s hard to tell where the water begins and where it ends…if it even does truly end. Called Nemo 33 and located in Brussels, this deepwater indoor pool continues into the depths for a whopping 33 meters (108 feet). If you’re fearless when it comes to extreme depths of water, then grab your flippers and a scuba diving set and jump right in!

The Deepest Indoor Pool in the World


It’s interesting to see that one of the divers is taking photographs of what appears to be a simple concrete wall. What does he see that others don’t?

Almost everyone who sees this photo initially thinks that these interesting-shaped black specks found inside the crystal clear quartz are mini spiders trapped in their forever doom inside a rock, fossilized into a unique and spooky shape. However, looks can be deceiving. The rock is not infested with small black spiders, but rather Mannardite phantoms. This is what causes the somewhat stunning black spots hidden inside the quartz.

Crystal Quartz With a Hidden Surprise


Mannardite phantoms come in many different shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are small and plentiful, like in this crystal quartz, and other times they appear to be larger and more unified. They look so creepy though!

Besides stating the obvious, that something is clearly very wrong with the cabbages growing in this field, the pure surrealness of the image is something to be admired. What exactly is going on here? It really looks like some leftover form of alien waste, or strange massive eggs waiting to be hatched. Very few people would assume from just one look that these strange egg-like substances shooting out of the ground are in fact just a bunch of cabbages.

Cabbage Patch Aliens


The serious question to be asked here, after admiring the strange photo, is what exactly is going on with these cabbages? Are they rotting or just growing in a very unique manner?

There comes a time in every plant’s life where it shows its true colors. Perhaps that day came a little early for this pomegranate. Its white seeds, which are supposed to be a bright juicy red, are outwardly exposed to create a terrifying display of teeth-like creepiness. The boding smile is more of a mocking leer and it’s nearly impossible to ever look at any pomegranate the same.

Pomegranate Gone Mad


This fruit almost seems to be trying to copy the scary look of the famous plant from the Little Shop of Horrors. Although that one was more of a Venus fly trap, this pomegranate seems to be doing a good impression.

Definitely save this trick next time you are looking for some creative shadow puppets on your next slumber party! No one will ever expect such a snazzy trick to be displayed. Although it may be technically cheating, since these shadows are not made from your hands, you will leave everyone speechless. Beware of the possible nightmares these creepy shadow babies might cause though, as they are slightly disturbing.

Shadow Baby Twins


The most intriguing part of this picture is that the babies, although they look quite similar, have such distinct features that they could honestly seem real. One is thin and menacing while the other is looming and chubby.

The Taihang Mountains of China boast one of the most impressive and shocking examples of interesting architectural choices. Even though there is certainly a very rational explanation of why you would build this crazy-looking structure up the side of the mountain (you would really hope so), it’s hard to imagine a rational excuse when looking at this daunting staircase. 300 feet of spiraling steps await anyone brave enough to venture on this exhausting journey to the top of the mountain.

Spiral Staircase up the Side of a Mountain


Besides the pure difficulty of climbing this seemingly endless staircase to the sky, it really doesn’t appear to have been constructed in the most sturdy manner. Look at those concerningly small bars reaching out of the mountain holding the structure in place!

The biblical story of a man named Jonah being swallowed alive by a whale suddenly seems very believable after glancing at this disturbing image. As if the dark grayish-green ocean waters were not formidable enough, this small boat of people has bigger things to worry about. These ocean goers will certainly be in for the surprise of their life when these epic drone photos of their near-death experience are shared with them.

Your Worst Nightmare While Out at Sea


Although this whale is most likely perfectly harmless, the sheer size of the creature is enough to terrify anyone. Can you imagine the impact even the slightest movement of the whale would make on the entire ocean?

The world will continue to debate for many years to come about the existence (or nonexistence) of mermaids. Regardless of which side you’re on, it’s hard to deny the striking similarities between traditional mermaid images and this photograph captured of a beluga whale. Graceful, elegant, and disturbingly human-like, this whale seems to have a combination of a tail and also human-like legs, although they do appear to be stuck within the tail itself.

The Real Life Whale Mermaid


Maybe the original imagery for all mermaids was actually based on the sighting of a few beluga whales, seen from this very particular angle!

Winter is a magical season. Beautiful and unique snowflakes fall to create a blanket of pure white snow all over the ground. Delicate icicles form outside your window. You rush outside to build a snowman but to your horror you see an icicle ghost hiding in the corner of your house. Your winter wonderland dream has become an icy nightmare. Imagine seeing the shadow of this bad boy in the night!

The Icicle Ghost


Besides the creepy shape of this intriguing compilation of icicles, the yellowish-brown color of the ice is also a bit disturbing and calls for some explanation.

The first thought that most certainly runs through your mind upon seeing this photo, is wondering if this is in fact a real animal. And the answer is yes. Not only is this a real bird known as the harpy eagle, but it also happens to be the largest eagle in the entire world with a wingspan of over 7 feet! That terrifying look is warning you to be careful and stay away.

The Eagle That Can Look Into Your Soul


The human-like eyes and enormous size of this creature, combined with its regal and yet threatening pose really make this bird look like an adult dressed up in a bird costume.

With no title on this image, your mind might go wild with possibilities to explain the bizarre appearance of countless small skeletons within one large body. But once you understand the context, it’s actually quite incredible to think about. There are so many sets of bones all squished together in such a small place, it’s shocking that this is natural. Look how many little puppies will soon be entering the world!

Don't Worry, This Is Perfectly Normal


Although people are more accustomed to seeing ultrasounds surrounding pregnancies, the occasional doggy x-ray image that appears never ceases to be shocking.

It looks as if the 1960s thriller called The Birds, was possibly actually inspired by true events. Rome was actually covered in a blanket of blackbirds, blocking almost the entire sky from view. It almost looks like a mosquito infestation or a swarm of gnats until you examine the contents of the picture more closely. At least most of the people around are in the safety of their own car!

When the Birds Blanketed the Sky


This is the stuff nightmares are made of! Birds can be kind of intimidating individually, can you imagine an enormous swarm of them covering the entire sky? That is some scary stuff.

Sheep are quite lovable animals. They’re soft and fluffy and adorable. That is until you try to photograph them at night, with a flash on your camera. And then you will be greeted with a multitude of threatening, terrifying sets of eyes, staring at you shockingly through the pitch dark night. If it weren’t for the somewhat recognizable features of the sheep in the front, this image would be totally unexplainable.

Baa Baa Black Sheep... With the Looming Eyes


This image may singlehandedly be responsible for ending the traditional method of counting sheep used to help people fall asleep. Who would want to think of sheep in the night after seeing this picture?

As if it wasn’t already bad enough to wake up to a gloomy, rainy day on their camping trip, these unfortunate campers also woke up to a scary surprise- a spider infestation. That is certainly one horrifying amount of Cellar spiders all piled up together, especially around the top of the tent. What brought them there in the first place? What were they looking for and why did they choose that place to set up camp?

Daddy Long Legs Set up Camp


There are two positive things to take away from this situation. At least they didn’t wake up to the spiders inside their tent and at least they are just daddy long legs, which are usually pretty harmless.

Getting on and off an escalator can be a risky endeavor, especially for those brave enough to wear flip-flops on their journey. The constantly moving motions and the sharp edges combine to form a risky procedure that one man did not succeed in completing. Hopefully, the only thing he lost that day was his shoe and nothing more. He probably had a lot of explaining to do walking around afterward.

The Hungry Escalator


Shoes can make all the difference in a day. Heels can be painful and uncomfortable, but at least they offer a bit more protection from the teeth of an escalator than these flimsy flip-flops.

The rainfall just finished. Everything was quiet…and then someone walked outside their door to a very shocking image. Frogs were everywhere, covering the ground. But strangely enough, they were not moving. On the contrary, they were specifically spaced on the ground, equidistant from one another, facing the exact same direction. Were they waiting to attack, praying to a mysterious frog god, or taking part in some unexplained frog ritual? We will never know…

The Frog Ritual


What’s more shocking than this unexplained photo is that even despite the presence of an outsider (the photographer), the frogs still didn’t seem to move a muscle.

Most people go for a nice nighttime stroll along the beach to relax and enjoy the peaceful sound of the waves crashing against the sand. What they don’t expect is to run into what looks like an army of Ku Klux Klan members waiting to begin a ritual. At least you can breathe easier once you see that these mysterious white shapes are actually very innocent and inanimate umbrellas.

White Figures on the Beach


This photo creates such a strange illusion for the eyes, with the lights in the background only amplifying the creepiness.

No one in their right mind would be able to guess what this strange spider-like monster really is. All that is clear is that the imminent takeover of the kitchen is inevitable. You’d certainly be shocked to learn that this monster is actually a quite harmless bag of potatoes that was left unattended for far too long. Seeing that they weren’t being used for cooking, they protested and grew insanely long roots to bring attention to their existence.

The Potato Takeover


Note to self: never leave a bag of potatoes alone in the kitchen for months. You may return to an entirely new organism living in your kitchen.

Did you ever wonder what it is like to look inside the mind of a fish? Well, even if you never even once thought of it, you are now presented with the unique opportunity of meeting the barreleye fish. Yes, these fish really do have a transparent head. Apparently, this allows their eyes to collect more light, helping them with their tunnel vision. Whatever the reasoning, it’s a pretty remarkable sight to see.

You Can Read This Fish's Mind


This fish is sometimes nicknamed the “spook fish” and it should be fairly clear why. Although his face looks friendly and harmless, the transparent head is a bit alarming.

It’s not every day that you stumble on a secret meeting of hundreds of birds in the middle of the night. What was meant to be a quick, late-night trip to the pharmacy quickly turned into a strange sighting of some unexplainable bird ritual. Where are all these birds going at this late hour? Why are they all facing the same direction? There are so many unanswered questions.

The March of the Birds


It would appear that there is a reason the parking lot is empty. No one wanted to risk the wrath of the flock by disturbing this strange bird meetup.

Everyone is familiar with the common phrase “If walls could talk”. Well, in this case, the phrase should be “if the roof could talk” because it would certainly have a lot to say. It looks like it’s ready to talk even now, albeit not with the best of news based on the menacing look it is providing. It is a little bit disappointing that this lovely roof lady is lacking a nose.

If the Roof Could Talk


Can you tell if this was an intentional piece of artwork or if it’s just a strange coincidence? Either way, it must look significantly creepier at night with the lights coming out of the windows.

Hopefully, this playground is merely some sort of practical joke and no person ever sets foot on it. Besides the question of how on earth anyone could actually reach it, surely there is not a person on earth who would want to risk that slide of certain death. Both of the playground slides lead right off the roof of the building. Why would anyone ever place the set up there…and how did they manage to place it there at all?

The Rooftop Playground


Although the colors do match the strangely bright yellow and red paint of this unlabeled building, hopefully, both the building and the playground are just abandoned, explaining their oddities.

It would probably be quite difficult for you to find a worse place to sit anywhere in the world. Imagine if somehow you didn’t see the enormous nest or hive of bees that set up camp on your bicycle seat. You would certainly be in for the ride of your life within a short amount of time. Despite the sheer horror that this picture invokes, you can’t help but be somewhat impressed by the hive’s structure.

The Worst Seat in Town


What made those bees decide on that bike in particular as their resting place? Interesting indeed to choose the underside of a bicycle seat over a tree or a bush.

Although it is a very natural process for most reptiles and something that occurs on a yearly basis, there is something a little unnerving about finding a completely intact shell of shed skin. You can still see the expression on the lizard’s face before it replaced its skin- a grimace of discomfort. Look at the perfectly intact neck wrinkles, complete with texture and everything…truly a work of art.

Merely a Shell of Who He Used to Be


Perhaps this is even creepier because it is only the head of the lizard, not even the entire body. Any pranksters in the crowd certainly can see the potential in possessing one of these pieces of skin.

Few people are able to resist the bright and colorful temptation of a juicy raspberry found in the wild. But, perhaps if you are in China, you should think twice before popping raspberry-like items into your mouth. You may just end up chomping down on a little living creature. The rambutanura hunanensis bug (quite a name he’s got) is found all over China and is adorably similar in looks to the beloved raspberry.

The Raspberry's Long Lost Twin


Next time you see a raspberry moving across the ground, don’t be shocked and don’t think it’s just one really strong ant carrying home the day’s bounty. This bug is the long-lost twin of the common raspberry.

Shadows can be deceiving. They can make you look tall and skinny or short and stout on a sunny day. A common slumber party game is to manipulate shades with hand shadow games and a flashlight. So never be surprised by the looks of a shadow and assume it’s something that it’s not, or you may just end up panicking like with this lamp’s shade which is dubiously in the shape of a massive spider.

” alt=”A Shadow of a Spider Inside Your Lamp” data-img-lazy=”” data-src=”” />


Unless you’re living in Australia, it’s unlikely that a spider of this size would make an appearance in any normal home.

Don’t be alarmed by the concerning amount of what looks like human skulls in this picture, it’s not an opened grave pit. It looks like it’s not only the human species that creates a skull-like shape when they pass into the hands of death. The bright and beautiful snapdragon flower is also guilty of decomposing into what looks like a human skull just shortly after its passing.

The Death of the Snapdragons


A bit more terrifying than the average human skull after death and decomposition, each one of these blossoms appears to have passed on in intense shock, with their mouths gaping open.

What do you do when your oven sends out a pure and honest cry for help? You can’t just ignore its simple pleas. Although most people would argue that an oven cannot talk and is merely a machine used by humans, this oven would beg to differ. Interestingly, most ovens can only form numbers on their screens (as letters are pretty useless), but again, this machine seems to be an exception.

The Oven’s Cry for Help


Sadly it’s a bit unclear what kind of help this oven actually needs and what steps can be taken to relieve it. Hopefully it will only be a short time before everything is back to normal.

There is little creepier than a run-down bathroom with a mysterious and unexplainable staircase within it. To make matters worse, this staircase is not only also very run-down but it also leads into the abyss. Where did it once lead and why would anyone ever want to build a staircase directly next to a toilet? There are so many questions about this strange image that will probably never be answered.

The Bathroom Stairwell to Nowhere


Is there a door at the end of the stairwell? If so, is it locked, or closed….or perhaps there is no handle at all. This is really the inspiration they use to make horror films.

Monkeys are not only smart and cute but also come in all different shapes and sizes. Perhaps one of the most unique monkeys in the wild is this Proboscis monkey with a noticeable and fascinating nose. It would be interesting to know what other use this extra-large nose provides these primates in the wild, as they most certainly have a purpose beyond making them look kind of funny.

The Monkey Is Shocked by His Own Nose


Most people are so busy looking at this fellow’s nose, that they tend to ignore the beautiful hair and bib-like mane around his head. And don’t forget to enjoy the shocked expression of his gaping mouth!

It’s hard to tell if the roof console that suddenly fell with a shocked look on its face or the passenger is more scared from this surprising turn of events. Turned upside down, these lights and mirror look an awful lot like a screaming robot, surprised to have been discovered. Honestly, its innocence is quite endearing and the little man seems friendly, even if he is a bit scared.

The Screaming Roof Console


To some extent, this picture looks a bit like Edward Munch’s famous screaming man painting. It’s just missing the accompanying hands to exemplify the shock on the face.

Although nothing can really be proved from just these interesting maps alone, there is something to be investigated based on the concerning images. The maps correlate almost too perfectly between mysterious and unexplained disappearances and the United State’s largest cave systems. No one wants to think about what could be going on in those caves, but the picture these maps are painting seems to go beyond mere coincidence.

Largest Cave Systems With a Mysterious Secret


It seems like it is only a matter of time before Netflix takes these maps and uses them as the inspiration for their next crime documentary series.

The sky and its fluffy-shaped clouds have a habit of looking like many different items. But perhaps you never expected the skies above to look like a scratch and sniff sticker or a scrape away surprise board. It looks like some celestial being decided to scratch away a portion of the clouds to make way for a little bit of blue skies for the people down below to enjoy.

Scratch and Sniff in the Sky


The clouds themselves are also quite stunning in this picture, but the contrast with the bright, almost cobalt blue sky is spectacular to a new level.

Even if you weren’t expecting guests for afternoon tea, this turtle had a different plan and will happily intrude on your quiet time at home. Don’t worry, he’s probably quite friendly. It’s just that your wall happened to be in his way and instead of walking around (turtles do walk quite slowly) he opted for barreling right through by digging his way. Well, at least these homeowners don’t have mice!

Knock Knock.... Who's There? Mr. Turtle


What series of events led to this turtle getting trapped in the walls anyway? How long was he stuck inside before finally being able to break free? It must have been so concerning to constantly hear scraping and strange noises from the other side of the wall.

Most children will happily gallivant through the forest, playing with their friends, picking flowers, and climbing trees. Hopefully, the kids see the warning signs on the bark of the Silk floss tree before attempting to climb to the top. Otherwise, they’ll certainly return home covered in cuts and scrapes. This frightening tree is covered in spike-like formations in order to keep predators away from its precious and delicate pink flowers that grow on the upper branches.

The Tree With Spikes of Defense


The naming of the tree is most definitely not related to the defensive spikes on the bark, but rather it is named after the beautiful silk-like flowers that grace it.

This is the perfect example of how important timing is when taking a photo. The simple perfection of the timing of this capture creates the illusion of a horrifying, murderous ghost-like figure instead of a simple red bed sheet. Either way, the neighbors almost definitely had the scare of their lives when they looked over briefly and saw what appeared to be a ghost trying to enter their neighbor’s house.

The Ghost of the Red Bedsheet


Notice how calm the woman’s expression is (while facing such a scary danger). She probably had no idea of the illusion her bedsheets created until the photographer showed her this image.

For thousands of years, people have been claiming to sight big and terrifying monsters in the sea. Of course, the world is full of sharks and whales and more, but humans always claim that there is something else. This picture almost seems to be the perfect evidence of the crazy monster’s existence, until you realize one thing….this is actually just seaweed. Yes, it is a lot of seaweed. And yes, the seaweed is enormous…but at the end of the day, it’s still just seaweed.

The Moment You Realize Sea Monsters Are Real


Even though it’s technically harmless, most people still wouldn’t feel so comfortable swimming around in seaweed-infested waters, especially seaweed that looked like that.

If you’re looking for the perfect prank to play on your friends and family, you may have just found it. Despite the fact that it was discovered by mistake and probably almost gave someone a heart attack before they understood what was going on, the idea can be used elsewhere. However, if you’re living alone, make sure to bring your boots inside at night so you don’t wake up terrified that there is an intruder waiting at your door.

There's Someone Waiting at the Back Door


You can almost imagine someone gazing in fear at the door, waiting for the mysterious boots to make a move. 5 minutes pass, then 10, then 20. The boots don’t move even an inch. It would be both scary and confusing until they realized it was actually just a pair of boots, with nobody inside.

If you are ever looking for a sign to stop, turn around, and run….this would be it. In fact, it could not be any clearer. What really could appear to be the apocalypse in this surreal stormy photo, does actually have some hope of clearing skies to the right. But if the clouds are moving in that direction, it’s only a matter of time before the entire sky is one foreboding, dark disaster.

Turn Back Now - You Have Been Warned


Only a true adrenaline junkie or a storm chaser would voluntarily drive into such an apocalyptic scene and expect to make it out alive and well. It literally almost looks like the collision of night and day.

Everyone loves ladybugs and appreciates their fun, bright red color that is covered in black dots. But how many people could claim to have seen a dew-covered ladybug? Well, now one more…you! If you didn’t know better, you might think that this beautiful sparkling object was a beaded or glass broach meant to be worn as a decorative piece of jewelry. Who would think that it is actually a stunning close-up image of a ladybug covered in the morning’s fresh dew?

The Beaded Ladybug Covered in Dew


Honestly, though, someone needs to use this as an inspiration for a piece of jewelry to add to their collection. Fittingly name this the Dew Covered Ladybug, remade with beautiful and fragile glass.

This is the last photo ever taken of kayaker Andrew McAuley. In 2007, Andrew set out to cross the Tasman sea by himself on his kayak, in an attempt to become the first person to kayak from Australia to New Zealand. Sadly, he never made it, and his capsized kayak was found off the New Zealand coast. In a tape recovered from the kayak, the late adventurer said he hoped he “haven’t bitten off more than I can chew.”

Where Did He Go?


Andrew died doing what he loved, and this haunting picture recovered from his camera is a testament to that.



Times When People Did Questionable Things for Social Media

Jason Pasos

This article was originally published on Buzzerilla

Remember when social media was mainly used to see what our close friends and family were up to? Yeah, that time is long gone. Nowadays, some people’s main priority is getting as many likes or views as possible. And with how much money they can make off of online content, who can blame them? But sometimes, influencers or everyday people take things a bit too far. Keep scrolling for amusing moments when users couldn’t believe the lengths others went to for online fame.

Social media is filled with people who walk up to strangers on the street and suddenly start filming them and asking questions. Most of these are just done for a laugh. However, some videos are done in a way meant to reflect positively on the interviewer, and they’re sometimes a bit cringe. This guy posted these photos alleging he’d sat down with a random woman at a table and came away floored by whatever wisdom she was offering up.

"Bro, This Is Your Grandma"


But someone called him out and said that this was just his grandmother and that they go to church together, which is honestly pretty hilarious. Don’t always believe everything you see online.

There are a couple of photos on this list that show people risking their lives for a selfie, but this is probably the only one that actually has us a bit freaked out. We’re not sure what city this photo was taken in, but the building looks like it might’ve still been under construction when she decided to hang from it and get someone else to take a snapshot of her.

Risking It All For the Perfect Photo

CEN/Alexander Mavrin

It wasn’t the wisest decision this woman ever made, but we will give it to her: she’s not afraid of heights — or putting herself in potentially life-risking situations.

We’re not sure if the person who posed for this photo was aware of what was in the background or not, but either way, social media users were not a fan of this post. She took a photo posing in front of a memorial to people who fought and died during WWII. If that wasn’t enough, she wrote a caption at the bottom that said, “Some days you just have to create your own sunshine.”

Maybe She Didn't Realize That's a List of WWII Veterans Who Passed Away


Anywhere else, that’d be fine, but in front of a memorial for those who died in combat? It’s not really a good look.

Some people will do just about anything to get famous on social media. A guy posted a short on TikTok in which he filled up his town’s river with soap until it looked completely unrecognizable. He then bragged about it online and went viral – but not for the reasons he hoped. Users called him out on damaging an ecosystem and said he probably ended the lives of hundreds of fish and other wildlife that called the river home.

Ruining a River to Go TikTok Viral


We’re not sure whether this guy faced any consequences, but the negativity he got in response probably made him rethink his actions.

This one was a pretty popular trend on TikTok, and it basically involved women or girls walking up to random strangers and getting a bit too comfortable with them. In other words, it involves people being assaulted in public so that someone can post a video on TikTok. It’s pretty uncomfortable, as shown by the reactions in these photos. We’re not sure what people expect others to do, but this is probably how we’d feel if a stranger sat on our laps.

Giving Unconsented Lap Dances

TikTok/stervaaass via Reddit

They both look like they’re trying to get out of this situation as quickly as they possibly can. The guy on the right looks horrified, and we kind of feel sorry for him.

What do you do if you want to have a desert photoshoot but you don’t live anywhere near a desert? We don’t know, but we do know that you shouldn’t do what this person did. She walked through a display at a conservatory, risking damaging the plants in the display. The saddest part is that employees repeatedly asked her to stop, and she continued taking photos and posing for the camera anyway.

That Sign Says "do Not Step on Plants"


Not only did she risk the plant life, she probably irked quite a lot of staff in the process. We hope she didn’t actually stomp on any plants.

This photo made headlines worldwide when it was taken back in 2016. Some tourists managed to snag a baby dolphin swimming close to shore in Argentina. They then started passing it around the crowd so people could take photos with it. However, they kept the water creature outside of the water for way too long. The dolphin ended up being left on the shore, where it sadly passed away.

This Baby Dolphin Passed Away After Tourists Handed Him Around for Selfies


Perhaps one of the worst parts about the whole event is that the animal was an endangered dolphin species.

Fields filled with flowers make for great photos. But, as tempting as it is, that doesn’t mean we should go trampling through them to take a picture. That’s what happened here after a crowd of people pretty much destroyed a farmer’s field to take some photos for their social media accounts. The farmer probably depended on this crop to feed his family and continue operating, but most of it looked like it was wiped out.

This Man's Flower Field Got Trampled for the Gram


The worst part just might be the look on his face in the “after” photo. You can literally feel the farmer’s pain. Hopefully, he was able to recover from this.

This one is pretty harmless, but it’s hilariously deceitful. Someone posted this photo of themselves and what looks like their arm covered in tattoos. However, it turns out it wasn’t really their arm at all. Instead, it was someone else’s. As far as a lot of other items on this list go, this just seems like something harmless a teenager would do, but it’s still pretty funny to see the behind-the-scenes.

"Just Let Me Borrow Your Arm for My Tinder Profile"


A lot of commenters pointed out the same, with some even going as far as to say this kid was pretty creative in using his friend’s arm like that.

Who on social media isn’t guilty of, at one point or another, posting a photo just to show off a new piece of clothing, an accessory, or a technology gadget we bought? But you got to keep in mind that there’s a time and place for everything. For example, showing off your high-brand purse at what used to be a functioning concentration camp is probably not the best idea.

Showing off Some Louis Vuitton at Auschwitz


We’re not sure what was going through his mind or why he thought this was the time or place to show off his bag, but he sure got pushback from the online world.

We don’t often think of balloons as being particularly harmful to the environment, but they can be pretty detrimental. They’re made out of plastic, and if they’re not disposed of correctly or if they end up flying away, then they can land just about anywhere. A rancher posted a photo of this balloon after it almost choked one of his calves. He had to dig it out of the calf’s throat and, luckily, managed to save it.

A Random Balloon Almost Choked This Rancher's Cow


He even found a note on the balloon that asked whoever found it to post a photo on social media, meaning they intentionally let it go. At least they got their photo, plus a note from the rancher.

Unfortunately, it’s not all that uncommon to hear about someone dying after putting themselves in dangerous situations for a selfie. The woman in this photo was performing a yoga pose on the railing of her balcony when this photo was shot. However, she reportedly ended up falling off just moments afterward. She fell some 80 feet to the ground below, but luckily she ended up surviving the whole ordeal.

She Fell off Right After This Photo Was Snapped


She broke both legs and had fractures all over her body, but this situation could’ve been much worse, and frankly, she’s lucky to have survived such a fall.

Right off the bat, there’s nothing wrong with giving people hugs, not even strangers. However, they have to be consensual. If you want to give strangers hugs, then maybe hold up a sign in public offering to give people hugs. That’s not what this TikToker does. Instead, she goes around and randomly hugs strangers, cornering them if they look like they’re not interested. The guy in this photo looks comfortable, but commenters said many others don’t.

Forcing Hugs Onto Strangers for TikTok Views

TikTok/8_alesha via Reddit

What do you think about hugging strangers for views? Is it cute and funny or just uncomfortable and unnecessary?

Adopting a child is a huge commitment, just as having a child is a huge commitment. Nobody goes into adopting a child expecting that they’ll later return that child or “rehome” them. At least, we like to think nobody goes into that process with something like that on their mind. However, people started asking that question when this adoptive mom gave her son away after years of making social media videos with him.

This Influencer Placed Her Adopted Son With a New Family


She and her husband recorded the entire adoption process and continued to make videos after they adopted, no doubt racking up some serious money. And whether or not you think they did it all for the money, it doesn’t change the fact that it was probably heartbreaking for the little boy.

They say a picture says a thousand words, and this one certainly does. It’s also pretty hilarious. This girl was taking a photo with a bunch of kids in Africa, and many of her online followers suspected it was done to make herself look better or like she was doing something noble. But these kids are having none of it. The looks on their faces say it all.

These Kids Are Having None of It


We won’t give you any captions, but we’re sure you can come up with a few on your own. This should seriously become a meme if it hasn’t already.

Working in the service industry is never easy. Anyone who’s ever worked at a clothing store or restaurant knows that there’s at least one customer every day who will make you work a little harder than the rest. For the waiter who posted this, that customer sent back their pancakes because there was sauce on them instead of on the side. But when he delivered fresh ones with caramel sauce on the side, she immediately poured all the source on.

We Hope She Left the Waiter a Good Tip


So why did she need them on the side in the first place? Because she had to film herself pouring the caramel on for her Instagram content.

We’re not sure where this photo was taken, but it seems to be a popular activity to dangle your children from a ledge and snap some photos for social media. There has to be a story as to how this all got started, and we imagine it probably involves a pair of parents doing the same and going viral. Anyway, this is pretty scary since one slip could lead to a child falling off the ledge.

Hanging Children From a Ledge For Photos


There are even people sitting on the ledge, but at least they’re not putting anyone else’s life in danger, and it doesn’t look like they’re doing it for a photo.

In recent years, gender reveal parties have become all the rage. People love finding new and creative ways to learn the gender of their baby while celebrating with friends and family. And just when we thought we’d seen it all, we came across this headline. The expectant parents “had been experimenting with different types of explosives in hopes of recording a gender reveal ceremony… on social media.”

Explosives Are the Latest Trend in Gender Reveal Parties


Sadly, the explosives went awry, and one woman was injured to the point of losing her life. The lesson here? Don’t get too creative with these gender reveals, please.

While divorces are relatively common, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t break it to your kids in a way that’s easy for them to process. In other words, don’t tell them and then film their reactions for a YouTube video. That’s what this guy did, and the internet had a lot to say about it. A divorce can be a lot for a child to handle, and it can also affect them for a long time if not done carefully.

How Not to Break a Divorce to the Kids


This was not done carefully, and while we haven’t watched the video or seen if it’s still even uploaded, we can imagine why the internet didn’t love this video idea.

This woman was accused of adopting several children and using them to make videos on YouTube. And that’s not the end of it: she reportedly mistreated them to force them to work. Their videos ended up getting millions of views until the abuse was brought to light. It’s extremely difficult having to go through the foster care system, and we can’t imagine the pain these children must’ve gone through.

She Adopted Kids Only to Use Them in Content

YouTube/Fantastic Adventures

The mother was arrested, and the children were put into protective custody. We hope they’re getting plenty of love and care now.

It looks like maybe these two were either trying to take a photo or shooting a short whenever they realized that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. In the second photo, you can see how one girl is curled up and trying to shield herself from the industrial sprayer, which isn’t that surprising. These things are designed to have as much pressure as possible without ripping the paint off cars.

That Looks Painful


We imagine these two came away from this one with more than a couple of marks, but also maybe a little bit wiser than when they went into it.

Actor Chris Evans posted this screenshot on Twitter after someone claimed to have received a text and Facetime from him. We can see why he’d want to disprove this, but we can’t exactly understand why someone would fake something like this in the first place. It wouldn’t take much to disprove, and when people eventually find out you are lying, it’d just make you look like you are searching for attention.

When Chris Evans Calls You Out


Luckily, this never exploded or caught on, but that probably has more to do with the actor coming out so quickly and stating that it simply didn’t happen than people not taking notice.

This photo is pretty disheartening, but there could be a couple of explanations for it. A woman posted a photo of herself staring at her mother’s body during her funeral, which seems pretty bad. However, in some other cultures, it’s not really uncommon to take photos of or with a deceased relative, and death isn’t viewed the same way as it is in many Western cultures. In fact, in some places funerals are a lot more festive.

It's Never the Wrong Time or Place for a Selfie, Right?


That said, this photo certainly does make it look as though all the attention is on the daughter and not on the event itself. It’s also a really high-quality photo that looks like it was taken by a professional photographer.

Before we get into this one, there’s really nothing wrong with enjoying nature, even in your own backyard. However, you probably shouldn’t get all dressed up and make it look like you’ve trekked off into the wilderness somewhere for a leisurely jog. That’s what this woman did, and her brother ended up calling her out on it. Not only that but as some people in the comments noticed, she isn’t even dressed to go hiking.

She Went "hiking" in Her Backyard


It seems as though she just took the photo to get some likes on social media, but honestly, after seeing this, we’d rather meet and have a beer with the brother. He seems like a pretty cool guy.

This screenshot from a TikTok short is just really perplexing. This girl posted a video of herself tearing up with the caption, “it’s the 1950s, and you see your African American friend being beaten. But you have to act like you don’t care”. Yeah, that was really posted, and for what reason or what she was trying to say is a mystery. Maybe she’s trying to say that racism makes her sad, but if so, then why not do something about it?

We Just Have One Question: Why?

TikTok/grandaddykori via Reddit

This one is just all-around really weird and super cringe. However, what’s worse is that this video has more than 150,000 likes on TikTok. On the bright side, the comments are pretty hilarious.

There’s nothing wrong with tagging or spray painting certain places when you’re in the city, but you probably shouldn’t do that out in nature. And especially not when you’re in a national park. This guy spray-painted a rock in Yosemite National Park, which is not only illegal but also destructive. People don’t go into nature because they miss looking at buildings with graffiti on them; they go to get away from all of that.

Just Tagging Boulders in Yosemite


We’re not sure what ended up happening to him, but we imagine that it probably wasn’t hard for park rangers or police to track him down if this photo can still be found online.

These screenshots really say it all. The Dad here decided he wanted to play a prank on his son and took a shaver to his hair. Not only that, but he filmed the whole thing for a TikTok video and then recorded his son’s reaction. He basically made his kid cry so that he could get a bunch of views on his videos. He got to pay the bills.

He Pranked His Son by Secretly Shaving His Head

TikTok/haleyspaceway via Reddit

We can’t imagine what this kid ended up telling his classmates and teachers the next time he went to school. He probably had to end up shaving his whole head.

We’re not sure what the context or point of this video was supposed to be, but it basically involved this woman throwing a chair out the window of a building. That’s generally not a good idea considering there are pedestrians and cars down below, and the chair could do some serious damage to someone. It could probably even kill someone. Luckily, this story does have a pretty happy ending, though.

This Influencers Way of Saying "good Morning" Is Throwing a Chair off Her Balcony


The woman in this screenshot was arrested and ended up having to pay a pretty hefty fine and do community service, plus she now has that on her record for the rest of her life.

Plastic straws are notoriously bad for the environment, so why anyone would buy a whole pack just to go out and dump it into a waterway is beyond us. However, that’s what this person did, and they filmed the whole thing for social media. This seemingly doesn’t have any point to it as we don’t think anyone would find this funny or clever, but who knows, we could be wrong.

This Guy Really Doesn't Care About the Turtles


Hopefully, whoever did this was found and made to clean up their mess by the authorities because straws are incredibly bad for ecosystems, even small ones such as lakes.

When you order something in a restaurant, you’re generally required to pay for it, whether you end up eating it or not. However, these influencers went to this restaurant and ordered a bunch of food and cakes and then refused to pay since all they wanted to do was take photos. That still doesn’t change the fact that someone had to cook the food, but who are we to point out something obvious?

They Ordered Cake to Take Selfies and Then Refused to Pay Because They "didn't Touch Them"


We actually feel really bad for the staff in this situation as we’re sure this wasn’t something they’d started their day planning on having to deal with. You expect a couple of rude customers but not something like this.

This kid is recording a video while his grandfather is in bad shape in the background. The grandfather even apparently passed away not too long after all of this happened. That said, some people in the comments pointed out that different people have different coping mechanisms when they’re forced to deal with a death, especially if it’s their first time. We don’t know if that was the case here, but it’s possible.

Grandpa Was on His Deathbed via Reddit

Either way, we’re sure that this kid didn’t look back on this video and think it was one of his proudest moments, if the video is even still uploaded somewhere.

While we certainly don’t understand a lot of photos on this list or the reasoning behind some of them, most of the people in them weren’t setting out to intentionally harm themselves. That’s not the case here. This girl filmed herself eating a blackberry, even though she was extremely allergic to them. Or at least, that’s what most people thought at the time. It turned out the whole thing was made up.

This Girl Said She Was Deathly Allergic to Blackberries

TikTok/katedipasquale via Reddit

She even had a fake epi-pen on hand. However, to be honest, faking something like this is only slightly better than actually eating something you’re really allergic to.

Someone posted this photo with a caption that said they were bored and planned on drinking whatever it is that is inside of a snow globe. They also said they’d keep people updated as to what happened, and apparently, it ended in a trip to the hospital. That’s not that unsurprising. It’s more surprising that someone would get bored enough to drink the contents of a snow globe in the first place.

He Drank the Contents of a Snow Globe


And if you’re curious as to what is inside a snow globe, it’s usually glycerin, water, a bit of alcohol or bleach, and plastic shards for the snow. So, not exactly snake poison but still hazardous enough to earn you a trip to the hospital.

We don’t know what kind of urge would make you want to walk up to a random person and just push them into a body of water, but whatever it is, this guy apparently had it. These photos show him pushing a photographer into a lake while he’s busy taking pictures. Besides that, the guy looks like he has some pretty expensive equipment on him when he’s pushed in.

Pushing a Photographer Into a Pond


That lens alone was probably hundreds of dollars, if not more. It’s definitely expensive enough to make a call to the police after getting out of the pond and realizing what happened.

If you want to take a romantic photo of yourself lying in a field of flowers, then you should probably go out and buy your own field. It beats ruining other people’s fields or even parks where people come to see mass blooms. We’ll admit the before photo turned out pretty good, but nothing is worth turning a field into that after photo, especially not when you’re just doing it for likes.

Another Day, Another Trampled Flower Field


It’s also a bit ironic that the theme of the before photo involves nature, and all you’re doing is ruining nature, or at least leaving it a little worse than when you found it.



People Who Were Masters Of Passive-Aggressive Behavior And Didn’t Hold Back

Brenda Miller

This article was originally published on DailyBee

While some people go to great lengths to keep situations as pleasant as possible, and others have no problem being blunt, some people resort to sarcastic notes, hostile behavior, or anything that shows exactly how they feel in the most indirect way possible. While we don’t think there’s much benefit to passive-aggressive behavior, it can be pretty hilarious to see just how far people will go to get their point across without confrontation. Take a look at these masters of passive-aggressive behavior who would probably graduate from anger management with flying colors.

Now, this is just hilarious. One person in the building was tired of hearing their neighbors’ constant loud music, so they decided to make their wifi name “you’re music is annoying.”

A Reminder To Check Your Grammar Before Scolding Someone

Unfortunately, they didn’t do a proper spell check, and their neighbor was ready to give them the most humiliating comeback. They bluntly corrected their grammar for everyone to see.

There is no doubt that many charities out there are doing indispensable work. We also understand that many of them are underfunded and rely a lot on public and individual donations.

A Charity That Went Too Far

But instead of using an advertisement that inspired people to donate, this charity might have gone a little too far with trying to convince people to contribute to the important cause.

Some people use the funniest and most creative communication tools to call their roommates out about something they should be doing or something they are doing wrong.

Martin Spooner King Has A Dream

This person literally “recreated” the Martin Luther King Jr.’s renowned “I have a dream speech” to ask (or demand) their roommates to wash their dishes; we hope it worked!

When someone added a sign on this fence that read “Post No Bills,” someone started the most creative tangent. One person began by printing the picture of a famous Bill, and then things got out of control from that moment on.

To All The Bills Out There

Several famous Bills were posted on the fence in the following days, creating the funniest passive-aggressive response to the sign.

Here’s the thing, being able to take on constructive criticism about our work is a skill many of us should have if we ever want to grow professionally. But then again, some people love complaining about everything, and we’re guessing that this person has had it!

If You Ever Complain About This Person's Work, You're In For A Treat

So they passive-aggressively let everyone know that the best way to complain about their work would be by taking a number from the grenade.

This one might create some mixed feelings between certain people, especially the smokers out there. While we know that the note is meant in a sassy and humorous tone, smoking customers could also feel like they’re being judged or looked down on, which no restaurant wants to do.

Apologies For Your Slightly Extended Lifespan, Smokers!

Either way, their choice of words is definitely brilliant, and they aren’t wrong about the extended lifespan.

Some people in this world seem to be entirely allergic to doing small tasks in the house. This could range from watering the plants, washing the dishes, or doing something as simple as changing the toilet paper.

When Your Roommate Refuses To Change The Toilet Paper

So when this person tried to passive-aggressively remind their roommate that they would not get brain damage if they did so, the roommate had a hilarious comeback.

So many people in this world are completely unaware of their surroundings. And while this may not always come with consequences, it certainly did for the people on the second floor.

"Second Floor, We Can See You Shagging"

They were wrapped up in an intimate moment, and their neighbors on the other side of the building saw the entire thing. They obviously thought that leaving them a very public note was the best solution.

How annoying is it when you explicitly ask a waiter not to put something in your food, and instead of writing it down or really listening, they forget about it? Now, there’s no doubt that we all make mistakes, but in some cases, we clearly notice that the waiter simply didn’t make an effort.

I Said No Onion!

So instead of verbally complaining, this person had an interesting method to catch their attention.

We have no idea what the situation was here, but we suspect that it involves one of those homeowners who loves giving their “opinion” about what someone else should or shouldn’t do with their property.

Poor Bob Wasn't Ready For This

So this person got a little bit cray-cray and went on to paint a huge message to Bob so that the entire neighborhood could see. Bob was probably not very happy about it.

We are pretty sure that after receiving this note, this person will never leave their cigarette buds on the floor again. Their neighbor got fed up with the smell of smoke and the trash they would find under their stairs.

In Case You Forgot Your Cigarette Buds

As a bit of present and passive-aggressive reminder, they sent their neighbor the cruelest note that most certainly got the message across.

When a person gets drunk, they don’t necessarily make the best choices. This guy right here certainly was one of those people.

"I Get Drunk And Leave Pizza In The Oven All Night"

The guy got home completely drunk, grabbed a frozen pizza, put it in the oven, and then left it in there for hours until their partner smelled something burning in the oven. Obviously, their partner had to make a strong point, so this wouldn’t happen again.

If we ignore the small grammar mistake, this note actually makes for a hilarious passive-aggressive situation. Many of us know exactly what it feels like to have someone parking in our spot, leaving us scrambling to find another parking space.

Do Not Park In My Spot!

So when this person had enough, they used a very interesting euphemism to catch the parking stealer’s attention.

It seems like someone wasn’t using the toilet correctly, or they were going through some pretty difficult times down there. When someone got fed up with the terrible state they constantly found their toilet in, they decided to leave a little message.

An Explicit Note Of Toilet Desperation

But instead of writing a note, they made a drawing that couldn’t have been more explicit than this one. Hopefully, the messy situation was just a phase.

Living next to neighbors is not always an easy task. They are almost like family because you don’t choose them, so you have to adapt or do your best to keep things civil even if things don’t click between the both of you.

A Very Explicit And Discrete Way To Say "Piss Off"

Clearly, something happened between these two neighbors because one of them went all the way to create a wooden structure that indirectly said: “piss off.”

Some people go to great extents to make a point, and this person right here was absolutely one of them. Clogged drains are no fun, and unclogging them is probably one of the most disgusting experiences anyone can have.

The Yuckiest Way To Inform Others That The Drain Is Unclogged

So when this person was fed up with their roommate clogging their drain without doing anything about it, they did it themselves but left a little surprise behind.

We have all probably experienced that terrible moment of lending someone your pen and knowing deep down inside that you would never see it again in your life.

A Subtle Threat To The Pen Thief

So when this person got tired of the annoying shenanigans, they decided to leave a very dark and passive-aggressive note to the pen thief, and they even managed to end it with a “thank you for your understanding.”

Living or working with someone who continuously spoils the food or drinks because they are lazy is the absolute worst! This person either lived or worked with someone who simply failed to close the fridge door every time they used it, so their milk kept spoiling.

When You Live With Someone Who Constantly Ruins Your Milk

When the person tried to leave a little aggressive message, the other person had a hilarious comeback ready to go.

It’s not a secret that some people thrive from being passive-aggressive to others, and sometimes they don’t even need a complicated situation to pass on that little sarcastic note.

The Passive Aggressive Queens And Kings

By the looks of this note, it seems like someone was over the passive-aggressive game and decided to use a hilarious pun to send their peer a note. Did it work? We will never know.

If you’ve worked in an office, you have probably realized how common it is for people to argue over the temperature. Some people like it warm while others like to sit in a freezer.

When The Thermostat Wars Reach A Peak

This person had enough of the thermostat wars and decided to leave a note about the correct uses for each setting. Setting it to fan and cool at the same time seems like it would be absolutely freezing.

We definitely love a little game in the office, especially when someone is way too invested in achieving something that seems quite mundane.

I Shall Not Return The Purple Marker

Not to say that it’s not incredibly annoying when someone takes something and then never returns it, but this purple marker thief was willing to play a little game of cat and mouse, creating the most hysterical situation.

Ouch, this quirky person made a hilarious joke that may have hurt some people a little bit. Apparently, someone who was using the coffee maker realized that the water wasn’t hot for a while, so they left a note that read “coffee maker not hot.”

When A Person Is "Not Hot" But Has A Great Personality

A hilarious colleague wrote a small response that said, “but has a great personality,” referring to a person, obviously.