Officer Has Idea To Help Panicked Mama Duck Reunite With 11 Ducklings In Drain

When tiny ducklings are born, they begin the process of imprinting within minutes of hatching, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The tiny babies see and recognize their mama and begin following her around in a row. It is both adorable and part of their natural instinct. However, recently, a group of baby ducklings found themselves in a precarious situation, as 11 of the 12 little ones fell into a storm drain in Haywood, California. They were panicked and had no way out, as their mama duck desperately quacked from above the drain.

It all started when the mama duck and her 12 ducklings were crossing the road at Chabot College. Eleven of the baby ducks didn’t see the storm drain in their path and plummeted to the bottom of it. The poor mama and one of her babies hovered over the drain, and the mama began to quack over and over. She was so upset that her babies were down below, and she had no way to access them. At that point, a passerby heard the mama’s quacks for help.

Chabot College Maintenance and Operations staff tried to remove the grate and access the ducklings, but the babies scattered away in fear. As they forced themselves deeper into the pipe, staff workers were at a loss about handling the situation. Thankfully, Hayward Animal Control Officer Susan Perez was summoned to the scene. Officer Perez has a history of rescuing animals from storm drains, so she knew what to do. She used her cell phone to play “mama duck sounds” and lure the ducklings closer to her.

One by one, she lifted their tiny bodies from the drain and reunited them with their grateful mama. When they posted the happy news on Facebook, animal lovers chimed in with messages of gratitude and support. Officer Perez is a smart woman, a true hero, and an awesome animal control officer. Thank you for saving these little ones, Officer Perez!


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