Nobody Wanted This Dog Because She Was “Ugly,” But Then She Met A Friend Who Saw Her Beauty Within

This adorable and unique dog, named Miss P, was rescued from a bad breeder. The breeder didn’t want her anymore because she had a double cleft palate and he thought that she was ugly, writes blog.theanimalrescuesite.greatergood.

Miss P was scared and nervous around people, probably because she had never received much love and attention.

But once she met her new doggy brother, Happy, she felt so much better. Happy helped comfort her and made her feel safe. The two of them share a very special bond and are inseparable. They’ve been together for two years, but now they are both looking for a forever home together.

Unfortunately, their previous owner had to give them up because she got very sick and couldn’t give them the proper care they deserve. She wants them to have a great home with people who will love them as much as she did.

The two of them are now living with a foster mom while they await their forever home. They are always by each other’s side, so it’s imperative that they get adopted together because they cannot be apart.

In the meantime, they’re enjoying their foster home. They love going for car rides together, napping in their bed together, and going on walks. Happy loves Miss P and vice versa. Miss P can now show off her beautiful smile without anyone thinking she is “ugly.” She is such a lovely dog on the inside and out!

Miss P and Happy’s future family will be lucky to have them! If you’re interested in adopting these two best friends, contact Mr. Bones & Co. for adoption information.


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