Neglected German Shepherd Dog Experiences Love For The First Time In His Life

A German Shepherd Dog named Tucker didn’t know how he should be treated in life. His experiences with humans were written on his body when he arrived at the animal shelter, writes reshareworthy

Although he was quiet, alert and responsive, he was so emaciated that every bone in his body could be seen.

He had no body fat his body condition was scored 1/9 on the body index scale. He had inflamed, infected ears and paws and bad teeth and was suffering from a number of skin ailments that left him without any fur and his skin cracked and bleeding.

Tucker was brought to the shelter after a cruelty investigation was initiated. The animal services staff were so worried about Tucker that they reached out to rescue organizations for help.

Shepherd Help and Rescue Effort came and picked him up and brought him to veterinarian for immediate care. They set up an appeal on YouCaring and their supporters answered the call.

Slowly but surely, Tucker got better under the care of his foster parents. It took many months of nurturing, but Tucker gained weight, grew back his fur and grew to trust his rescuers.

All the effort and love paid off and Tucker found a forever home a few months later!

“He now has a family to love him and a sister Tiki to run and play with,” Shepherd Help and Rescue Effort wrote on Facebook. “He still continues to heal, but we couldn’t be happier with his progress. Love Wins!!”

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