Mother Dog Lost All Her Pups But 1 & He Fell Into A Deep Drain, They Both Wept

As we all know, a mother’s love is a powerful thing, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Especially for a newborn, their mom is the center of their universe. A stray dog who had lost all of her puppies except one was looking down a drainage pipe. People heard cries but had no idea what was going on. When they raced over, they realized the cries were coming from inside the ground.

The mama dog knew where her baby was but had no way of getting to him. The puppy cried over and over and his mama cried back. It was a tragic accident that badly needed human intervention. Thankfully several people stepped up and were willing to help.

One man tried to get the fallen pup from the main drain opening but he had fallen too far down. When the puppy fell and realized he was stuck, he tried his best to wiggle out and ended up beneath a building. This rescue was not going to be easy.

The kind man dug beneath the building with his bare hands. He didn’t want to use a shovel and risk injuring the puppy further. After what seemed like forever, and a lot of puppy cries, the man was able to pull the puppy out. Mama waited nearby hopeful that she and her baby would be reunited.

Once Mama saw her baby, it was like she was given the greatest gift. She had already lost her other babies and her little boy was all she had left. One woman that was on the scene picked the puppy up and let Mama sniff him. The duo was so happy to be together again.

The kind woman decided to foster both dogs. Of course, the baby needed a good bath to get rid of all the dirt and to warm him up. Soon he was nice and clean and able to nurse. We are so grateful for this rescue! Everyday heroes never fail to amaze us. To see the entire rescue, scroll on down.


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